Beyblades You Would Recommend to Buy

Vote a beyblade you think that everyone should get.
The Top Ten
1 Cyber Pegasus Cyber Pegasus Product Image

A good attack type beyblade that will dominate your opponent. - metablast

2 Rock Leone Rock Leone Product Image

Rock leone best defense type ever when battling it makes ting sound which it means to defend itself

rock leone rocks because he can beat cyber pegasus and earth eagle, son.

Its good! Beat cyber pegasus with one hit

Rock leone beat beat the hell out of cyber Pegasus

3 Storm Pegasus Storm Pegasus Product Image

I wrapped tinfoil around my pegasus and now on flat surface he can spin for 57 seconds and he now has good stamina and balance but low attack and low defense, when he wiggles he sometime gets back up (p. s. I call him silver pegasus with the tinfoil around him).

Another good attack type. - metablast

you should get him because he is awsome

Awesome definitely vote for it
It doesn't have good stamina so make sure it attacks the first ten seconds

4 Lightning L-drago Lightning L-drago Product Image

Wicked as Beyblade because it the only bey than spins left and is a FORBIDDEN bey for that reason.

A good attack type that spins left.

It is so good

5 Meteo L Drago

Pure Awesome. Can "steal" the spin of an opponent's Beyblade! Awesome "zombie" bey!

meteo l drago is coming out soon so save your money to buy this great beyblade

Buy this bey Its epic it really can steal spin like in the animae

6 Dark Wolf Dark Wolf Product Image

An awesome balance type that will be able to withstand your opponent. - metablast

7 Dark Bull
8 Hell Kerbex
9 Earth Eagle
10 Storm Leone
The Contenders
11 Burn Fireblaze
12 Big Bang Pegasus

Just the big bang in it's name makes it stick out in a crowd also it being a Pegasus as the creature. An amazing Beyblade.

13 Flame Libra
14 Gravity Perseus
15 Counter Leone
16 Rock Aries
17 Ray Unicorno
18 Vulcan Horuseus

Vulcan horuseus is the best Beyblade you can get around here.
I mean that what ever the opponent will be it never gives up a battle.

19 Galaxy Pegasus
20 Burn Phoenix
21 Phantom Orion


It has a stamina performins tip that keeps it spining allot of the time.

22 Ray Striker
23 Earth Virgo
24 Evil Pisces
25 Lost Luinor

really good I spun 3 bays and lost luinor burst all of them

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