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1 Bronies Bronies

What is being an MLP fan wrong for? - Bammer73

Toxic haters

Leave them alone already!

For example, haters of the show celebrated online when news broke out of an 11 year old boy who killed himself because he was bullied at school for liking the show. - KalloFox34

2 Furries

If they want to be animals we have the right to hunt them. Just saying

From people who stereotype them as being all perverts. - KalloFox34

There are bad furries, yes. But all the furries I've met and talked to and seen for myself are really chill. Heck, I haven't even met a single furry who owns a fursuit. - Atham

Some of them do deserve it. - DarkBoi-X

Because some of them are perverts who like to look at furry porn. - RogerMcBaloney

3 Minecraft Fans Minecraft Fans

Again it's criticized. I have no problem with people who hate Minecraft. - Userguy44

From people who think it's "overrated". - KalloFox34

This game has long overstayed it’s welcome - Randomator

4 Nintendo fans

From Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto fans who think Nintendo doesn't make "real" games. - KalloFox34

5 Metalheads

From rap and modern pop fans who think that metal is just screaming. - KalloFox34

Metalheads and metal haters are both bullied by the opposite side - Alkadikce

Not bullied, just criticized. - Userguy44

Nope, severely bullied, even on this site. Calling me Mental_Treasure, deaf and idiot (just because I like metal), doesn't count for "criticism". - Metal_Treasure

On this site, it's the opposite since 90% of TTT users are metalheads themselves - Joeljohns249

6 90s kids

I think you mean early 2000s kids born (2000-03) who grew up with almost the exact same things yet 90s kids like to bully them for no reason - Randomator

From people who think all of them are nostalgia-driven basement dwellers. - KalloFox34

Disney T.V. series

1990s: Talespin, Ducktales, Recess, Darkwing Duck
2010s: Hannah Montana, Dog With A Blog, K.C. Undercover, Liv & Maddie, Bizaardvark, Good Luck Charlie, I Didn't Do It, Shake It Up!

My how time flew by as the world sunk down the toilet.

7 Liberals

Liberals don't deserve it!

From cons who think they're more moral than us. - KalloFox34

Most deserve it.

Some deserve it - Randomator

8 Beliebers Beliebers

It's kinda ridiculous honestly. - Bammer73

Some people like Justin Bieber, some don't!

I mean I hate people who like justin bieber but never bully someone cause of it

9 The Loud House fans

Same reason as furries. - KalloFox34

10 Pop Fans

Especially on this site - Joeljohns249

I've seen this happen sometimes, but I'd say it's about 50/50, same for metalheads, both have bullied to some extent.

The Newcomers

? Roblox Fans

By those who hate it for INVALID reasons (no, they are not greedy) and reasons from the PAST, rather than the present (ODers are long gone) and cannot take opinions. - Bammer73

? Pokémon Fans

Specifically the ones who are excited for Sword and Shield. They are hated by people who are mad that their favorite Pokémon isn’t in the game. The haters will get angry if some one says they want the game or that they’re excited for it.

The Contenders

11 Rap Fans
12 Family Guy Fans

I love Family Guy!

From people who claim the show to be offensive and/or plagiarized, so they mock the fandom for liking it. - KalloFox34

13 Anime Fans Anime Fans

No one deserves bullying!

Not trying to sound rude but I HATE anime.

Yo-Kai Watch is not the only one suffering from this stupid hate it gets, games like Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bayblade, Bakogon, Dragon Quest and other monster collecting rpgs also suffer from this stupid hate as well. Pokemon fans are the ones to blame. They constantly bash on these games labeling them as ripoffs without evening playing them at all. Not to mention, Pokemon wasn't even an original concept, that was Shin Megami Tensei which came out YEARS before pokemon. So pokemon fans, by your logic, that would make pokemon a Shin Megami Tensei ripoff, wouldn't it? So before you list a series you hardly even know anything about as a ripoff, TRY PLAYING THE GAMES BEFORE YOU CALL THEM RIPOFFS!

I used to be a weeb until I found something...sanity. - XxembermasterxX

14 Conservatives

Honestly both sides have done this - KalloFox34

15 Undertale Fans
16 Terraria Fans

Mostly from Minecraft fans who think that Terraria is a ripoff and so they bash the fans. - KalloFox34

17 Porn Fans

I mean.. people can pleasure themselves if they want to (runs away). - XxembermasterxX

18 Fortnite Fans

Fortnite is overrated!

19 K-Pop Fans

Only the Koreaboos deserve it. - XxembermasterxX

20 Trolls Trolls

Say what you want, I find most of them funny. - KalloFox34

I mean those on TheTopTens. - Userguy44

21 Yo Kai Watch Fans

To clarify what I said:
Does Pokemon have bosses where you use all 3 front pokemon to attack the boss in a specific location? NO
Kyerum can fuse BUT do pokemon fuse with other different pokemon? NO!
Pokemon's stories(in the games) are repeatitive while Yo-Kai Watchs' games have different stories.
Do pokemon possess humans and make them do random werid stuff? NO!
Can humans turn into pokemon WHEN THEY DIE? NO!
I could literally go along with more but then again, its not like pokemon fans are going tl understand

I love Yo Kai Watch but it is hard to find other yo kai watch fans. Not to mention, idiots claim that this series is a Pokemon ripoff. It's not even similar one bit. For the Pokemon fanboys comparing to Pokemon Listein closely: Do you fight gym leaders in yo kai watch? No! Do you fight trainers or rivals? No! Do you cram Yo kai into a ball? No! Can yo kai attack when you give them a command? No! Do yo kai mega evolve? No! Do you have to an evil organization? No! Is there a champion and elite four to fight? No! Do you pick starters? No! Are Pokemon ranked from e to s? No! Are Pokemon in tribes? No! Can Pokemon fuse? No! Are yo kai animals? No, They're Japanese mythology creatures! Soultimate Moves came out before Z moves! Do you use only one yo kai in battle? NO! Does Pokemon have a machine to give you more Pokemon by using a coin? No! Can yo kai be seen by everyone? NO! ONLY YOU CAN SEE THEM! Do yo kai say nothing but they're names? No, They can talk unlike Pokemon! Does Nate want to ...more

22 Cuphead Fans
23 Emos
24 Ubisoft Fans

Usually, I see lots of Nintendrone YouTubers bash people who like Ubisoft and even tell them to either kill themselves and/or stfu.

25 Selenators
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