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1 What did John Cena say to his English teacher after he got a C?

You cannot C me

None are that funny but I let out a tiny little chuckle for this one. Nice job being mediocre, I guess.

Where is the grade?

that dope

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2 Why did Mr. McMahon cross the road?

Cause Stone Cold Steve Austin was coming

Ahahaha I like that "cause Stone Cold Steve Austin was coming" He so would run for his life if he saw him coming! Laugh out loud

To leave his job cause the authority is out and that is best for business.

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3 What has 10 arms and sucks?

John Cena take out the 10 arms part and you will get the answer

Chrisin with all those slaps

He does not

4 Why did John Cena fall off the cliff?

Because he sucks? - EliHbk

He was upset that he quit

5 How many Vince McMahons to screw in a light bulb?

None, Lightbulb screwed Lightbulb - SmoothCriminal

I nearly died when I read this one.

My side hurt for a week after seeing this.

6 What did Hulk Hogan say to the kid in art class?

Whatcha Going to Glue Brother! - SmoothCriminal

Sounds good... but not that funny... but still good - SmoothCriminal

Whatcha ha going ha going to do when I win at GlueMania?!

Hey Dude MiniMania Is Gonna Run Wild On You

7 Why does Mr. Mcmahon have to go to heaven?

You got no chance in hell... Vincent mcmahon is the devil!

Very mediocre

He has no chance in hell

Because Satin doesn't want to b replaced - EliHbk

8 What did Triple H say to the kids after they said Let's go play the game?

Triple H: QUIT TEASING ME! - SmoothCriminal

Let's play against the game because that's what you are

You are the game

Ok, but just don't hurt my quadricep. - EliHbk

9 What did Devon Dudley say to Bubba Dudley in the kitchen of McDonald's?


Get the tables

Hey bubba, test the fries

Screw this - EliHbk

10 What is the answer to everything?

Brogue kick POW death pin 123 sheamus wins against undertaker and stone cold at the same time somehow DONE - Mushroom99


WWE is AWESOME! Am I right?!

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11 Why did a lot of cars park in front of Big Show at a park?

They heard they were a Big SHow around the block - SmoothCriminal

Big show farted and caused a earthquake

He was blocking the parking lot.

12 Why was Ultimate Warrior fired from the pet shop?

A: He couldn't sell Pedigree

Laugh out loud this is the best One.

13 Why do WWE superstars wrestle for belts if they they don't wear pants?

Because they are titles

Because they are retarded - EliHbk

14 What did the fans say to Roman Reigns?


15 What did Bubba say to Devon after sleeping in for a Diner?

Enzo and big Cass is cool

Get the TABLES!

16 Why does Big Show lose his way so frequently?

Because he kept turning

Well... he's a Big Show. - EliHbk

Because he keeps turnin'...LMAO I died laughing! Big Show himself knows it. Said in a recent interview that he's getting

17 What did Seth Rollins say to a chipmunk?

Cause he sold his own to the authority

.Can I have your nuts

I don't know why

18 Why did Kevin Nash cross the road?

A: He didn't. He already tore his quad stepping off the curb. AHAHAA

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19 Why does Roman like dinosaurs?

Because they spear their opposition dinosaurs

I don't know because he's pooping

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20 Why Did Triple H Spear Zack Ryder?

Because zack said wanna play some games

Because Zack Ryder told him to Shut Up

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