MSI Credit Solutions


Fair price for what they deliver, like Justin Howard told me in the get go, "you get what you pay for". 3-4 months after in enrolled with MSI they got my scores well over where they needed to be to obtain a home loan, if your thinking about getting into a home loan and or taking some of the weight of your shoulders give MSI a try!

I was a bit skeptical when I was trying MSI. I didn't believe in any credit repair companies because all they did was take my money. But with MSI, they guided me through everything. They told me what to do, helped me open credit cards and much more. I'm so grateful for MSI. Thank you so much!

MSI is a company I would definitely recommend my family & friends to. They broke down the entire program and I understood every bit of information that was given to me. I recommend MSI for their professionalism and the education they offer. Thanks to these professionals I NOW own a brand new home and a brand new truck!

I just wanted to thank MSI and my consultant Corey for getting me into my home, I have had bad credit for over 9 years and MSI got my credit fixed in just 7 months improving my score from a 513 to a 648. Now my son and I have a place to call our own! Thank you so much!

MSI offers a HIGH integrity service. They really did what they promised me and gave me a very personal experience, GREAT communication and walked me through the entire process so in just 5 months I was able to walk through the door of my brand new home! Thank You MSI! - Baldman123

They delivered above what they promised and now my credit score is in the high 700. They were cut & dry about the process as well. A very aggressive team that's highly competitive on your behalf. Feels good to have these guys on your side.

My score was so bad that I couldn't get into a cell phone! In as little as 5 months Justin Howard and the whole MSI team got me into a home! For everyone that is considering getting into this program I highly recommend it- Thanks MSI!

MSI has helped me accomplish my goal. They told me it would be a six month program but they actually helped me accomplish my goal in four months! I would recommend this company to anyone that is "SERIOUS" about changing their life. Thank you MSI...

Justin howard is the best guy for the job, he really helps you out and takes all the pressure off of your shoulders. So if your ever worried about your credit or just need a lending hand for your credit problems, call msi

Being a mortgage broker isn't easy. Telling my customers that they aren't approved is harder. But with MSI, they help my customers increase their credit scores! If it wasn't for MSI, I think I would be jobless right now!

I don't know what I would do without them! They helped fixed my credit letting me obtain a new car and house! If they can fix my credit and give me these possibilities, then they can do the same for you.

Absolutely incredible. They promised 50 points in 6 months, but they returned with an increase in just 4 months of almost DOUBLE that.

This allowed me to buy my dream home.

Would recommend to anyone.

I had a very low credit score when I had contacted MSI about a 452 now six months later about 680 and was also able to finance a new car with my own bank, and the people at MSI are very knowledgeable

I went with MSI because my mom did and it as an investment, which now was a great thing to do because with the lower interest rate I got I have saved thousands already! MSI is unbelievable!

They worked on mine and a couple family members credit. We all have great credit due to MSI. My sisters boyfriend went from a 580 to a 740.. "in 6 months" It's crazy the things they can do..

I had bad credit since college... couldn't buy anything for the past eight years... MSI helped me fix my credit as well as educated me on how to keep good credit... Thanks MSI! MSI Credit Solutions Works!

Rey Solomon at MSI was our savior... they raised our scroes over 70 points! We're now both well above 620 and are continuing with their extended support... MSI gets it done... fast... they don't charge you a "set" fee... they charge for what they work on.. their terms are easy and staying on program is simple... If your not with MSI your not getting your dollars worth.

MSI and Walter Perla took me by the hand guided me from day one. I never knew that so much of life had to do with my credit. Literally changed my life and I could never imagine the doors that opened up from this one program. My consultant also was there for me the while way. THANKS MSI!

Great service. Understood the inside and out. I was lost. Credit can be very misunderstanding. They told me step by step what to do

I thought they were a little expensive at first but after going thru the program it was well worth it. Having better credit has really changed my life.

MSI credit solutions raised my credit score 110 points in only 4 months. They have helped me take the first steps toward getting my life back on track.

As a loan officer in today's market we need a good and dependable credit consulting company for our clients.
MSI has proven to be that company. I had refer them a client that his score went up 183 points in just three weeks.
Great Job MSI

MSI offered really good customer service and was great at communcating in details what the process would take to repair my credit. I started off with a credit rating of just 518 and in 7 months I had a credit rating of 675. Thanks MSI!

Used to work there and it's awesome! Great company, great track record. Trustworthy beyond any others I've dealt with.

Joey Thomas knows his job very well. Thanks to him I can get a peace of mind.
I have tried Lex. Law for about a year, and MSI can do a MUCH better job and in much less time. Not only that, but I learned WAY more about what plan of action I should take for my financial future.