Top Ten Biggest Mistakes of the WWE from 2006-2015


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21 1998: Kane Winning The WWE Title

Kane winning the title literally accomplished nothing because he dropped it back to Stone Cold the next day. - thisisspata

22 1997: Sycho Sid vs Undertaker Main Evening Wrestlemania

Seriously, Bret Hart vs Stone Cold was the only good match on the card, and it should've gone on last. - thisisspata

23 1996: Shawn Michaels Holding the WWF Title for so long.

HBK at first was just not a good World Champion, and people had known this long before he dropped the belt after 8 months. He should've dropped it at either King of the Ring or Summerslam. - thisisspata

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24 1995: Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow

This was an example of when WWE didn't know what they were doing. Seriously, a retired football player vs a mid carder in the main event of Wrestlemania. That is why WWF was in a slump during this time period. Stupid stuff like this. - thisisspata

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25 1994: Co Royal Rumble Winners

Okay, admittedly this actually could've worked, but the execution was just awful. Luger and Hart should not have had a title match on the same night. They should've battled each other before hand and one of them should've gotten a title Match. - thisisspata

26 1993: Wrestlemania IX Ending

You saw this coming. To be short, Yokozuna should've walked out with the title and not Hogan. - thisisspata

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