Top 10 Cyborg 009 Episodes

Cyborg 009 is a 2001 anime series, a remake of the 1968 anime series, both based on the manga of the same name. It follows 9 Cyborgs as they fight the terrorist organization Black Ghost, which is responsible for creating them.

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1 The Final Battle

The cyborgs allow themselves to be taken aboard the Black Ghost's base and destroy it from within, facing off against Black Ghost in a final showdown.

This is a very good series. There is also a Cyborg 009 series from 1979, with 50 episodes, which is even better in a number of ways.

2 The Assassin of Flash

I find the 0010 brothers to be exquisite characters. Striking in both appearance and voltage.

The team meets Cyborg 0010, who is programmed to eliminate the band of rebels.

3 At the End of the Battle

When Cyborg 0010 turns out to be 2 different opponents (+ and -), the cyborgs' only hope is to combine powers against him.

4 Search for the Professor!

In the search for Professor Kozumi, the cyborgs find a beautiful woman in a mansion, but 0012 may be closer than they think.

5 Eve Mirage

While in Paris, Cyborg 003 is injected with a drug that sends her into a dream world full of hallucinations about her past.

6 London Fogs

Memories of 007's former life as an actor resurface when he sees his ex girlfriend's daughter in a production of their old play.

7 The Birth

009 wakes up in a mysterious laboratory with incredible powers but no memories.

8 The Escape

The nine rebel Cyborgs return to their base to destroy Black Ghost.

9 Tears of Steel

When Black Ghost sends Cyborg 0011 to terminate the rebels, he's got powers beyond imagination.

10 Friend

Using his unseen power, Cyborg 0013 devastates Tokyo with catastrophic force.

The Contenders

11 Operation Auroras
12 Attack of the Gods
13 Mythology Arises
14 Artemis
15 Mythos, The Final Chapter
16 Defeat the Invisible Opponent
17 Devil of the Deep Sea
18 Mystical Island
19 Breaking In
20 The New Assassins
21 Synchro Warp: Tuning Leap
22 Future Fury
23 To Tomorrow...
24 Old Friends
25 Van Bogoot
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