Coolest Date Activities

The Top Ten

1 Paint Ball
2 Theme Park
3 Beach
4 Indoor Climbing
5 Laser Tag

It's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary!
I don't think that anybody would reject this date activity

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6 Horseback riding
7 A Movie and Popcorn at Home

oh yeah alone quit yeah.. if I were you I would put on a scary movie and she'll hug you it worked on me I could work for you

Totally perfect... a good horror movie then some slow her nerves. - fireinside96

8 Making Out
9 Festival
10 Hot Air Balloon

The Contenders

11 Movie and Popcorn in a Theatre

I don't know if its just me but I think a movie is a perfect date - Jonerman

gotta go for the traditional one - muckie

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12 Bowling
13 Outdoor jazz concert

All you people that hate jazz can go straight to the seventh circle of hell!

14 Playing Board/card games
15 Go to an Arcade
16 Karaoke
17 Picnic in the Mountains

The smell of pine trees...sound of stream peaceful and romantic.

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18 A play
19 Waveriding
20 Drive In Movie
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