Top Ten Considerations When Choosing Users to Follow

The Top Ten

1 Humor

I made you laugh right? - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Pretty easy to like folks when they make me laugh. - CyberRat

2 Approachability
3 Open-Mindedness
4 Did they follow me?
5 Artistic Creativity
6 Character/Integrity

How very sweet of you. - CyberRat

It's one of the reasons I like and followed you, CR.

7 Intellect
8 Boldness

I personally like folks who stick to their guns. - CyberRat

9 Like-Mindedness

It helps to agree on at least a handful of things - CyberRat

10 Clarity

Difficult to follow anyone if I can't understand them. - CyberRat

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