Best SQL Database Comparison Tools

Wondering what is best tool to compare and synchronize SQL Server databases? This list provides the answer. It contains an easy-to-use tools for SQL server database comparison, found across the web and sorted here. Use the tools below if you need to compare and synchronize your SQL Server databases, objects and properties.

The Top Ten

1 ApexSQL Diff

Love it. I am creating comparison scripts fast now. Definitely best database comparison software around.

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2 dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

Really useful tool for data comparison

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3 Red Gate SQL Compare Visit Website9
4 Open DBDiff

Open DBDiff is an open source database schema comparison tool for SQL Server 2005/2008.
It reports differences between two database schemas and provides a synchronization script to upgrade a database from one to the other.

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5 SQL Admin Studio Visit Website9
6 Idera SQL Comparison Toolset Visit Website9
7 DBComparer Visit Website9
8 SQL Delta Visit Website9
9 AdeptSQL Diff Visit Website9
10 AutosyncDB

AutosyncDB compares SQL Server database schemas, CLR, security, permissions, builds a report, and generates a synchronization script to update one structure to another. Flexible settings allow you to add, modify, or fully match the compared objects and predefined table data. - autosyncdb

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