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1 Sharks

Come on it's a shark biting a stick in half. doesn't get much cooler then that

2 Red Wings

The most iconic and timeless of all NHL logos. One of the first logos I recognized as a kid, as I'm sure it will be for my kids and even my grand kids. - dallinatkinson

First sports team my one year old son knew by name, not just the sport being played

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3 Flames V 2 Comments
4 Kings

I love the purple crown logo, too bad they mostly use the black baseball plate that says LA on it

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5 Canucks

I love the newest orca logo, you kwow, the white, blue, green one!

I like the blue, white, navy, and silver logo a lot.

Yeah the canucks deserves to be in this spot ther logo looks cool

6 Lightning

Sleek logo design that makes sense for tampa

7 Panthers Panthers The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that competes in the National Football League. V 1 Comment
8 Bruins

The Spoked B is iconic and clearly symbolizes great strength. And the jagged text used for the B gives it a masculine, military feel.

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9 Black Hawks

No nonsense image with great colors!

Timeless and has a sense of simplicity. Best logo in sports!

Best logo in all of sports!

Why is Blackhawks 9 & 11 - Ajkloth

10 Penguins V 1 Comment

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11 Flyers

A perfect logo. It's not childish. It's just a logo and not an animal or something like that.

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12 Blackhawks
13 Coyotes

This logo is such a good improvement from the old one. It is a fresh Coyote

14 Statue of Liberty Rangers

The best logo the team ever had. Whoever got rid of it doesn't know the difference between a Bruin and a Buffalsug. - BKAllmighty

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15 Blues

Some people don't know what this is so those blind humans don't know this is a music note!

The blue note is easily the greatest logo in hockey.

16 Sabres
17 Canadiens

A logo is as good as what it carries! This one carries quite a bit! Red, white and blue... Winner all the way.
Second only to Detroit as far as being iconic.

18 Capitals

Love the bird! Rock the Red! Go Caps! I love the colors for the logo and the bald eagle.

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19 Maple Leafs (2011 Alternate)
20 Oilers
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