Best Call of Duty: Zombies Easter Eggs

Best Call of Duty zombie major Easter eggs including, acension, call of the dead, shangri-la, moon, tranzit, die rise, mob of the dead, buried, origins

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1 Moon

You can play as Samantha, blow up the earth, and have all perks, even when you go down... AWESOME! - MiamiHeat631

Blowing up the Earth! - gqui1136


Great ee, terrible map. Origins has a controversial ee, and also a terrible map.

2 Origins

This is among the easiest for all of the zombies easter eggs. If you have 4 people that know what they're doing for the most part, you'll be fine. While Moon deserves the number one spot because the original crew goes out with a bang (Pun Intended) It's the first map to ever give a cutscene and it makes you feel accomplished once you beat it.

Origins is the best map ever I mean if you get good players who know what to do then it awesome and the cut scene is awesome and so is the guns

Creative never done before and liked the staffs challenging but not at the same time

On solo I have yet to beat this

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3 Mob of the Dead

I loved playing as weasel and downing my "teammates"

I feel sorry for whoever's weasel
The cycle continues...
The cycle is broken... AWESOME! - MiamiHeat631

The cycle is broken

Disappointing! There is no end cutscene for beating the game: it just says either Cycle is Broken or Cycle Continues! That's bull! Origins had an endig cutscene and so did Carrier in Exo Zombies! They are much, much better

4 Shangri-La

I remember how much me and my friends suffered trying to do this Easter Egg. It took MONTHS for us to complete it there was always something that went wrong. Either one of us lagged out, or we died, or someone had to go, or we didn't have a 4th person, etc... etc... but in the end this was probably the best Easter Egg and most beautiful because of the location and how it looks. I loved this Easter Egg it was fun... just not at the moment but in the end it was the funnest. - ComaWhite21

A pain in the neck but worth it, you can do this 4 times so everybody can get every perk for the rest of the game - MiamiHeat631

5 Call of the Dead

Get the wonderful waffles, but only 1 person, and you get that every time you kill George, and you can't do moon Easter egg without this - MiamiHeat631

Maybe the closest thing to actually playing out the Night of the Living Dead set and scenario. I'm biased. I just love Romero.

Amazing!... Probably the most underrated zombie map of all time and you get an awesome achievement in the end along with a cool cutscene.

6 Buried V 1 Comment
7 Ascension

Not hard at all, but the 90 sec. Death machine isn't that good - MiamiHeat631

8 Der Eisendrache

The absolute best Easter egg I've completed

Come this even a question

After beating it, you get to see the (arguably) best ending cutscene ever! As an added bonus, you get all the perks on the map. It's also pretty fun.


9 Der Riese

Hide and seek with Samantha... No dought the easiest but you get nothing! - MiamiHeat631

10 Tranzit

You get nothing but the achievement but both sides are super annoying - MiamiHeat631

The Contenders

11 Gorod Krovi

Hard boss fight, but the best last ee since revelations sucked

12 Revelations
13 Die Rise
14 Shadows of Evil

Easy to do and fun to play with friends, after completing u get all perks on the map

15 The Giant


16 Zetsubou No Shima

After you complete the Easter egg you get the best reward never having to play this map ever again

Ez and fun (only makes you mad a little)

17 115

Find 3 rocks to unlock or just search on youtube.

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