Top Ten Prettiest Shades of Blue

The Top Ten
1 Turquoise

Turquoise should stay as number one. I think it's the prettiest shade of blue.

Navy Blue may be in first, but Turquoise and Navy Blue are both at 16%! Vote for Turquoise and put it in first place!

Turquoise is my most favourite shade of blue.Deserves #1


2 Navy Blue

I often go by a colour scheme of red, green and purple, and I think navy blue goes well with any of them.

I like dark colors

3 Teal
4 Baby Blue
5 Periwinkle

Pacific blue, periwinkle, I think its just the charming-est color and the funniest name!

6 Cyan

I love Cyan! It's my 2nd favorite color ^-^

7 Azure
8 Sky Blue

Nothing better than the sky itself!

9 Ultramarine

Yes, yes, yes, GOOO...ULTRAMARINE!

10 Cornflower Blue

This is my favorite shade of blue, and believe me, I like many shades of blue.

The Contenders
11 Cerulean
12 Aqua

This one is last and doesn't surprise me, it's my favorite.

13 Cobalt

I love cobalt, I wish a could drown in a sea of cobalt blue. :)

14 Mint Blue
15 Indigo
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