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121 Nonnas

Grandma slices are good

122 Pizza Inn
123 Red Zeppelin Pizza
124 Toppers Pizza
125 Pieology
126 Spontini
127 Scarlato's Pizzeria
128 Dion's V 1 Comment
129 Figaro's Pizza
130 Monical's Pizza
131 Stevi B's
132 Rose City Pizza

AWESOME! Right out of the oven too. Hot with all the toppings you want. From Pep to Mushrooms. The wait is worth it, the atmosphere is cool too. They switch themes occasionally. (Like Lego) Pretty cool

133 Hideaway Pizza
134 Fazoli's
135 Walery's Premium Pizza
136 Padington's Pizza
137 Odd Moe's Pizza
138 Fresh Brothers

Best major pizza chain in my opinion, a lot better than papa johns and dominos. - AIan

139 Torero's Italian Style

I am Italian-American and I was born in Italy. Of course, I have tried many pizzas there, and they were extraordinary. I moved to the U.S. at age 13 and I ate at restaurants like Papa John's, Domino's, Papa Murphy's, etc. The pizza at those restaurants weren't bad, but none of them tasted like pizza in Italy, even ones that claimed they did. Then a Torero's Italian Style came to my town. It wasn't all that popular at first, but people who tried it always came back for more. Soon it was extremely popular. I went there, expecting it to not be truly "Italian style." Was I wrong. It took hours for the pizza to be ready, but it was worth it. It was a unique experience that I've never had since I was 13 years old. I learned more about it and they said that they have ingredients shipped to them from Italy, plus Italian recipes from their old Italian pizza restaurant. Sure, there's a long wait time for the pizza and it's not cheap, but the ingredients are fresh and top-quality (this has been ...more - SolarEclipse

140 Chuck e cheese
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