Most Powerful Pegasus Beyblades

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1 Big Bang Pegasus F:D

Big Bang Pegasus has really good stamina for an attack type and its ability to change modes during battle is really cool and also really effective.

Bey lasted for 40sec when I first tried it out. It catches its stamina really quickly. The bey is an attack type but I think it should be a stamina type. I got it at Kids Paradise Forestville NSW

IT is a good bey, not The best beyblade ever, but it is The best Pegasus out there, I beet My friends and family with this bey!

Big Bang Pegasus (Cosmic Pegasus) is one of the most awesome beyblades, and also one of the most powerful beyblades. It is my favorite beyblade

2 Rock Pegasus 105WD
3 Cyber Pegasus 105F

Cyber pegasus is so strong it is ridiculous. I have one and it beat some of the best Beyblades created no joke

4 Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F

Galaxy Pegasus is probably the best attack bey of all time and should be ranked number one due to its great attack power and having quite a decent stamina for an attack bey!

Galaxy pegasus beat all my strongest Beyblades. owns I battled hell kerbecs my galaxy pegasus gave him a stadiam out without his face bolt and energy ring. Please vote for galaxy pegasus

This bey is the best especially in gold colour... This is the best so it should be at first.

Galaxy Pegasus's attack power is over 9,000, and it mantains its attack power for a decent amount of time.

5 Pegasus 105F
6 Storm Pegasus 105RF

Storm pegasis is the best pegasis in the world and it can defeat Big Bang pegasis, Samarai pegasis, Galaxy pegasis and cyber pegasis. I believe in storm pegasis. Please vote for storm pegasis. Challange with my storm pegasis but you will lose and understand that storm pegasis is the best.

It's,it's amazing it's so strong. I had one and it defeated both l drago and lightning l drago at the same time, they were both spinning left!

Storm pegasus is very good at attack and as well as stamina I hate it when people are making jokes about it that ldrago can beat it why it has send my ldrago a million times!

This beyblades kill my other beyblades in 20 seconds!

7 Wing Pegasus 90WF

Wing Pegasus is the best! I mean like, it totally even drilled Ultimate Meteo L Drago Assault, Rush, and Absorb! (and Big Bang Pegasus too)

Hey this is no joke I have that pegasus!

Its stronger than storm and poison and it's a strong attack type

8 WBBA Big Bang Pegasus 125SF

The best bey of all time
the strongest bey in the world.
Fastest Beyblade in the world.

9 Poison Pegasus ED145JB
10 Cyber Pegasus 100HF

The look is awesome and when I used it lasted for 1 minute 30 seconds

The Contenders
11 Samurai Pegasis

This bey was so strong that it broke my friend's Variares, sent Golden L Drago Destroy flying to a wall, and when it goes on top speed in an arena it just go absolute bananas! I keep thinking whenever it does that my other bey's might break, well... it broke Samurai Ifraid with a blow so hard that it went flying straight up annd hit a wall and scratched a bit of paint off.

The special attack metal helps it destroy any bey. It made my Phantom Orion go up in the sky with an ring out finish. And also the tip gives it massive attack power. From storm to samurai, samurai pegasus is the best.

I don't know why I voted for Samurai Pegasus but I bet it looks really cool.

Samurai Pegasus has one of the best attack strength than any other

12 Cosmic Pegasus

I feel cosmic Pegasus should at least make 8th because it's so op it's clashes or usually always one shots and it's so hyper super fast can easily overpower most defense types like is it really the worst?

The cosmic Pegasus seems to deal a lot of damage to me.

13 Galaxy Pegasis

Really, it's attack power is so powerful. And it's speed is sometime makes him invisible.
It's my favourite Beyblade in whole metal Saga. If the battle start. It will make the stadium out in just 10 to 15 sec. But it stamina is very less but it's doesn't make sense because attack types real power is their stadium out and their speed, in both case this bey is best.

I love Galaxy Pegasus but it's almost similar to STORM Pegasus it's just darker in color.

14 Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus

Very nice look beyblade. switch it with a balance performance tip, it awesome

15 Pretty Pegasus
16 Heaven Pegasus

Is the #1 because I literally searched up what is the #1 beyblade and it said heaven Pegasus so yeah that is proof.

17 Gold Pegasus
18 Jumper Pegasus

They fall in pockets easily but they can take any hit when his performance tip advances higher. Very good all in all

19 God Valkyrie

This is a strong bey blade too.

20 Storm Pegasus
21 Biryani Pegasus
22 L Drago
23 Chicken Pegasus
24 Thunder Pegasus
25 Flame Pegasus
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