Greatest College Football Coaches of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant won 6 national championships. Nick Saban will probably win 8 or 9 before he retires.

Perhaps the greatest coach at three schools (Kentucky, A&M, and Bama). - tribe95

2 Knute Rockne

The gold standard for coaching now and forever. - tribe95

3 Bobby Bowden

Only two titles, but the consistency of FSU from the late 80s to the early 2000s is unmatched. - tribe95

4 Dr. Tom Osborne

Was scrutinized for years for bowl choking, but length of tenure, consistent finishes of Huskers in upper echelon of college football make him worthy of inclusion. - tribe95

5 Pop Warner

Built exceptional teams at several schools, most notably Carlisle, Pittsburgh, Cornell, and Stanford. - tribe95

6 Woody Hayes

The embodiment of Buckeye football can lay claim to many, many successful years. - tribe95

7 Fielding Yost

Built Michigan into football factory it is today, won several national titles. - tribe95

8 Joe Paterno

Legacy is now in question, but he had Penn State consistent winners from Nixon to Obama administrations. - tribe95

9 Frank Leahy

All he did was win, both at Notre Dame (four titles) and Boston College. - tribe95

10 Howard Jones

Oft-forgotten, won national titles with three schools (Yale, Iowa, and USC) - tribe95

The Contenders

11 Bo Schembechler
12 Nick Saban
13 Jim McElwain

Won the SEC East in his first year. Made it to the SEC championship in his first year.
Won the SEC East in his second year. Made it to the SEC championship in his second year.

An amazing football coach, He is going to make Florida Great Again!

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