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1 Bill Belichick Bill Belichick William Stephen Belichick is an American football coach and the long-time head coach of the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Bill is the epitome of a head coach. He eats,breaths, and sleeps football. He gets the most out of his players and always finds their strengths. He doesn't need super star players to win games and doesn't dwell on games that his team lost he only moves forward. And not to mention he's brought the Patriots to six Super Bowls and won four in 15 years. The man is a genius!

Lombardi won super bowls 1 and 2, back when football wasn't that big. Belichick has won 36, 38, 39, 49 and 51, in a time when football is a lot more competitive

4 Super Bowl wins, 6 Super Bowl appearances, a 16-0 season and a mile ahead of his contemporaries in overall winning percentage.

5 sb with pats, 2 with giants consitecy for over 16 years an still going. he is goat

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2 Vince Lombardi

Do you know what the Super Bowl I called well it's because Vince was the best coach ever in my opinion at least.

He had some of the best teams, a lot of wins, and he help revolutionize the Super Bowl - shabookie

They have the Super Bowl Trophy named after him of course he should be the best. He coached the Greenbay packers he is awesome.

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3 Bill Walsh

He Took a 2-14 team to a super bowl in his 3rd year. He won 3 super bowls, and invented the west coast offense - Nkaton

4 Sean Payton

He made a team that had never even been to an NFC Championship game into playoff contenders 3 years in a row and a Superbowl winning team. Number 1 coach of all time!

Overrated his playoff record is right around.500 mediocre and passes the football 40 times a game and defenses know exactly what they need to do
no surprises

5 Chuck Noll

4 super bowls and 4 afc championships. The only head coach with 4 super bowls. Won 9 afc central titles. Took over a team that had never won any title of any kind and won all of those previous accolades.

6 Tom Landry

Innovator, role model, and a leader... BY EXAMPLE. He's still the best representative of the NFL at it's best and of America's greatest generation... When men were men. If Lombardi had a vote, he'd vote for Landry, too... As the second best, at least.

A lot of wins, some championships, and he helped the Cowboys get to be a powerhouse when he was coaching - shabookie

Tom Landry should be respected, so should the ring of honor, he lead the team to greatness and glory

7 Jim Harbaugh

He is a great coach

8 Tom Coughlin

After winning immediately in Jacksonville he has won 2 super bowls in New York

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9 John Harbaugh John Harbaugh
10 Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy

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11 Bill Parcells

set the record for fewest turnovers in a season, made a mean quarterback out of phil simms, brought LT to his full potential, Parcells should be #2 next to Lombardi

2 Super Bowl wins, a lot of wins. Not that high because he honorably coached the Cowboys - shabookie

12 Don Shula

Don Shula is the best teacher of the game, and is the best coach to ever step out on a football field. Nobody else led his team to a perfect season.

Don Shula made every team he touched a championship team. Most wins in nfl history, doesn't that mean anything! The Perfect Season, that didn't just happen, Don Shula worked his magic with his starting QB out for most of the season. Greatest coach ever - no doubt!

He led an undefeated season, has 347 wins making him the coach with most wins won 100 games in less than 10 years (it takes longer then you'd think.) he coached such talent as Larry Csonka, Dan Marino and Bob Griese. The man needs to be number 1.

A little ahead of Tom

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13 Jimmy Johnson
14 Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin

Those eyes.

15 John Madden

HEY! Not only am I in an embarassing commercial for Tinactin, I also am Crazy Elephant's favorite NFL coach! I should have never retired from the Raiders! Plus I am a hell of an announcer and have my own NFL video game!

Always will love Madden, although Don Shula and Bill Walsh ran a close second, in my opinion... - CrazyElephant

dude got his own video game that helps you with your plays yup its John Madden all the way - kewl_k

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16 Joe Gibbs

should be #2 behind vince. arguably the best ever. he's basically just a winner. don't know how any of these guys other than walsh a noll is in front of him. really do the math people - Pag1

17 Pete Carroll Pete Carroll

He is one of the greatest coaches ever. He is very psychologically saavy and knows how to motivate his players. He places tremendous expectation on his team but is always behind them regardless of outcome. He truly loves his athletes and has great respect for the players. He is careful with them in every way. I love his simple saying "take care of the ball"! Just perfect!

Carroll lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory over the Broncos. He gets along well with the team and he never let Seattle down.

18 George Halas George Halas

Without Halas the NFL wouldn't even be here anymore. It was proved because he gave the NFL money to do things - shabookie

He won 315 games, 6 championships and for couple years was a player on the team too.

He has 8 championships, a lot of wins, and he help the NFL get a lot bigger - shabookie

19 John Fox
20 Mike Ditka Mike Ditka

Coached the greatest team ever, and had a lot of wins in his first three years - shabookie

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