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1 Wade Barett

I have always loved Wade Barrett. I think that he truly won his victory in NXT. He was a strong leader in the Nexus and his English accent only made him more attractive. He was clearly the brains behind the group. I enjoy Wade's matches, and all his gimmicks through the years. He is a great man and a great competitor. I will always love Wade Barrett, no matter what.

I'm afraid I've got some good news! Barrett was the total package man! They made him into Bad News Barrett soon after Nexus in 2013 and the crowd, and I as well, loved it! The King Barrett thing was ok too but I'm sure most of us will never forget Bad News Barrett. I am afraid I do have some Bad News. John Cena ruined the Nexus and Wade Barrett was released...hopefully he will return someday. - Pokemongamer

Wade Barrett was the heart and soul of the stable! Without him as a leader the Nexus was doomed. The british wrestler is pretty good in the ring and his promos are amazing.

Without a doubt barett has proved himself throughout NXT and through his leadership skills taking over WWE in a matter of months which not many people in history had been able to do so...

2 Justin Gabriel

Justin gabriel is an amazing wrestler people should like what he does he has saved people like hornswoggle before joining nexus some people should take Justin gabriel more seriously even though people hate nexus I don't and I love everything about nexus especially there finishing move s especially Justins finisher the 450 splash know one has ever kicked out of his finisher so he has made nexus beat there opposition with his finisher and people should deal that they are like every other wrestler but in a big group of 7

Justin GABRIEL IS THE BEST MEMBER OF NEXUS! Hands down :) he is amazingly talented and easy on the eyes ;) WOO

Justin Gabriel is my favorite. Hi 450 splash is live and I love his hair. I think he should have lead nexus

I think he is better than wade barret because on nxt he beat him like two or three times and wade barret only beat him once

3 John Cena John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand. more.

John Cena is the best super star ever I'm watching WWE on Christmas the date is 12-25-12

John felix anthony cena is a true sportsman... He can be called as HITMAN jr

You should probably break up with Nikki Bella

John Cena is the best WWE wrestler of

4 Heath Slater Heath Slater Heath Miller III is an American professional wrestler. He is signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Heath Slater.

Heath Slater added charisma to all of the teams he got to be a part of.

You rock and I love your song Michael hennessy

You gotta love the guy, he got kids after all.

5 Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt Windham Lawrence Rotunda is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Bray Wyatt and is the leader of The Wyatt Family.

Husky Harris deserve it big time for they did to him big time.

6 Darren Young Darren Young Frederick "Fred" Douglas Rosser III, better known by his ring name Darren Young, is an American professional wrestler who was signed to WWE where he was a former one-time WWE Tag Team Champion. He was released from WWE in October 2017. He is the first ever gay WWE Superstar.

I swear, this guy changed skin color.

Darren Young is such a brave man for openly coming out as a gay wrestler.

7 Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE under the ring name Daniel Bryan. He is the current WWE champion.

Daniel Bryan is very Strong guy Really. I this he dejov to WWE champion

Show the yes moment

8 Curtis Axel Curtis Axel Joseph Curtis "Joe" Hennig is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Curtis Axel, where he is one-fourth of The Social Outcasts.
9 Mason Ryan Mason Ryan Barri Griffiths is a Welsh professional wrestler and actor, best known for his time with WWE under the ring name Mason Ryan.

He was great in Nexus

a monster of a man who eliminated the great khali from the 2011 40 man royle rumble! - theBIGmc

10 Skip Sheffield

I enjoyed watching Skip in the ring. He always had strength, even before he came back as Ryback. I also think he is attractive and smart. He had such passion for the business, and he was great with the crowds. I loved him as Wade Barrett's right-hand man. I love Skip Sheffield, and Ryback.

This guy has the most potential of them all.

He is much better then every other member exceot Justin gabriel and wade barret

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11 Michael Tarver Michael Tarver

Michael Tarver added a lot of silent strength and aggression to the Nexus.

My favourite Michael TARVER

12 Roman Reigns Roman Reigns Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) was born on May 25, 1985. He is an American professional wrestler and former professional Canadian football player. more.

The best WWE superstar I have seen

Roman empire go


My hero

13 David Otunga David Otunga David Daniel Otunga Sr. is an American professional wrestler, lawyer and actor currently signed with WWE.

David Otunga is powerful. He is a great fighter and a great lawyer, too.

14 Ryback Ryback Ryback Allen Reeves is an American professional wrestler that performs in wrestling shows on the indy circuit. He is a former WWE superstar and Intercontinental Champion.

Ryback is Skip Sheffield

Shell shock

15 Randy Orton Randy Orton Randal Keith "Randy" Orton is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed with WWE, where he is a member of the SmackDown brand. He is a 12-time world champion, having held the WWE World Championship eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship four times.

He is the best

You need to beat Brock lesner

16 Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Jonathan "Jon" Good is an American professional wrestler and actor, signed to WWE under the ring name Dean Ambrose.

Should be really high up


he's epik

17 Seth Rollins Seth Rollins Colby Lopez is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed to WWE under the ring name Seth Rollins. He is the Current Intercontinental Champion.

Seth Rollins is the best

18 The Undertaker The Undertaker Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him the company's longest tenured in-ring performer . Calaway began his wrestling career with World more.
19 CM Punk CM Punk Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks, also known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American comic book writer, actor, upcoming mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler who is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. more.

The 2nd leader and he was a beast

He is the heart of WWE


He has a mask

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20 Ezekiel Jackson Ezekiel Jackson Rycklon Stephens is a Guyanese professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE under the ring name Ezekiel Jackson.

He's a tank lifting the big show easy and he got bowling balls on his shoulder's

21 Sin Cara Sin Cara Sin Cara is a professional wrestling character used by WWE, currently portrayed by Jorge Arias, also known as Hunico.
22 Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

What's a great fighter he get championship in WWE my favourite is brock lesner

23 Kalisto Kalisto Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez is a Mexican-American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE under the ring name Kalisto.
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