Top 10 Most Depressing Colors


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1 Black

This is my favorite color and I'm not depressed - RoseCandyMusic

Eh, I don't really find my skin color depressing. - AlphaQ

2 Gray

2 Dull 4 M3. - AlphaQ

3 Brown
4 Dark Blue
5 Dark Purple
6 Beige

Depressing, it signifies when you need new undies... T_T <gun - SnerpDoge

7 Maroon

Yeah, Maroon5's sellout is pretty depressing. - ProPanda

8 Dark Red

I love dark red and I agree with this list so much even some of the colors that are here are the colors that I like the most - RoseCandyMusic

My favorite color along with black, but I'm not really depressed - FireWasp2004

My favourite colour. It can be quite vivid. - PositronWildhawk

9 Orange-Brown
10 White

The Contenders

11 Pink

I actually find this depressing - micahisthebest

Wot Ta Fok. - AlphaQ

12 Yellow-green
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1. Black
2. Gray
3. Brown
1. Black
2. Gray
3. Dark Blue
1. Black
2. Dark Purple
3. Dark Red



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