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1 SmoothCriminal

This guy is pure genius I love him I think he is the coolest kid in canada!

Fantastic Word for Only user ID

You anger me. You're the creator of this list, Smooth Criminal, and you're using that advantage to beat people who deserve to win. You really anger me.

You realize that SmoothCriminal made this list.

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2 TheSilentBang

Lovely oxymoron. It deserves, really deserves, first place. Love.

Da best! Not to mention the coolest oxymoron ever! - TheSilentBang

Besides the fact that it's me, it's also the coolest oxymoron ever! - TheSilentBang

He has great lists

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3 PositronWildhawk

Amazing name. It fits with the user - keyson

Cool username & a pretty awesome person too

- Ajkloth

This the coolest username

Best username ever! - DynastiNoble

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4 BeastThatBeats

This should be number 1 it rhymes and its creative

This is an epic username- deserves first place!

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5 UserNameUnderConstruction

This username deserves to be the best one!

This is the only one that was marginally funny.

Just LOVE this username! It's so cool! Hey user please reply or follow me so I can follow you! - Fan_of_Good_Music

It's still being built now! They've got huge plans... - jmepa1234

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6 MatrixGuy

Pretty good but not this high - jmepa1234

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7 DontJudgeMeByMySocks

Laugh out loud! I love this username, so cool!

Laugh out loud, like the humor

I like it because just today I was making fun if my friends sock signage this one to her

Hilarious! - Goku02

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8 TheKillerShot

My twin! Number 4th best isn't bad! P. S I know someone on another website who is called MatrixGuy, Smoothcriminal on another and rock2metal on another. So I thiNk the word is spreading. - TheKillerShot

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9 DeathByDuctTape

Just gotta love duck tape

Duct tape saves lives its an important necessity

10 DontTouchMyPogoStick V 4 Comments

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11 biscuits

Lol it's a cute name though.

Cute mainly for girls.

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12 Alpha101

Alpha is the top wolf and this makes it a top name. Laugh out loud

Alpha Is a great name, I think In my usernames for things will have to put The BRILLIANT word Alpha

It is good, but needs more the numbers kinda make it worse

Alpha sounds like the best username ever!

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13 Blood Master

It sounds bloody, and like a vampire! Very gorey!

14 SniperNoSniping

Laugh out loud! Instead of "Swiper No Swiping" from Dora the explorer

That is absolutely HILARIOUS.

One of the best, funniest names I have ever heard!

I heard of a pokemon showdown username "Scyther no Swiping" which is better than this.

HAHAA! Floppy Kitten (AKA Emberflight)

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15 Britgirl

Ha! VERY surprised to see my user name here. Probably the most boring, but thank you all the same, I'm sure. : ) - Britgirl

This name is really awesome and Britgirl is awesome, too - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

In my opinion her username is not very good but easy to remember. - malamJONES

Not exactly the most creative username here, but it's easy to remember, and Britgirl's an awesome person. - Goku02

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16 Turkeyasylum

I have no idea what his name means, but it's creative! - funnyuser

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17 Dragon Shark
18 Dreamformusic

I always dream of making my own music so I like it

19 Moldysock
20 TopTenJackson
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