Top 10 Most Boring Stores


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1 Dallarama

It's a crap store that sells crap stuff need I say more - kingvoter

2 Staples

What I love staples! Office supplies are the best, one day I want to own all the painter tip sharpies and the 99 cent folders! - keycha1n

I like Staples. So many pens, and notebooks, and (goes on about lovely supplies), AND! SWIRLY CHAIRS! I LOVE THEM. - Miauzer

I love Staples! The stuff there is really good. - cosmo

I saw IPads in a Staples - Ihateschool

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3 No Frills
4 Food Basics

It has the word basics in it - kingvoter

5 Sears

Sears is like the living dead of stores

Awful place. - Miauzer

6 Shoppers Drug Mart
7 Metro
8 Barnes & Noble

What?!?!? This is one of the only stores I LIKE! It's stocked with books of all kinds, plus toys! Me and my mom went there once and there were a TON of puppets. Nobody else was there, so we had a huge puppet war! Then we found this hilarious book about animals. - Miauzer

I love Barnes & Noble! Stocked with books of all kinds for all people, plus toys! I had a puppet war with my mom once. >

I love this store they have books and toys - Ihateschool

9 Target

This is the reason they're going out of business in Canada - kingvoter

Target has everything at affordable prices, I wish there were one nearby! - keycha1n

I go to Target a lot and I love the products. Its not a bad store. - cosmo

The real problem isn't boredom its problem is how they say u save money but everything is so expensive - Ihateschool

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10 Home Depot

The bane of my existence when I was a kid. This and Lowes but we didn't go there as much. Thanks a lot of existing, HD.

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11 Cato's Face & Body Place
12 Lowes
13 Costco

Are you kidding me? Have you BEEN to the book section? - keycha1n

Yeah sorry but in my opinion I don't like it - kingvoter

I've been to this store before. It's not so bad. - nintendofan126

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14 Walmart

I don't want this here walmart is awesome - kingvoter

15 Kmart
16 Country Stitches

The most boring store in the world all it is is quilts and sewing machines


There's just too much gray & blue. Nothing else. Endless, straight hallways that take forever to walk through.

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