Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Kits

The sweetest Warriors kits ever! Please vote to show me what you think! Add any other nominations, too. Oh, and number one must be like, "OH MY STARCLAN IT IS SO CUTE!" And the list is by GingerHEART. Not GingerHEARAT. Stupid typo.

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1 Cloudkit (Cloudtail)

Who can resist this fluffy, adventurous, and positively hilarious bundle of fur? - Gingerhearat

He is stubborn all through his life but as a kit it makes him so cute! >3<

I love Cloudkit!

He is so cute as a kit. I love when he goes out in the snow a catches some prey! He is sooo cute 😻

2 Hollykit (Hollyleaf)

She's always getting into trouble, and she is so adventurous! She doesn't care about consequences. :3 - Gingerhearat

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3 Mosskit Mosskit

One of the things I wish that happened:Mosskit survives and becomes a Warrior with Mistystar and Stonefur

But her death is sooo sad! - Gingerhearat

I wish she didn't die! :( :( :(

She was so cut, and didn't deserve to die. I cried so hard when she said "when will I see my BlueStar again." Mosskit asking SnowFur when she would see her mom again. Really, she was just a kit and loved her mom so much. 😿😿😿😿

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4 Bluekit (Bluestar)

A positively adorable little kit. - Gingerhearat

5 Stonekit (Stonefur)

He complained about a fish "because it smelled fishy! " - Gingerhearat

6 Runningkit (Runningwind)

Flicking snow lumps everywhere He's so restless. - Gingerhearat

7 Mistykit (Mistystar)

She was "the most rambunctious" of Bluestar's three kits, Bluefur at the time. - Gingerhearat

8 Mousekit (Mousefur)

She falls asleep in the middle of stuff. :3 And then joins in the snow-lump-flicking and tries to look so innocent. Except she doesn't look innocent. - Gingerhearat

9 Snowkit Snowkit

He was deaf... and just so, so innocent. - Gingerhearat

Welp...that photo just explained what happened to the kit...yikes. ~Cloudstar

10 Icekit (Icecloud)

She engages in the Quest for the Moss Ball. Also, yowling that ShadowClan was invading, waking up warriors... - Gingerhearat

The Newcomers

? Tallkit (Tallstar)

He was slipping when he was trying to get up the rock and his nickname was wormkit

? Onekit (Onewhisker/Star)

He was like: were is talltail going? mom of onekit: to receive his nine lives. onekit: can I come?

The Contenders

11 Jaykit

" Hollykit and Lionkit can see things, I know. And I guess you and my mother can. Why not me? "
- Jayfeather in Leafpool's wish. Isn't that the cutest thing EVER?

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12 Brokenkit (Brokenstar)

Please. Don't tell me that he wasn't cute as a kit. There are too many drawings of him saying: Look Yellowfang, I'm a tree!

"Look Yellowfang, I'm a tree! "

Look yellowfang, I'm a tree!

I'm A TREE! - Cancer

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13 Jagged Peak

Oh, no doubt whatsoever. Before he set out to find the venturing cats, he stopped and bade his dead sister farewell. ~Rocky

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14 Badgerkit

So sad he had to die he was so cute

15 Crookedkit (Crookedstar)
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17 Tigerkit (Tigerclaw/Star)

For some reason he just seems a really cute kit in Bluestars prophecy when sweetpaw died do other people feel that way or just me?

I like CloudKit and Whitekit But Tigerkit is so cute and evil. Look up CloudKit joins ThunderClan it's really funny

18 Yellowfang Yellowfang

Yeah, she and Nutkit and Rowankit were sooo cute. They pretended the elders were foxes in the territory :3

19 Mistlekit

Aw I like Mistlekit. She was actually snowkit's sister. She may have died by greencough and fireheart bribed her to take her herbs. I thought she was cute!

She didn't want to take herbs and was like "no broccoli for me" because that's how real kids react to vegetables

I don't know what happened to her

20 Honeykit (Honeyfern)
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