Top 10 Best Guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has some big shoes to fill considering many players consider the original Modern Warfare 2 to not only be the best game in the Call of Duty franchise, but one of the best FPS games of all time.

One of the most important aspects of a good first person shooter is the equipment that actually does the shooting; the guns. Do they sound good? Do they feel substantial and consequential? Do they behave realistically and believably?

The Modern Warfare series has a long history of delivering when it comes to the guns players are able to use. The 2022 release is no different. Below are the best guns in the game ranked based on how effective they are to play with and how much fun they are to use.
The Top Ten
1 Lachmann Sub The compact, fully automatic 9mm receiver from Lachmann Subs is designed with stability, mobility, and lethality in mind. The modular system is configurable for a wide variety of covert and close-quarters operations.
2 M4 The flagship rifle of the M4 Platform. Designed to be a reliable workhorse and jack-of-all-trades that performs well in most combat scenarios.
3 FSS Hurricane A submachine gun that trades range and stopping power in exchange for a 50 round magazine and a high level of accuracy for effective medium range combat.
4 FTAC Recon The FTAC Recon is a semi-automatic .458 Battle Rifle that uses high power and high accuracy to maximize kill potential at medium range.
5 Expedite 12 A powerful shotgun well suited for close combat and a more stationary "camping" gameplay style.
6 Signal 50 The Signal 50 is the 2022 version of the original Modern Warfare 2's Barrett 50-Cal sniper rifle. It is most effective at long range and will typically knock enemies down with one hit.
7 Lachmann-556
8 Kastov-74U
9 TAQ-56
10 Lockwood MK2
The Contenders
11 Kastov 762
12 SP-R 208
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