Top 10 Providers of Small Overseas Money Transfers

Sending money abroad can cause a lot of issues because with some service providers, they do not take in to account the amount you are sending, and therefore you get stuck with a transfer fee which could even cost more than the amount you wanted to transfer in the first place. Here is a list of money transfer options who provide an excellent service when sending small amounts of money abroad.

The Top Ten

1 Moneygram Moneygram MoneyGram International Inc. is a money transfer company based in the United States with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Though there is no online service from moneygram, the Post Office is the main agent and there are thousands of them that can be used to send your money. The only thing you need to do is fill out a form and the money can be sent right away.

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2 Xendpay

I transfer money from France to UK every month. I receive the money within the day and I save money en comparison to my bank. And when I call to have information about my transfer, and don't have to wait for my adviser to be free, I talk to someone within the minute.

I have been using their transfer service monthly to repay my student loan back home and it's been very useful. I literally save hundreds of pounds every month due to their easy and no commission/ no fee policy.

Quick, easy and trouble free. Have done 3 transactions with xendpay and very satisfied. What I like the most is their upfront pricing so you know exactly how much your recipient will get.

Much much much better than Western Union and I didn't have any problems paying online. Top class service.

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3 RationalFX

They are an excellent money transfer provider, who provide an excellent service to large customers and businesses, but do not forget about the smaller individuals who need to make money transfers abroad. Transfers can be made either online or over the phone and they are both authorised by the FSA and regulated by HMRC

great service, friendly staff and quick transfers. The exchange rates were much better than my bank's. Cheers.

Always good customer service when using them. Quick, fast and safe and always helpful

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4 Paypal

Excellent when shopping online as there are quite a few places that accept Paypal payments. Great if you are only buying single items or making an irregular electronic shopping trip.

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5 Western Union

There are hundreds of thousands of Western Union agents around the world so transferring money with them is easy. The money can be received straight away but you do have to pay for what you are getting.

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6 Currencies Direct

Currencies direct offer small money transfers though they still have to be over �100. They offer many of the same benefits as other foreign exchange brokers and can send your money.

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7 Transferwise

I have used many services to send money internationally. And, I personally feel transferwise is good, with which I have done many transfers without any problem at all. Also, transfers take few days of processing 2-3 and transfer rate is good. Best thing is the exchange rate is same as market rate for the referral I am sharing below. With this you can avail first fee free transfer upto $4500 or £3000 or 4000 euro.

I am not associated / affiliated to them in any way. Link below is my referral link, which will give you fee free transfer with live currency exchange. i.e no extra money spent on transfer or exchanging currency. Simply Wow!

Enjoy transaction and share with friends - best option all over. Using my referral will be a feedback to this post and will help you and other people get best currency rate and value for their hard earned money.
Thanks And Regards

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8 World First

World first can help you send as little as �15, but again, you are charged for their 'rapid' service so again you will have to do your research on how much money it will cost you to send such small amounts of money.

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9 Xoom

Xoom provide an excellent service for sending money abroad, however, they only operate on money transfers from the United States. For users looking to send money that are not based in the UK, you will be forced to look elsewhere.

I love xoom so quick and so easy. Unlike Moneygram. They service is so much way horrible. I won't be using moneygram again. I switched to xoom. - nizyfisk

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10 Moneybookers

You can send as little as �10 when using Moneybookers and your money can be sent immediately, however, you will be paying for the service that they provide. Their margins are slightly higher than that of their competitors so make sure you do your research in to the fee structure and find out exactly how much your transfer will cost you.

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The Contenders

11 World Remit

Best service! I sent usually to India with out any problem! Money reached with in 2 working days. Transfer fee is little with good exchange rate! excellent service and cheap to send to India.

12 Currency UK
13 Moneytis

Used this platform to find any solutions to transfer money, both when I was I Mexico and Phoenix to send to Europe. Very nice website and very happy with the services also!

It compares most of the ones of this very top 10. It should be at the top.

The easy place to go for choosing the best way to send money abroad

It's for sure the easiest place I went to send money abroad

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14 PayWay
15 Currencykart is an online marketplace which offers money exchange service, multi-currency travel card, and international remittances. - Currencykart

16 Tawakal Express

Tawakal Express has over 40 years of combined experience in providing physical, online and Mobile International money remittance services through Agents, physical offices and partners in more than 30 major countries worldwide, and as such that lead to Tawakal Express innovations, embracing and pioneering reforms and necessary for Funds transfer businesses to thrive in an ever-changing sphere.
Tawakal Express brand has disbursement capacity of 100 million dollars per month worldwide all from Diaspora network to their families and loved ones

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