Top 10 Worst Colors

Colors have a powerful way of making us feel things, both good and bad. Some paint combinations are a feast for the eyes, while others are total assaults on our senses.

These are the shades that made your eyes bleed in art class, clashed horribly with your favorite outfit, or maybe just bring up unpleasant memories. Picture that putrid pea soup green or a sickly highlighter yellow that practically burns your retinas.
The Top Ten
1 Pink

I really hate pink, but a lot of girls love it. I guess it makes sense why boys say pink's a girl color. I'm a boy but I don't think that. But not just that. Some girls think blue is a boy color, and I totally disagree with that. All colors are cool except for pink. There is also too much pink in girl movies. I hate pink.

There are many things wrong with this color. Let me list them down:

1. It's too bright.
2. It's really boring.
3. It's the color of blood when it's in water.
4. Disney princesses wear it.
5. It goes bad on everything.
6. Girls think blue is too "manly" because of this color.
7. It's everywhere.
8. It's the only color people are blinded by.
9. It's way too simple.
10. It's cheesier than Disney princesses themselves.

I would rather look at Green, and that's an actual good color. Send hate replies all you want, but that's just my opinion.

2 Puke Green

I hate every kind of green except emerald green. This is no exception. This color is so ugly and so much worse than pink. Pink doesn't deserve to be first, or anywhere on this list. Green does.

If you show me lime, I'd say "That's a pretty cool colour!" If you show me dark green, I'd say "Could be better." But if you show me this, I'd do as the colour suggests. Worst shade of green.

I don't like puke green at all. It is seriously gross, and it makes you feel like throwing up. It is very, very disgusting. I do like normal green, but totally not this. In my opinion, this is the worst color ever on the color palette.

3 Brown

Disgusting color. Really hate it. It can be better when it comes to woods and such, but the more green-tinted it is, the more revolting it becomes.

I cannot believe that this color is not number one on this list. Poop brown is a terrible color! Also, pink is a nice color and does not deserve to be at the top of the list!

It's the color of poop. Sure, brown is a good color for furniture, like tables, bed stands, nightstands, that's pretty much it. Brown isn't good for anything else. Ugly color.

4 Yellow

I actually think yellow is nice in a less bright, sort of pastel kind of color, but oh god, bright yellow is hideous. It genuinely hurts to look at.

Oh Yellow, tell me what the world thinks about you. For starters, it is the color of pee. Second, Yellow is like a school bus and school stinks. Third, looking at Yellow is like looking at a trainwreck in slow motion. I mean, everything about it looks like someone tried too hard to make a color and ended up making an old-fashioned broken tuba. Adding to that, Yellow looks like it was in the discount section for 30% off in the back of the color store, because no one was buying it.

5 Pee Yellow

I like colors. In fact, I like almost every color there is! There are only two exceptions, and this is one of them. The only time I've ever used this color is when I used a yellow marker on top of a black marker and was forced to keep using it since it was the only yellow I had. So not only is it a gross color, but it also brings back sad childhood memories.

I saw this colour for the first time when I was using those cheap felt tips and accidentally got the yellow and black too close. I wanted to rip my eyeballs out that day from how disgusting this colour is.

6 Gray

If you look at stores like in the 1990's and early 2000's. Stores had so many colors. McDonald's was Red. A local grocery had a rainbow. Wal-Mart had darker blue. Taco Bell had like a Green/Yellew/red. A local Hardees was like medium blue and red. Burger King had a blue/red.

Now all them have plain grey color. Like f the store went out of business and took their signs with them when closed. You could tell what business it was. Now everything is bleak gray.

Even the insides of fast food restaurants felt like they had more color. It wasn't all stores, but modern day everything feels bland and grey.

I don't mind grey skies, I love them. But its nice to have much more color

7 Mustard Yellow

My favorite color is yellow. But Mustard Yellow is hideous. I don't even like mustard. And this shade makes me hate yellow.

This picture isn't a good representation of Mustard Yellow, but I find Mustard Yellow to just be ugly.

I hate mustard. I hate yellow. This is a hideous chimera of the two, a sin against both man and God.

8 Olive Green

Olive green is the color of vomit, pee, and poop combined.

Not a very pleasant color for the eyes, that's for sure.

This is like a darker version of yellow-green, and either way, yellow-green is completely disgusting. This is hard to look at.

9 Green

I have a saying when it comes to colors. It goes as follows: "It's better when brighter."

This is not bright enough. All cool colors really just kind of suck in my opinion.

Green is not a creative color. But it is still good as it represents nature and plants. The reason it's hated is because 70% of shiny Pokemon are this color.

Green is the worst color because it is the color used to represent sickness and toxic chemicals. Vomit and snot are green too.

10 Orange

Orange is annoying. It is awful when it is really bright, light, or neon, but it can be a good color when it is "burnt" or muted.

I hate the words used to describe other colors on this list. Brown is a beautiful color, I don't know why it gets such a bad rap among immature people. "Puke" isn't green, either. Beige is a lovely neutral color.

Disgusting, awful, the physical embodiment of horror. If dysentery was a color, it would be orange. I hate it so much. Only people with no taste like orange.

Orange is a horrible color. Yes, some orange things are nice. Well, duh. But for me, it's way too bright. It is one of the worst colors ever.

The Contenders
11 Hot Pink

Violent and unnatural, when I see it, it feels like it's violently attacking my eyes. I think the hot pink that's leaning towards red is fine because it's warmer, but the hot pink leaning towards purple feels like it's bleaching my eyes. I would say it feels icy cold but it's a different kind of freezing, maybe like dry ice. It looks like it's pretending to be warm to secretly burn people's retinas out, but not really pretending because it does such a bad job at it.

If you're one of those people that don't like this color because "I'm not like other girls" or "ugh, girls suck, boys rule," you're immature and annoying. But if you just don't like the color, I definitely agree. It's the most try-hard color.

12 Beige

I really just don't like beige. Nothing much to it.

Also, guys, the most overrated color is blue. Like, literally, everyone in this generation loves it. When a teacher asks, "What's your favorite color?" Like everyone answers blue. Meh. I would say purple is the most underrated color but judging by the internet, that might not be true. Also, pink isn't as overrated as it used to be. It is the stereotypical color for girls, but meh.

I associate this with those people who can't make conversation, old people, hyperactive chihuahuas, and the Dust Bowl. I have mild synesthesia, and beige sounds like bad jazz music to me.

13 Purple

Out of the primaries and secondaries only, this is by far the worst color out of all of them. When I look at this color, I am not looking at a color, I am looking at a dark void with the saturation set to 300%. The only good thing about purple is that it can be used as a worse alternative to pink if you don't like pink's reputation.

I don't know how anyone could say that purple is nice. Tell me a purple thing that is good or at least useful for people. The only purple things I can think of are detergents, poison, and chemicals, Barney, and different harmful reactions and symptoms that could kill a person.

14 Yellow Gray

Yeah, I haven't seen many colors.

What the heck, how does "yellow gray" even exist?!

I hate Yellow Gray. It's so nasty looking.

What the... does "yellow gray" even exist?!

15 Puce

Omg why. Puce is definitely not okay! Please tell me who made this color so I can hurt them. Puce is also the name of a freaking bed bug, why… why name the color after the bed bug? Who decided to mash together brown and red and like a weird burgundy color to make this monstrosity. Please vote for this color so it can become the number one worst color… istg this color makes my throat close up good Lord.

What even is puce? Is it a bed bug? Lice? Google said it's a bug, not a color. It just said it's not green, and green is the color of boogers. And I mean, okay, I pick my nose sometimes because I have boogers sometimes, but that's nasty.

16 White

I feel bad for people who can't stand this color. White is everywhere. It is the most common color to find. In fact, I'm typing in a white box right now. But I don't feel annoyed by that. White is fine, it looks good on furniture, and snow!

It's boring and it's the most common color.

My art teacher agrees. Must destroy all white on paper with color!

17 Blood Red

The color of blood is kind of disturbing, in my opinion.

I'm not a fan of this color. It looks like a shade of brown.

I have Hematophobia (fear of blood), and this scares me just by looking at it.

18 Neon Yellow

I usually like neon, but neon yellow is eye-blinding and screams at you. It only deserves to be with highlighters and art supplies, really, and neon art. Not much else of a purpose.

How is this not even considered Fluorescent Yellow? The only reason I hate it is because it looks like a yellow or chartreuse ripoff.

I'm usually partial to positive to most shades of yellow, but this one is a monstrosity.

19 Hobo Brown

The name explains itself. The only good thing about this color is its application in nature and natural looks, but this is definitely a fan-made color.

Brown is a disgusting color, and hobo is a name for a poor person.

20 Blue

Most overrated colour. I made a survey for a large group of people, and most of them chose this sad, boring colour that is seen literally everywhere. I am so sick of seeing it. Why can't the world just have more warm colours like orange?

Blue, oh how I hate it so much. Every time I see it, I feel like I am being tapped on the heart by a needle. It is seen so much that I have gotten used to the pain, but on some occasions, it hurts. I don't see how it is peaceful or calming. Blue should be at the top of the worst colors list.

Blue is also the most boring color. I love the sky, but why does it have to be blue? I believe that people who love blue love the sky and have said, "If the sky is blue, blue will be my favorite color!" Now, the color yellow should be considered the best, and then the color black. How could anyone hate it? Black creates a better image of high technology and is way more calming than blue. The only good thing about blue is that it helps make pink for pigs.

21 Tan

Old bathrooms, pipe paint, iron bacteria. Weird. Make it just a little brighter, darker, or duller and it's ok.

Tan is such a bad color. It reminds me of vomit. Yuck!

22 Gold

While many associate this color with first place, the only thing it wins at in my book is being terrible (well, besides the color that shall not be named). It's like if yellow and orange had a baby but remove everything good about orange. Then, take yellow's bad qualities and multiply them by 10. There, we've just made gold.

Gold just looks cheap and goes with colors like pink and that beige nobody likes.

Do you know "Old is gold"? Who in the world likes OLD?!

23 Light Gray

This color is kind of bland, honestly. I like bright and vibrant colors, such as red and blue. Colors like light gray never stood out to me.

It kinda looks like silver in a way.

24 Burnt Umber
25 Indigo

You got blue, you somehow made it worse, and now y'all are trying to split purple into two different colors? What in the actual hell? Dark colors are bad colors. That is my forever philosophy on colors and nothing is ever going to change that.

I hate indigo so much. I remember when I was a little kid, every time we had to do something that involved crayons, I'd pick this up thinking it was blue. God.

It is a little bit village type. But it is not that bad or that good. Blue lovers may get angry. Sorry for them.

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