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1 Super Dimento

The perfect finale to the perfect game. Also, that music...FORGET CROWNED. FORGET IN THE FINAL. This is the best! - Garythesnail

Best final boss theme in Mario history. This really is THE ULTIMATE SHOW!

Awesome music the music is mr. L theme the chaos heart theme and dimentio theme plus climactic stuff dimentio betraying count bleck to destroy all world

I like how they combined Dimentio(greatest Mario boss ever) with Mr.L

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2 General Guy

Ha ha. General Guy Is easily the most funniest and happiest sounding boss in paper Mario. Expectably the infantry, the little girl screams made it funny and cool too fight. And the "Where did you get those moves? There... Too powerful! You're breaking the rules of War! " Made me laugh. And I'm like "What is level 15 Mario too hard for you! "

He's the leader of the Shy Guys and how can you not like Shy Guys?

His personality is over all the best paper Mario 64 boss

3 The Shadow Queen

Come On, it's the final fight in the thousand year door, how could you not enjoy it?

Difficult fight but a great finale to arguably the best Mario RPG EVER

Hardest ever, unless you count the pit of 100 trials! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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4 Doopliss

I like Doopliss because of his funny personality. It's just hilarious when you guess his name right and yells out NO NO NO NO WHY WHY WHY WHY HOW HOW HOW HOW! His battle was also kinda interesting as well because it was like you are fighting yourself.

Doopliss is a very unique and memorable boss in the Mario series. Why? Because he is the only character in Mario history to have completely stolen Mario's body and name from him.

5 Boswer

You spelt Bowser wrong

6 The Crystal King

Amazing music, and he was fairly difficult, due to him having 2 defense and those 3 ice minions that he can spit at you. Also enjoyed his freeze attack, the ability to heal himself for 20 hp, and his cloning ability.

7 Koopa Bros.

It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas and they're the coolest of the cool with style, attitude, and an awesome battle theme!

8 Lava Piranha
9 Cortez

This dude is no pushover. He's got three forms and can do some damage in each of said forms. Once you learn the tricks to this boss, he's not that difficult, but it's still a fairly challenging and fun battle.

How can you not be intimidated by big bad scary skeleton pirate ghost with 4 arms?

Cortez is probably one of the most intimidating bosses in TTYD. He's a creepy pirate skeleton ghost who can't die and sucks out the souls of your audience. In my opinion Cortez is scarier than the Shadow Queen.

"Cortez"?! What kind of name is this?!

10 Huff 'N Puff

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11 Bonetail

Bonetail is really cool, but tough. The Pit of 100 Trials wears you out a lot, and he's hard to beat even at level 50...

He is tough to get to if you do not invest in Bp, but I beat him at level 30 also the badge he gives you is worth the trip or trips, if you beat him prior to shadow queen it will make her a but easier

12 Gloomtail
13 Mimi

She's original, creative, memorable, and did I mention incredibly terrifying? - DemonSpider253

14 Tutankoopa
15 Dimentio Dimentio
16 Francis

By far one of the funniest characters in the game, and he had some funky music going too. I died laughing at the chatroom scene! - Garythesnail

Laugh out loud, I remember this from awhile ago, it was kinda dumb but it was fun at the same time

17 Tubba Blubba

He's a big bad invincible monster that likes to eats ghosts! Not to mention his battle music is also very catchy.

Having Bow slap that "invincible" big guy was just so satisfying. Having him chase you before the fight was also great!

18 Hooktail
19 Lord Crump

I always enjoyed fighting his Magnus Von Grapple robots.

20 Smorg
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