Top 10 Best Balance Type Beyblades

Ready to step into the Beyblade arena and unleash the perfect mix of attack and defense? Balance type Beyblades are your answer! These masters of versatility pack a serious punch while keeping their cool under pressure. They're not just about brute force or outlasting opponents - balance types rely on adaptability and precision.

You've seen these mighty Beyblades in action, you know their strengths and their cunning strategies. Now it's time for your voice to be heard! We want to know which balance type Beyblades deserve top billing. Did a particular Bey help you conquer a tough tournament? Does one hold a special place in your heart?
The Top Ten
1 Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is number one because of its stamina and defense. Don't judge it because of its attack. It is really good. It beat my friend's best Bey, Rock Scorpio, and his Dark Serpent that we have been training. So, if you have an Earth Eagle, you are very, very lucky like me. When I first got it, it could not be beaten. You can have him too if you go to and look for the Metal Wing Smash 2-pack collection. It comes with Dark Libra and the King Earth Eagle.

I have Earth Eagle, which is really good in battles, but it is my second-best balance Beyblade. My best Beyblade is Dark Libra. Earth Eagle is still an awesome Beyblade owned by Tsubasa Otori and is extremely awesome. So if Dark Libra isn't on this list, I'll vote for Earth Eagle. It's good for sleepovers and rarely ever gets beaten. I recommend this Beyblade.

2 Dark Wolf

A good balance-type Bey. The metal wheel 'Dark' is superb for balance-type customizations. It can beat most Beyblades. However, if you're going to buy a Dark Wolf, I recommend a recolored version.

Best Bey ever! Beat all my Beys in a royal rumble (Dark Wolf was spun first!). I suggest buying the double pack because it looks a lot better.

My Wolf defeated Tempo a few times, but Tempo won back several times. At least Wolf has got much power sometimes.

3 Dark Bull

Dark Bull should be closer to first. I knocked out Earth Eagle very easily without any practice with Dark Bull. It isn't the best Beyblade ever, but it is pretty darn good. How in the world it is fifth, I really cannot understand. It is fifth of ALL Beyblades on my list. I have only two Beyblades that are the first on the attack list and first on the defense list that can beat it.

Vote for Dark Bull! It's so good and it can beat my Meteo L-Drago and my friend's super deck Libra. It was my first Bey and I just love it.

It has amazing defense, unbeatable balance, attack, and stamina. If some other Bey can defeat it, I will give away my Bey.

4 Diablo Nemesis

Earth Eagle is just a stamina type and is not at all better than Diablo Nemesis. Earth Eagle is no match for Nemesis. It's the best balance type and has fierce attacks that will confuse the opponent and crush it. No other balance type is better than Diablo Nemesis.

And that is why we call it the best, and I would never believe that any other balance type has beaten Diablo Nemesis. So, buy it and vote, guys.

Diablo Nemesis is arguably the best Beyblade there is, not to mention its mode change. One form gives it boosted attack, and the other gives it great balance. In anime as well as in real life, Diablo Nemesis is the best blade you can get.

5 Flame Byxis

I like Flame Byxis also because of its 230 spin track. It's very tall, and other Beys are not able to reach its spin track, which can receive the most damage. Flame Byxis is like a compass, as its sticker says so, which is so cool-looking! I don't know how to describe it, but I surely recommend this Bey because not all Beys are that tall. I did not say that no other Beys are that tall, for example, Flash Sagittario. But I still recommend Byxis. It's worth buying.

It was Flame Byxis vs. Earth Eagle. Eagle made Byxis wobble. It was very close to hitting the stadium floor, but then it regained its balance and raced around like nothing had happened. It beat Earth Eagle, Earth Virgo, Galaxy Pegasus, Cyber Pegasus, Evil Gemios, and even Storm Leone!

6 Thermal Lacerta

The perfect balance of upper attack and stamina. The W130 spin track allows it to be a competent mid-height attacker.

Thermal Lacerta is good, believe me. I put on a battle between Earth Eagle vs. Flame Byxis vs. Thermal Lacerta, and Thermal won all three matches every time, every day.

My Thermal Lacerta easily beats my cousin's Hades Kerbecs. That proves how strong it is.

7 Death Quetzalcoatl

Are you kidding me!? It's only at 17? This site is broken. Pegasus, L-Drago, and Libra aren't even balance types! This Beyblade is probably the best balance type I've ever seen. Its two modes are good features, and although its tip can lose spin pretty fast, it is also a very powerful tip.

It can attack decently when on the rubber part, but when it rolls on the plastic, it can have a very aggressive and powerful attack style.

I'm getting this Bey, and it is so good. I can tell. It has two modes, which is awesome. This Bey can't be that low on this leaderboard. It can pretty much knock all other Beys off the stadium. I could beat my friend's L-Drago sometimes.

8 Poison Serpent

Yeah, baby! Poison Serpent is so cool compared to other balance-type Beyblades because it is strong and cool. We can change its spin track from attack to defense. And the cool thing is when it attacks, it never stops.

Cobras rule! Also, Perseus is a defense type. Get your facts straight! Though it is nice to see that somebody knows what type of Bey Earth Eagle is.

9 Dark Cancer / Gasher
10 Beat Lynx

It can change between three heights: 170, 195, and 220. It also has one of the best attack type fusion wheels in the whole of the franchise with excellent smash attack. I have this Beyblade, and it beats Earth Eagle, Killer Beafowl, and Hell Kerbecs (by the way, Kerbecs is stamina). In fact, the only balance type better than it is Diablo Nemesis.


Beat Lynx is a super awesome Beyblade, and it is the ultimate balance-type Beyblade on Google. The special move I came up with for Beat Lynx is Ferocious Demolition Scratch. It's where Beat Lynx smashes the blader's Beyblade around with its big claws.

The Contenders
11 Killer Gemios
12 Nightmare Rex

Nightmare Rex is awesome. It beat my Hades Kerbecs BD145DS 20 times in a row. It also beat my Earth Eagle five times in a row. Nightmare should never be in 8th or 9th place. That's how awesome it is. The special moves I came up with for it are Prehistoric Nightmare and Terra Nova.

13 Spiral Fox

This Beyblade is awesome. Its spin track TR145 can absorbs attacks and it can disable spin stealing from beys like L Drago.

Best bey ever! He can't be beat by anyone!

14 Forbidden Striker

Forbidden striker is. Awesome it defeated my friends in a battle royal it took everyone one out it was awesome it was spinning like if it were just launched it did not take any damage did I mention it was 13 bey I was so surprised

Forbidden striker is the best I have earth eagle it destroyed by a stadium out I was so surprised

15 Midnight Bull

I have Midnight Bull and it is so strong. I beat my friend with this thing and it is a power house. It can knock out an opponent in one hit. Trust me this can beat earth eagle. You really should get this Bey!

It's a good Beyblade. When you first get it you think its really bad but as you do more battles with it you start to realise how good it is it can beat big bang pegasus rock orso loads more

It's amazing. Get it it beat hell kerbecs, basalt horogium, diablo nemasis, vari ares, guardian l drago, wing pegasis and burn fireblaze and duo uranus and kreis cygnus and great cetus and gravity perseus and every bey it kicks ass

16 Fusion Hades

Fuison Hades is awesome you cannot beat it! If you use phantom orion you will lose complete!

17 Burn Wolf

Burn wolf is really good infact he beat eagle phantom orion and other strong beys he can take big hits with no efect he should be top. Say something l would love to see what you need to say if lm wrong bye.

18 Flame Serpent

I usually destroy my other Beyblades with guy, he has good defense and offense power, but you should expect that from a Balance type, and you can flip his spin track over, like most serpents.

Flame serpent as great attack and defense power. I've beating all of my beyblades in three hits. I think that Flame Serpent should of been on Team Starbreaker as the fiery serpent of Hades.

19 Inferno Byxis
20 Poison Fireblaze
21 Archer Griffin

Hey anybody knows shogun steel here earth eagle is nothing not even worthy of archer griffin

22 Divine Chimera
23 Earth Wolf

Have owned beyblades since 2012, six years later and Earth Wolf is still my best bey, let alone balance type.

It has extreme defense, good attack power, and exellent stamina. It beat friends beyblades.I think it rules.

24 Firefuse Darkhelm

Firefuse Darkhelm is a great balance bey. With the perfect customization, it can be a very dominant balance bey along with good stamina and short-term attack powers coming with it!

Where do you got darkhelm?

Nightmare rex is in strongest bladers set too!

25 Ninja Salamander
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