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1 SmoothCriminal

This guy is pure genius I love him I think he is the coolest kid in canada!

Fantastic Word for Only user ID

You anger me. You're the creator of this list, Smooth Criminal, and you're using that advantage to beat people who deserve to win. You really anger me.

Cool name. Thanks a lot.. Thinking of a good name is so hard. Finally I got 1.. Thanks again.

2 PositronWildhawk

This is a cool username - 40

Coolest username ever. It makes me smiling every time I think about it. - Userguy44

I agree I could sense it of how great the name sounds like it fits with his cool picture It's very unique that his name fits with the picture and it's extraordinary very! - Kevinsidis

Amazing name. It fits with the user - keyson

3 TheSilentBang

Lovely oxymoron. It deserves, really deserves, first place. Love.

Da best! Not to mention the coolest oxymoron ever! - TheSilentBang

Besides the fact that it's me, it's also the coolest oxymoron ever! - TheSilentBang

The best absolutely! Oxymorons rock! I AM an oxymoron

4 DontJudgeMeByMySocks

I wish that I was creative enough to come up with a great username like this - SirSheep

Laugh out loud! I love this username, so cool!

Laugh out loud, like the humor

I like it because just today I was making fun if my friends sock signage this one to her

5 MatrixGuy

Pretty good but not this high - jmepa1234

Yeah it's great! Hohohohoho! :DD

6 UserNameUnderConstruction

Smart one... - Firemist

Laugh out loud that smart

This username deserves to be the best one!

This is the only one that was marginally funny.

7 Britgirl

Cool name. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Ha! VERY surprised to see my user name here. Probably the most boring, but thank you all the same, I'm sure. : ) - Britgirl

Cool chick! Bow chica wow wow - butthurtbastard

In my opinion her username is not very good but easy to remember. - malamJONES

8 DontTouchMyPogoStick

Love it - BreakFastBeast2005

This Name Is an innuendo... - DapperPickle

It's my prized possession! - funnyuser

Can I touch your pogo stick?

9 Alpha101

Alpha is the top wolf and this makes it a top name. Laugh out loud

Thanks for voting for me guys! - Alpha101

Alpha is awesome! TOTALLY THE best USERNAME EVER!

Alpha Is a great name, I think In my usernames for things will have to put The BRILLIANT word Alpha

10 biscuits

Sounds like a username my dad would think of, I love it! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Laugh out loud (if yhu get me )

Lol it's a cute name though.

Cute mainly for girls.

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The Contenders

11 IronSabbathPriest

Wow I'm kind of high up on this list. - IronSabbathPriest

The inspiration for the best username of any of my accounts, ElectricCorpseSlayer.

Gah, get me back in the top 20 like I always was! - IronSabbathPriest

12 DeathByDuctTape

Duct tape saves lives its an important necessity

Just gotta love duck tape

13 Turkeyasylum

I have no idea what his name means, but it's creative! - funnyuser

An asylum of turkeys - TwilightKitsune

Turkeys are cool - TwilightKitsune

14 TheKillerShot

My twin! Number 4th best isn't bad! P. S I know someone on another website who is called MatrixGuy, Smoothcriminal on another and rock2metal on another. So I thiNk the word is spreading. - TheKillerShot

Thanks nice your user keep it up (y)

... best out of all, even pikachu


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like it

TOILETSOCK - that's really funny. Brilliant! - Britgirl

HAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS! I had to chose between myself, TOILETSOCK, and UsernameUnderConstruction. - Pikachulover1

TOILETSOCK is an actual user? - SamuiNeko

16 SniperNoSniping

Laugh out loud! Instead of "Swiper No Swiping" from Dora the explorer

That is absolutely HILARIOUS.

One of the best, funniest names I have ever heard!

Laugh out loud! SO funny! - funnyuser

I heard of a pokemon showdown username "Scyther no Swiping" which is better than this.

17 Finch
18 rock2metal

Its so crap my grandma could come up with a better one in her sleep!

19 Metal_Treasure
20 Alexandr

Wow! I'm on this list? Thanks so much. It's funny cause I don't like my username much - Alexandr

21 crazyeyes56

I am use this next time if that's alright?

Awesome its a cool username

Orange is the new black😂 I see what you did there

22 Dreamformusic

I always dream of making my own music so I like it

23 Xyo
24 xdogg

Xdogg x the dog out of the picture as a meaning if you don't like dogs but if you do then it would be x dog killers forever!

I used it on moviestarplanet! Thanks dude or girl?

I just got into to filpborad

25 Lee Sin

Lee Sin is from League Of Legend you know :D

I'm gold 3 laugh out loud he is my main 110 ranked games with him

26 Moldysock
27 TopTenJackson
28 Disney1994

I guess it’s because he likes Disney and he was born in 1994? - Userguy44

29 RogerMcBaloney
30 NerdyPweeps

Awesome! I'm totally going to use this its awesome!

31 CrimsonShark

Cool name - Bammer73

32 happyhappyjoyjoy
33 Keyson
34 funnyuser

Because I'm funny 😃 - funnyuser

35 Itz_Izzy
36 PetSounds
37 Spiritualsavedboy
38 Userguy44

I love the simplicity in this. Lol - Misfire

So uncreative it's creative. - RoseWeasley

No not really. I made this Username because I couldn’t think of anything. Now I wish I could change it to DarkPsycho. - Userguy44

You were ONE place away from being in 44th place...

39 IfYouSeeKay

Haha nice of all


40 Aevon

I use This name

I think this sounds cool and original from all the others. I used AevonGuy485

Thanks I think its really an unique name :D

41 JandS3000
42 foxrocks

awesome name :) it really rocks actually I think this name deserves the first place

Cool Name Rock it laugh out loud

It has fox in it, therefore it is awesome.

My favorite animal is fox that is the best one there!

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43 ImagineACoolUsernameHere

Laugh out loud-seriously that's awesome! :-)

Haha... this is the best by far...

Duck the vote idea

Hilarious what a wasteman

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44 Curti2594
45 Celestius

This is so cool! I love it, I use it whenever I can!

Cool! I did it on a game and it was cool! Everyone is now friending me cause I have a great usename! Thank you to this website. I am now cool on this really fun game!

It sounds fking AWESOME. Just by looking at it, it makes the player sound like a GOD.

Celestius is so awesome! It's just so random it starts with the letter C and ends just like, TIUS. I don't know why, BUT IT'S JUST SO SEXAYY :3

46 PUNKpunker13
47 Vokun

Nice I've used that

48 AtlasUniverse

I like this one. Sounds interesting

49 HollyRolo
50 Bobbythebrony
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