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81 Rustys Pizza

Just the best pizza ever made in the history of pizza believe it!

82 Prince Pizza

The best pizza you will ever have. If you are in Boston you should try it. They also serve soda.

83 Yellow Cab Pizza
84 Brooklyn Pizza
85 Boston Pizza
86 Pizzeria Hej
87 Abitino's Pizzeria
88 Tops Pizza
89 Flyers
90 Giovanni's Pizza
91 Azzip
92 Mama Maria
93 Pizzaiolis
94 Fergie's Pizza

It has delicious pizza

95 Rocky Rococo

Far better than the top four. Granted, it's a tad expensive, but once you get over that, its absolutely Amazing. I would recommend it to anyone traveling in to Wisconsin.

96 Branchinelli's Pizza
97 Colony Grill
98 Tree Guys Pizza Pub

It's very dry and nasty

99 Old World Pizza
100 Debonairs Pizza
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