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21 What did Randy Orton do when he saw a viper? V 1 Comment
22 Why Was Cena a Ghost for Halloween

He didn't want no one to see him

Because U can't C him - EliHbk

23 What happens when big show farts
24 Why didn't Chris Benoit show up to work?

He was hanging with his wife and kids - RustyNail

Because he's dead - EliHbk

25 Why Won't John Cena Turn Heel?

Because he doesn't give a flying care what the IWC hypocrites want!

26 What did The Undertaker say to Kane?

What did he say?

27 What did Y2J say to Donald trump building a wall?

Break the wall down

Name it the walls of Jericho please. - EliHbk

I don't know why


28 What did Jericho say about beer?

Drink it all... Mann! - EliHbk

29 Where does Dana Brooke come from? Brooklyn
30 What does Zack Ryder say to people who don't know anything?

Woo woo woo, you don't know it? - EliHbk

Woo Woo Woo, You know it

31 Why did Roman Reigns look at Seth Rollins and Bo Dallas?

Because they Both Said Tom Brady

32 Why did the skeleton quit wrestling? V 2 Comments
33 What activity does Triple H hate?

To play a came

Wrestling - EliHbk

34 What's Brock Lesnar?
35 What microphone does Bliss talk to?


36 Why did Finn Balor turn into a fish in water?

Because he needed a Finn.

37 What did DX do to drink their pop when they found the straws?

SUCK IT! - RustyNail

38 Where does Dana Brooke come from?


39 What is Charlotte Flair's favorite movie?

Charlotte's web

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