Top 10 Most Boring Stores


The Top Ten

1 Dallarama

It's a crap store that sells crap stuff need I say more - kingvoter

2 Staples

What I love staples! Office supplies are the best, one day I want to own all the painter tip sharpies and the 99 cent folders! - keycha1n

I like Staples. So many pens, and notebooks, and (goes on about lovely supplies), AND! SWIRLY CHAIRS! I LOVE THEM. - Miauzer

I love Staples! The stuff there is really good. - cosmo

SERIOUSLY? I love this place! I buy school supplies and software and headphones/earbuds here!

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3 No Frills
4 Food Basics

It has the word basics in it - kingvoter

5 Sears

Sears is like the living dead of stores

Awful place. - Miauzer

6 Shoppers Drug Mart
7 Metro
8 Barnes & Noble

What?!?!? This is one of the only stores I LIKE! It's stocked with books of all kinds, plus toys! Me and my mom went there once and there were a TON of puppets. Nobody else was there, so we had a huge puppet war! Then we found this hilarious book about animals. - Miauzer

I love Barnes & Noble! Stocked with books of all kinds for all people, plus toys! I had a puppet war with my mom once. >

I love this store they have books and toys - Ihateschool

9 Target Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

This is the reason they're going out of business in Canada - kingvoter

Target has everything at affordable prices, I wish there were one nearby! - keycha1n

I go to Target a lot and I love the products. Its not a bad store. - cosmo

The real problem isn't boredom its problem is how they say u save money but everything is so expensive - Ihateschool

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10 Home Depot

The bane of my existence when I was a kid. This and Lowes but we didn't go there as much. Thanks a lot of existing, HD.

The Contenders

11 Cato's Face & Body Place
12 Lowes
13 Costco

It's really big but so boring - kingvoter

Are you kidding me? Have you BEEN to the book section? - keycha1n

Yeah sorry but in my opinion I don't like it - kingvoter

I love the free samples there!

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14 Walmart

I don't want this here walmart is awesome - kingvoter

15 Kmart
16 Ace Hardware
17 Macy's

I only like the Herald Square store.

18 Country Stitches

The most boring store in the world all it is is quilts and sewing machines


There's just too much gray & blue. Nothing else. Endless, straight hallways that take forever to walk through.

20 Peacocks

The British Clothes Store Which Doesn't Really Make Much Money, They Took Over The Old Wollies In Hereford And They Need To Close! - Bndspitw

21 True Value Hardware
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