Top 10 Most Depressing Colors

The Top Ten Most Depressing Colors

1 Gray

Gray is neutrality personified. It is the middle ground of all colors, and while perfect order is peaceful, it's also boring.

It may be depressing yet for some reason it's my favourite color - DarkBoi-X

Very dull color

Yeah this is kind of a depressing color

2 Black

Eh, I don't really find my skin color depressing. - AlphaQ

I'm most sad and emotionless (and I'm only 11:I)

My skin color and I'm extremely far away from depressed. - AlphaQ

I'm sad no emotion but sad

3 Dark Blue

Dark blue? well this color reminds me when I was little I was drowning and yeah :/

"What's the use in feeling Blue? " - BreakFastBeast2005

It’s like the colour of the bottom of the sea, which reminds me of sinking, or feeling trapped, and unable to breathe. Or it could represent feeling super low, and unable to see the light.

The best color of all, I amir an Israelite and now that I know what I represent I don’t mind struggling. Because at the end of the day, as long as I keep seeking the most high Yah I will receive my both the kingdom here on earth, and after life as well.

4 Dark Purple

I disagree; purple is almost never used to represent negativity and is associated with things like encouragement.

I honestly would have to disagree w/ this because Purple is a very beautiful color and represent many qualities about yourself that you could have such as royalty,encouragement and things along that.

It's my favorite color


5 Brown

Why is my hair depressing? - AlphaQ

6 Beige

Depressing, it signifies when you need new undies... T_T <gun - SnerpDoge

7 Maroon

Maroon is the color I see every 3 days first thing in the morning

Yeah, Maroon5's sellout is pretty depressing. - ProPanda

Yup Maroon 5 selling out is depressing. - AlphaQ

7...Maroon is 7th. They should be called Maroon 7.

8 Orange-Brown

How on earth are my dreadlocks depressing? - AlphaQ

Why would my dreadlocks be depressing. - AlphaQ

9 Dark Red

I love dark red and I agree with this list so much even some of the colors that are here are the colors that I like the most - RoseCandyMusic

My favourite colour. It can be quite vivid. - PositronWildhawk

10 White

White: Blank and empty. It leaves you in silence, alone. It kinda makes you feel depressed and meaningless. Although other people may say that the darker colors are the more sad ones, I think white is the saddest for me.

White is the most depressing colour in my opinion

Undies are this color lmao. - AlphaQ

The Newcomers

? Pale Dark Blue

is kinda depressing

The Contenders

11 Blue
12 Dark Green
13 Yellow
14 Pantone 448C

Pantone 448C looks dirty and disgusting.

15 Pink

Pink is a bright color.

Very depressing, just not a good color

I actually find this depressing - micahisthebest

Wot Ta Fok. - AlphaQ

16 Purple

Represents loneliness and death

Represents royalty

17 Olive Green

Olive green is not a bad color, per se, but it does remind me of some... Not very appealing things that also share it's color.

Reminds me of war and, well, olives which I find gross.

18 Yellow-green

Not depressing but it feels disgusting sometimes. - AlphaQ

19 Navy Blue

Yes it 22 I know its depressing yes I do its depressing how about you

20 Lime-Yellow

I fell like lime-yellow is a really bright and loud color it really makes you pop out if you chose to wear. it because it is unique. Just like everybody personality and how it tells who you are.


21 Deep Mauve
22 Pastel-Blue
23 Aqua
24 Orange
25 Lime Green

It's supper bright it can heart your eyes

26 Green
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