Guys seriously, If we're talking about history Italy should've been at least 3rd, Everybody knows that Brazil is 1st. What comes after it? Italy then Germany, Spain should've been 8th. Spain has no history anyways, Please rank Italy to be at least 3rd..!

best defense on the planet best goaltending 12 goals by 10 different players in 2006. 5th in 1998. 3rd in 1990 2nd 1n 1994 1st in 1982...
MOST watched game against the germans and the 2006 final vs. france... 1 billion viewers beats 2010 FINAL by at least 300 million. YES FORZA ITALIA 2012 2014...

Winners of 4 World Cup, They would own Spain for sure. Italy and Brazil are the two greatest teams in the world - roblist

Italy is beter than every other team I bet if spain thinks there so good they should watch them loose in a video game me as italy and them as spain and I bet id beat them

What? Italy is number one, if not at least 2, 4 world cups and only Brazil have won one more but in the end of the day, look at the size of Brazil compared to Italy.

Keep on beating Germany I don't know why they're just 4th, and they have the second most amount of world cups in the world.

Just the greatest. No questions asked. Has won 4 world cups and will probably win one more next time.

They were the runners up at euro 2012, the winners of the 2006 World Cup and they played an amazing game vs spain at the Confederatins cup 2013 semi final. Italy has an amazing goalkeeper, amazing defenders and strikers. I think Italy is the best soccer team.

Italy is my favorite country. Also, it's won 4 World Cup plus, it has many good players.

the best in the world in everything specially professionalism in the game.

Why in the world is england even on the top 10? Apart from that Italy's standing on this webpage is too low, Italy is in the top 4 of the world right now, it should be in fourth place after Spain, brasil and Germany.

Amazing skilled and hard working one of my best teams to watch and some of the best players like buffon

Italy has won 4 world championships only 1 less than Brazil who has the most

DEL PIERO! THE BEST THEY ARE RISING UP. They beat Germany 2-0 in the euro cup! There better than Germany

How are Spain and Argentina above Italy?! Italy has won 4 world cups and Spain only has 1! Argentina only has 2!

One of the best countries to have played the sport

Only 4th place, Italy must be number one.
We all have seen, that they are the best.

Italy forever

Pirlo, Balotelli, Marchesi. 'enough said.

Italy should be in the top 2 they always beat germany and engaland and have more world cups than spain that's my point of view they also have one of the best defense

Beating both #2 in the world, Belgium, and defending European champions Spain at Euro cup.

Italy is in the second position today!

Italy no doubt is one of the best.

Four stars taught the world a defensive game

Honestly... why isn't this at least number 2? Tree words, FOUR WORLD CUPS

Would beat Greece in any day of the week