Companies With the Most Annoying Television Commercials

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21 Custom Ink
22 Ball Pets

Am I the only one who hates this commercial? - YouShallEatPoopy

23 Stuffies

No one wants those retarded things. - MorganChambz

When I saw the commercials I was like:what are they on drugs? - SanicHeghog123

24 Barbie
25 Lunchables
26 Snickers

I do like snickers but the Ric Flair Woo commercials are so ANNOYING and RETARDED! This commercial gave me some type of TELEVISION CANCER!

27 Tustin Jewelry Exchange

Obnoxious screaming in your face. I mute the T.V. or change the channel immediately.

28 Vauxhall Vauxhall

I've noticed (this might only be on British T.V.) that Nissan make some seriously good ads, and then Vauxhall copy them. Anyone else stumble upon that? Anyone who works for Nissan, perhaps?

29 Orbit (Gum)
30 Cadillac
31 Little Caeser's
32 Value City Furniture

Littered! Here's some examples:

•a couple gagging and dry heaving over their coffee table

•a woman rolling around on a chair moaning the same word over and over again

33 CenturyLink

A couple is sitting in their living room and ask the question

34 Quizno's
35 GoCompare
36 Aflac

Funny at first but then real annoying

37 Machine Zone

It's everywhere. Late night T.V.. Sports games. Even on DAYTIME Cartoon Network AND Adult Swim! - PhoebeThunderman

38 Expedia

The hermit on the beach cracking crab and mermaid jokes is not funny!

39 Gatorade
40 Ruby Tuesday

Tone deaf singer in red dress. worse than rapper mom!

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