Alexander Credit


I had a family member that showed up all over my credit report. Some of his information was negative. Alexander Credit didn't charge me an arm and a leg. They told me the different ways I could handle it on my own. I was shocked by this. I hired them, didn't worry about it, 9 months later, my report was golden!

Was looking to refinance. Alexander doesn't sell kits or silly monthly fees - it's a case by case fee structure. these guys have done it all, they're very fast and I have two friends that just used them for refinance.

They are very quick to respond. Alexander Credit seems to go the extra mile. I tried two other companies and no one responded. Alexander Credit responded quickly and they were educated and fair and gave me a free consultation. Easy to do business with.

Alexander Credit is a locally owned firm in Dallas for credit restoration. They're fast, honest, and extremely effective. They work on a case-by-case basis, performance based fee structure. The best that I've seen so far.

They're just honest. Legit. They took my middle score up 50 points. They didn't drag out the process. I dealt with the owners of Alexander Credit and it was extremely effective. They have my endorsement for sure.

They switched to veteran only cases, I'm not a veteran, but they still offered me advice on choosing another credit company, exactly what to look for and what to avoid. I appreciate the time from Alexander Credit.

You only have 3 different people you deal with if they take on your case. I found this to be easy and relaxing. They told me they're not miracle-workers, which actually made me feel better.

Pretty exclusive in the cases they take on but the feedback I keep finding is so positive, so I finally got them to review my case and they helped me without having to pay a dime, they actually care

Needed help for a refinance. The credit bureaus were non responsive to my efforts, I hired Alexander and they removed my inaccuracies in 72 days. Very transparent too.

I've had a complicated case, a tough time dealing with some abusive collections... It was too time consuming and a friend told me about alexander credit... They're quick and realistic

THANK GOD they took on my case. I've never encountered people who actually fight for you and talk to you and educate you all the same time.

The face to face with Alexander Credit was the difference for me - I felt confident since I knew exactly who was helping.

It's not rocket science... You either do it yourself or you have someone do it for you... I selected alexander credit and it worked out

Helping veteran and military service members only at this time, but they managed to provide me helpful advice at no charge.

Just all around great people... Took my case and continued working with my wife and I for 9 weeks. Definitely recommend.

Surprised by the combination of dispute AND consultation. I would recommend to a friend.

Very courteous, local. I went to their offices and met with them in person. I recommend.

Grateful to have this done without monthly fees. Strongly recommend.

Friendly, honest and upfront. all I needed in such a tough world to navigate a tricky subject

I'm finally back on track, closing on new home in one week.

They told me they are temporarily not accepting cases except for active or veteran military service members... they're going to call me. My friend told me they were the best, it's worth the wait... glad to see they're at least helping someone out...

They partnered with 180 - great combo. Very helpful.


Great to deal with. spent 6 months with them, my case was not easy and quite time consuming.

I saw their website first, appreciated their honesty and approach. Hired them (I'm a tough case) they got me to a higher middle score so I could refinance to 5.7. Saved thousands. Try 'em.