Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Camos


The Top Ten

1 Diamond

Sparkly diamonds mixed with Gold camo, looks fantastic on every weapon. Also the hardest and rarest camo to obtain. - Veuth

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2 Cyborg Cyborg

Should have been a default camo since Black Ops 2 is based in the future, looks best on the Peacekeeper. - Veuth

3 Weaponized 115

Very artistic and cool to look at. - Veuth

4 Afterlife

Kinda like a blue version of Weaponized 115. - Veuth

5 Aqua
6 Dragon

Black version of the Diamond camo with some really cool fiery animations. - Veuth

7 Rogue

Resembles the Red Tiger camo from previous Call of Duty games. - Veuth

8 Art of War
9 Paladin

Very nice art work. - Veuth

10 Beast

Like a reskinned version of Rogue, very nice. - Veuth

The Contenders

11 Gold
12 Jungle Warfare
13 Siberia

A very badass looking camo, looks like Blue Tiger but in my opinion it's better. - Veuth

14 Party Rock
15 Octane
16 Pack-a-Punch
17 Carbon Fiber
18 Skulls
19 Choco
20 Comics
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