Cities That Should Have An NHL Team


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1 Quebec City

I bet the Canadiens and Nordiques rivalry will be back one day GO HABS GO!

During the temporary slump of the HABs we have been seen wearing NORDIQUE caps..

2 Hamilton Hamilton
3 Halifax

Halifax or St.Johns really deserves a team because they have such a large population and the closest NHL team to them is Montreal or New York. A team in this area could attract serious fans and have a great atmosphere.

Please bring NHL to Halifax it would be the best please. Great people and great hockey

4 Seattle V 1 Comment
5 Regina

We deserve to have a team, Ontario has 2 teams, so Does Alberta, Winnipeg has a team now, we are the only prairie team without.

6 Saskatoon V 1 Comment
7 Victoria
8 Moscow V 1 Comment
9 Winnipeg

Winnipeg got there wish already

What? Winnipeg have a NHL team now!

10 Kansas City

Because they don't even have a basketball team. Kansas wants as much teams as Boston does. It also makes the state more popular. That is why kanas should have a hockey team.


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? Thunder Bay
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11 Philadelphia

Don't they have the Flyers there? - creed99

V 3 Comments
12 St. Johns
13 Melbourne

What the heck that's in Australia

14 Hartford V 1 Comment
15 Cincinnati

I would love to see this happen, but Cincinnati already has a minor league hockey team called the cyclones. - OhioStateBuckeyes

16 Anchorage
17 Sarnia
18 Houston, TX
19 Grand Forks
20 Charlotte
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