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1 Sharks

Come on it's a shark biting a stick in half. doesn't get much cooler then that

2 Flames V 2 Comments
3 Red Wings

The most iconic and timeless of all NHL logos. One of the first logos I recognized as a kid, as I'm sure it will be for my kids and even my grand kids. - dallinatkinson

First sports team my one year old son knew by name, not just the sport being played

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4 Kings

I love the purple crown logo, too bad they mostly use the black baseball plate that says LA on it

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5 Canucks

I love the newest orca logo, you kwow, the white, blue, green one!

I like the blue, white, navy, and silver logo a lot.

Yeah the canucks deserves to be in this spot ther logo looks cool

6 Lightning

Sleek logo design that makes sense for tampa

7 Panthers Panthers The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that competes in the National Football League.

The panthers are an nfl team.

Wrong logo it doesn't look like that

8 Bruins

The Spoked B is iconic and clearly symbolizes great strength. And the jagged text used for the B gives it a masculine, military feel.

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9 Black Hawks

No nonsense image with great colors!

Timeless and has a sense of simplicity. Best logo in sports!

Best logo in all of sports!

Why is Blackhawks 9 & 11 - Ajkloth

10 Penguins V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Flyers

A perfect logo. It's not childish. It's just a logo and not an animal or something like that.

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12 Blackhawks
13 Coyotes

This logo is such a good improvement from the old one. It is a fresh Coyote

14 Statue of Liberty Rangers

The best logo the team ever had. Whoever got rid of it doesn't know the difference between a Bruin and a Buffalsug. - BKAllmighty

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15 Sabres
16 Blues

Some people don't know what this is so those blind humans don't know this is a music note!

The blue note is easily the greatest logo in hockey.

17 Canadiens

A logo is as good as what it carries! This one carries quite a bit! Red, white and blue... Winner all the way.
Second only to Detroit as far as being iconic.

18 Whalers

That Whale was iconic, and the colors went perfectly. Best logo of all time.

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19 Capitals

Love the bird! Rock the Red! Go Caps! I love the colors for the logo and the bald eagle.

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20 Maple Leafs (2011 Alternate)
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