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1 Steelers vs. Ravens

The Steelers and Ravens bring to life the very definition of a rivalry. Back when these two teams had the top defenses in the league, these games were full of hard hits, sacks, punts and turnovers and only a few points would determine the winner. As the defenses lost their power, they became some of the best shootout games to watch. Perhaps the best part of the rivalry is the respect for one another. Joe Flacco said beating the Steelers without Big Ben on the field just isn't the same and I'm sure Ben would say the same thing regarding Joe. Although this may be one of the newer rivalries in Steelers nation, it is by far the best, by far the biggest, and some will even argue that it is one of the best in the entire sports world.

Steelers vs Ravens is really on here twice. The Browns vs Steelers is really Steelers vs Ravens. The Ravens were the Browns fromn 1995 to who knows when? We (Steelers fans) hated the Browns, but when they moved to Baltimore, our hatred moved with them. That current team that occupies Cleveland is a joke. They've been there for 14 years and Pittsburgh has probably lost to them 2 or 3 times total. Steelers vs Old Browns/Current Ravens is the greatest rival in the NFL. If you count the 13% that is going towards Browns vs Steelers, and add it to Steelers vs Ravens, it is clear that this is, hands down, the rivalry in football!

Ravens-Steelers is the best NFL rivalry because of its intensity and genuine hatred. The Ravens and Steelers truly hate each others guts. The Ravens and Steelers have genuine disdain for each other and you also have seen that with specific players as well, especially Suggs and Ward. Also, games between the Ravens and Steelers are almost always close competitive games. A quality rivalry has to have real competitiveness to it and Ravens-Steelers certainly does. The fact that the majority of Ravens-Steelers games are low scoring as well. The feeling of rivalry tends to translate best when defense is the name of the game and most Ravens-Steelers games are defensive struggles. A final important fact is that both teams have been consistent contenders for the majority of the time the Ravens have existed and even had 3 playoff meetings so the stakes.have been high often. Every ingredient needed for a quality rivalry is here.


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2 Bears vs. Packers

Go find Mike Ditka he can give you an insider how much blood is in the water between Green Bay and Chicago. They have rivaled each other before the NFL had grown to its size today. Two of the oldest teams in the league. I remember seeing a quote by Mike Ditka saying how much he wanted to beat Green Bay at Lambeau however the issues normally followed with dealing with ice covered fields that being GB and Chicago hardly ever played in Lambeau at a time that wasn't touching about 10-5 degrees F.

Lot of history between these two teams - schaf1492

these teams have the most championships than any team not the steelers cowboys or 49ers - olhrocks

Bears and packers are the biggest rivarie and the longest rivaries

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3 Cowboys vs. Redskins

I understand why Bears-Packers is higher but Ravens-Steelers. No. As a Cowboys fan Nothing I hate more then the Redskins. They are the worst team ever. I hate Washington. This really means something. This rivalry is very much higher then Steelers-Ravens. The Ravens have barley existed. Only reason, Ravens used to be the Browns.

I honestly don't know why this isn't at least number 2 on the list maybe even tied for number one (but I respect that the Packers and Bears is a MUCH older rivalry). As a Cowboy's fan I instantly hate anyone that is a Redskin fan, or anyone in our division for that matter. We all hate each other with a passion.

I know how you feel, I'm a bills gan and I HATE the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets. The patriots are cheaters too. Also our rivalry with the dolphins started with the dolphins insulting are team.

IThink it's Cowboys vs Indians.

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4 Colts vs. Patriots

Now its Broncos-Patriots sorry it's T. Brady vs P. Manning move out of the way Colts and A. Luck your rivalry with the Pats is done

Luck vs. Brady is always something fun to look forward to, even though the Pats are a better team all round.

year after year they fight for the entrance to the superbowl. the pats are a better team, but this is an intense rivalry. basically the only one on here with two super bowl caliber teams. - henryperson

Good rivalry, shouldn't be in the top 10 though.

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5 Packers vs. Vikings

Underrated rivalry, it may not be as historically strong as Bears-Packers, obviously who could top that history? Back to Vikings-Packers, there is lots of history between the two teams, from Antonio Freeman's improbable OT catch to Moss mooning the crowd, on top of that, fans of both teams flat out hate each other. This has all the ingredients of a fierce rivalry. - Apples23

Vikings and Packers great rivals, border battle 105 just happened few months ago

Not so much a rivalry. Packers are the older sibling with the vikings being the littlest one so they hate packers si much while packers don't see them as a threat. Bears are the brother that's just a year younger than the packers so they are the real rivalry.

The Pack is nothing compared to the Vikes. Vikes have dominated the division over both the Bears and the Pack They get all happy about existing for 40 years before the Vikes were a team but even with that history the Vikes have been in more playoffs and dominate division titles over both. They like to have fun over the Superbowl issues but both the GB and Bears fans know who really rules this division. The horns run the show.

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6 Browns vs. Steelers

To be a rivalry both teams must have a decent shot at beating each other. This is completely overrated

The Browns vs. the Steelers is the top rivalry- the real one not the phony Steelers vs Ravens. Nothing is hated more in Cleveland than the Steelers.

The Ravens used to be the Browns only reason

Ari walker treated me like poop crap
Browns suck worst team cursed because of Ari Walker
Ari Walker likes sucking on girls eee wee

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7 Eagles vs. Cowboys

The hatred the fans have for each other is unmatched in sports. From the cheering of Irvin's career ending injury to the body bag game the fans wish for the other teams failure as much as their own teams success.

I was at the first Bounty Bowl at Texas Stadium in 1989. For years after that, the hatred was so intense that grocery stores in Texas would pull Philly Cream Cheese off the shelves the week we played the Eagles.

I've been in both true about Philly but with Dallas they do it about Washington. We really just make memes about them.

This is by far number 1

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8 Bengles vs. Browns

Whoever wrote this needs their football card revoked...Paul Brown did not found the was founded by Arthur McBride in 1946 and the team was named after Paul Brown

That's sad. Can't even spell bengals right. - Swede

This a literal brother vs brother rivalry. Paul Brown founded the Browns and when he was kicked out of the organization, he founded the Bengals in spite of Cleveland. Not to mention Sam Wyche trash talking the Cleveland fans after he found trash on the field. This should be #1 - hawkeye2019

Jesus Christ at least spell their name right. BENGALS not "Bengles"

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9 Saints vs. Falcons

This is our oldest rival and most hated. It doesn't matter where either team stands with the rest of the league - when these two teams meet - it's a battle - and they play like it's a super bowl.

The fans hate each other and the other team - and any player that leaves one of these teams and joins the other is a traitor and hated for life.

However, as a Falcon fan - I've made the trip to the SuperDome almost every year for over 30 years. These are the two regular season games that I would miss only through dire emergency - and the ones I hate, dread, look forward to and love the most every year.

Most Falcon fans - especially older fans - and Saints fans feel the same way.

If we sweep the saints and lose every other game I'll smile knowing were better then those swamp rat saints. the week before we play them is a holiday, Saints hate week a time of joy of bashing those cheaters

Well, after that 21 point comeback in the Super Bowl, I have to say the Saints are better than the Falcons... WHO that?

28-3 never forget

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10 Broncos vs. Raiders

There are few football games closer and angrier than when the Broncos play the Raiders. Blood and fantastic plays are a norm, the only reason it shouldn't be higher is that the gap still exists right now. But soon you will see tremendous football again.

It's a pretty serious rivalry here in Colorado. - MRJ12744

It's a good rivalry but a bad matchup

We are raider haters after all

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11 49ers vs. Cowboys

While not much history here, right now, I would have to say San Francisco Seattle is the most heated rivalry in football.

The fact that when these teams met in the playoffs, the winner would go on to be the super bowl champions..

70s and 90s baby, anyways the Roger Stabauch miracle

12 Giants vs. Cowboys

Have always hated the Cowboys. Especially in the early 90's. Big division rivalry here.

Cowgirls suck, most of their fans are left over bandwagon fans from their "glory days" nowadays they're horrible with tony the choke artist as their QB. Nothing makes me happier then seeing the Cowboys lose. Love when the Giants block them from the playoffs.

I don't mind the Giants honestly. How bout them Cowboys

This is on here because of the Odell Beckham catch. Saints-Cowboys is probably better.

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13 Chiefs vs. Raiders

The Raiders are the dirtiest team ever assembled

Chiefs fans hate raiders fans and chiefs teams hate raiders teams it's always been that way and always will

Most bidder rivalries ever

This should be in the top 5 and way before Broncos vs. Raiders.

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14 Seahawks vs. Rams

They completely hate each other. - aman28

15 Giants vs. Jets

This is more of friends talking crap to each other but they only meet every 4 years. Not a rivalry at all. The jet fans do talk more crap but it's just because they haven't been as successful.

The jets are better

Uh the Jets are in a rivalry with the Patriots change this.

How is 1969 mid 60's?

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16 Eagles vs Giants

This is a big rivalry should be higher

When I watch the eagles play the Giants three words FLY EAGLES FLY.

How in the world is this #16?


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17 Raiders vs. Chargers

Chargers not in LA Rams yes Raiders Yes Chargers No

Almost guaranted fights in the stands and extra cops at all meetings

18 Vikings vs. Bears

Everybody who knows who will win. BEARS!

Not a rivalry because you know who will win, the home team. Except this year when the vikes finally pulled it off in soldier field and when the bears beat them in Minnesota in 2011

Vikings-Bears? Depending on what you think of Lions-Packers, this is only the 3rd or 4th Best rivalry in the NFC North. Besides, the Bears suck right now.

The Bears-Vikings no way. They are good win the other is bad. #JellyWildFans #Notarivalry

19 Dolphins vs. Jets

this is a historical rivalry that has been going on since the 1970's unlike many of the others listed on here. The coaches talk trash to eachother, there is also very little respect between the teams.

I hate every single team except for the Dolphins. I hate the Jets and the Patriots, the Pats win too much and the Jets suck.

# 1. These teams have hated each other since the 1980 season because of the fake spike.



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20 49ers vs. Seahawks

This rivalry should be #1

We fans completely hate each other. RICHARD SHERMAN isn't EVEN BETTER THAN DION SANDERS! BOO HOO!

This rivalry is very heated. I wonder who will win the NFC division 2015 - 2016. So far, the 9ers look strong!

Kaepernick vs Wilson

Mobile QB rivarly

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21 Steelers vs. Bengals

It isn't the oldest of rivalries but it's grown increasingly bitter since the 2005 wild card round in which former Bengals QB Carson Palmer tore his ACL leading to a Bengals loss. The Bengals and Steelers have never had much love for each other but with the events of the 2015 season in which there were altercations all throughout the 2nd regular season game and then the complete brutality that was the wild card playoff game resulting in numerous key injuries, personal foul calls, fines, and a suspension this rivalry has been pushed into greater prominence. It's not a traditional rivalry but there's plenty of bad blood to go around.

I broke up with a girl once because I found out she rooted for the Steelers. Never will I be associated with them. This rivalry is the most bitter in recent times, and deserves to be higher.

They try to kill each other

The bengals haven’t beaten the Steelers in 3 years.. a rivalry needs to go back and forth. Just hating each other doesn’t make for a good rivalry.

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22 49ers vs. Rams

Man, I hate the Rams so much. This rivalry has been cold as of late, but especially since the Rams are back in California, I think it may pick up some steam.

This is one of those forever rivalries that has no end.

It's northern vs southern California (ala Dodgers/Giants). This rivalry certainly lost steam when the Rams moved to St. Louis. But now that they're back in LA, it should be back on.

23 Steelers vs. Packers

Go pack go

24 Patriots vs. Jets

That would be a good game

Biggest rival ever

Didn't really do anything on the field,just scandals,but who cares?

25 Giants vs Eagles

Bird gang till I die

26 Lions vs. Bears

Well number one is bears and "cough cough" Green bay

This should be number 2 are or 1

Two of the most deadly animals going at each other.Not gonna be pretty.

Both of them kinda suck. but I think the lions are better

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27 Dolphins vs. Patriots

The 85 AFC Championship, 94 Season Opener. Plenty of big games. As a Dolphins fan other than the Jets there's no team I hate more than the Patriots. Love to see them lose


This should be much higher - so many crushed hearts for fans of both teams. 7 superbowls, 15 afc titles, and lots of bad blood.

28 Jaguars vs. Titans

This would be interesting because they both suck but I like them both. (I like the titans better but who the hell cares about my opinion) - PokemonRPGbro

The new fla./ TN. Rivalry, NFL style


29 Panthers vs. Falcons

Panthers are better than falcons because falcons are spoilers

30 Steelers Vs Raiders

Didn't get more violent than the Steelers and the Raiders of the 70's

Silver and Black vs Black and Gold aw a classic

2 words: immaculate reception

You forget my Cowboys

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31 Steelers vs. Cowboys

I can't stand the Dallas Cowboys that's coming straight from the black and go Express to the nation always on top

This should be no. 1 because they always play in the real matchup rather than divisional rivals

You will never find a steelers fan that doesn't hate the cowboys

Cowboys better
Even though one less sb

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32 Ravens vs. Patriots
33 Lions vs Refs

The funny thing is that this isn't a joke. Detroit gets screwed over by the refs at least 5 times a season. Theyd be so much better looking because they'd have a ton more wins right now if it weren't for the refs always ruining it for them

Yeah the refs hate the lions, at least it seems that way..

34 Chiefs vs. Broncos

The Broncos vs Chiefs has gotten bigger than Chiefs-Raiders lately.

When the Chiefs played the Broncos,that's when they beat the world record for most decibels.

35 Patriots vs Broncos
36 Raiders vs. 49ers

Gotta love the battle of the bay.

37 Cowboys vs. Bills

Not expecting it. But the bills seem horrible AND I AM A COWBOYS FAN

38 Broncos vs. Chargers
39 Lions vs. Packers

True Rivalry, but the Detroit Lions are better.

No number one is Chicago and "cough cough" Green bay but GO BEARS

This should be number one

At least the lions won a game in 2015

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40 Packers vs Seahawks

They had to go to overtime in 2014-2015 season for the NFC championship but the seahawks won and went to the Superbowl but lost because they decided to throw it at the 1 yard line. The patriots intercepted it and won the Superbowl.

Dallas would of whooped Seattle

You also forgot the Fail Mary

2010s Seahawks vs Packers =
1990s Cowboys vs 49ers

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41 Panthers vs. Seahawks

I love panthers because they have a good offense.

I do hate the seahawks.

42 Patriots vs. Colts
43 Steelers vs. Browns
44 Colts vs. Titans

Titans vs jags aren't nearly as much as a rivalry than between titans and colts

Titans hate the Colts. I know that for sure

45 Browns vs. Ravens

Isn't this pretty much original browns versus crappy new browns

This is a great rivalry

46 Texans vs. Colts

As a Houston native, it's clear that H-town hates the Colts more than anyone else - spody

No You're a Cowboys fan. Texans fans are bandwagons who like J.J Watt so he don't steel your girls

47 Cowboys vs Bears

Both teams are terrible

Excuse u go BEARSSS


48 Lions vs. Cowboys

Lions only playoff win in super bowl era (1991) emmit vs berry
Dez vs Calvin stafford vs romo etc etc they have a lot of good games including last years playoff game and the year before

49 Patriots vs Dolphins
50 Patriots vs. Rules

I think this should be #1 because Tom Brady is a dumb cheater who smells like farts and moldy cheese

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