Top Ten Prettiest Shades of Blue

The Top Ten
1 Turquoise

Navy Blue may be in first, but Turquoise and Navy Blue are both at 16%! Vote for Turquoise and put it in first place!

Turquoise should stay as number one. I think it's the prettiest shade of blue.

It is the name of my pe house

2 Navy Blue

I often go by a colour scheme of red, green and purple, and I think navy blue goes well with any of them.

I like dark colors

3 Periwinkle

Pacific blue, periwinkle, I think its just the charming-est color and the funniest name!

4 Teal
5 Baby Blue
6 Azure
7 Cornflower Blue

This is my favorite shade of blue, and believe me, I like many shades of blue.

8 Cyan
9 Ultramarine
10 Sky Blue

Nothing better than the sky itself!

The Contenders
11 Cerulean
12 Aqua

This one is last and doesn't surprise me, it's my favorite.

13 Cobalt
14 Mint Blue
15 Indigo
16 Hot Blue
17 Light Blue
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