Best Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey

The Broodals are a villianous team of evil wedding-planer rabbits in Super Mario Odyssey, they serve as Bowser's main henchmen in the game. They are similar to Koopalings. There is a total of five of them. But whivh one's the best? Let's find out.

The Top Ten

1 Spewart

and I'm also a video game creator and he is easy to change in the games I am making is super mario link 1, 2 bowser jr is mad, and 3 bowser's bosses are all around

He vomits poison which I think is very cool also he's the enterainer

'Spewart, the group's entertainer. HGe is a Morton Koopa like Broodal dressed in blue thatpukes poison. Sounds disgusting, and is kinda disgusting but he looks really cool so I give him that. The boss battle though is way too easy. He's the fourth/fifth boss in the game and is easier than Rango and Hariet. What? That's another minus. However, he looks really cool so I can't put him the lowest. I think he is good. I mean, blue is my favourite color. His personality is similar to Morton Koopa. - darthvadern

2 Hariet

She is by far the best one and she is really funny and pretty.

She is the only girl in the team. And she is girly. She has this purple dress. I'm not really a big fan of her. But she is still good. Purple is though my least favourite color So that's why I didn't put her any higher. But her boss battles re pretty good to be honest. She trhows bombs and you have to get them back at her. I think she's good. She's like the Wendy O. Koopa of the gang. - darthvadern

3 Topper

Better than the lousy Koopalings

Topper is my favourite Broodal. I believe it's an unpopular opinion. But I just really like this guy. He is the most generic of the Broodals, just like Larry is of the Koopalings. But he just really looks so cool. It must really be an unpopular opinion. But I really like Topper. He is liike a mix between Larry Koopa and Ludwig Von Koopa, beaucse he is the leader of the four main Broodals. - darthvadern

4 Rango

He is the bouncer of the gang. I find him pretty hilarious. He is extremly skinny and tall. Much like Waluigi. He wars a straw hat and uses it like a boomerang. I thought it was really creative. He is defintly one of my favourite Broodals. He is very similar to Iggy Koopa - darthvadern

5 Madame Broode

She is the Broodals boss, while Topper is the leader of the four main Broodals, Madame Broode is their suprekme leader aka boss. She is kinda boring honestly, she is pretty much Ludwig Von Koopa except she has a golden pet Chain Chomp, ok. She is also a giant. Way bigger than the Broodals actual airship. She is also a female like Hariet. But she isn't really in the "team". I thought her boss battle was interesting and unique. But she isn't really one of my favourite. She is ok in my opinion. - darthvadern

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