Strongest Beyblade Shogun Steel Characters

Choose who is your strongest character in the new Beyblade Shogun Steel series.
The Top Ten
1 Sakyo

Sakyo, the master of Ronin Dragoon, the Reverse Rotating Beyblade. Sakyo is expected to be the best. Start with Sakyo looking awesome while being himself. He is the coolest blader, next up is that Ronin Dragoon is a reverse rotating bey so it is so hard to avaid most attacks.

He strives to be the number one blader in the world.
He's always makeing a big entrance he has unbelievable amount of strength and also his bey is from the legendary blader Ryuga himself and will destroy anyone who gets in his path to becoming the worlds number one blader or anyone who is not a true blader.

Sakyo is so awesome and powerful. Zyro needs the cyclone bey stadium to become at his best but Sakyo can become at his best without it.

Sakyo, the owner of the only reverse rotating bey, RONIN DRAGON, is the most powerful blader in the metal saga.

2 Zyro

Zyro is the best

I like his fire tornado smash and his burning upper cut. Ifrit's attacks are so strong that Zyro defeated Sakyo.

3 Kira

Kira is the best

4 Shinobu Shinobu

Shinobu is the best

5 Baihu
6 Yoshio
7 Gingka

Its superb how gingka makes zyro hatred cannot make you win.

8 Takanosuke
9 Kite
10 Spike
The Contenders
11 Ren
12 Eight
13 Akuya
14 Genjuro
15 Captain Arrow
16 Karura
17 Kikura
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