Top Ten Most Disapointing Things About Middle School

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21 Changing Rooms

Since I have a lot of people in my middle school there's like what 40-50 girls each period in the locker room. Also because the gym lockers are ridiculously small you can't really fit much. Plus it feels like you have zero privacy in there so even though not many people care it still feels really awkward. Also the locker room smells bad too. - Anonymousxcxc

Ours is very small and there only 3 showers and about 20 girls. Not to mention the lockers are the size of one textbook so you can only fit some of your clothes in them.

Our changing room is tiny and it have 9 showers, nobody ever uses them so they really need to renovate it

Yep. I gotta walk up the stairs like 40 times a day. - ayumi-oki

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22 Theft

Happened more in elementary

23 Attention Seeking

Yep, some people try to act like babies to get attention. - Arcxia

Lmao. mainly preppy ass bitches - ayumi-oki

24 Pep Rallies

The music was too loud and the student council president was always looking like she high on drugs.

Good thing we ain't got these - ayumi-oki

25 Detention

Just don't be annoying and just.. Bad... Then don't get detention.

I love detention - ayumi-oki

26 It's Too Hard

Buhahaahah (sorry school is really boring for me.) I'm stuck in curriculum 2.0 and I'm not allowed to advance

'Mr? or Mrs? ', It's too hard! Yeah, we've all said it at one point. - CN121

27 Public Embarrassment

Id embarrass them back - ayumi-oki

Always a problem

28 Lunch Detention

I only got it once for not being able to turn in my homework on time in like sixth grade. Yeah it's not like the stereotypical detention situation, but it's unbearably boring. Because the teacher that I was in detention for had a class going on at that time I just sat on the floor and had lunch without talking the entire time. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't get detention then. Be good.

Still. I love it - ayumi-oki

29 Annoying People

Always a problem

Id kick there ass - ayumi-oki

30 Student Gets Grounded By Parents

no joke - ayumi-oki

31 Principal's Office

We have 3 principals one for 7th grade and one for 8th grade and then one for the whole school I don't get it. but the 7th grade one is super nice so I'm not scared of him. - ayumi-oki

Dr. Floate's Office

32 Assistant Principal's Office

Shes super nice lol - ayumi-oki

Mr. Townsend's Office

33 Evil Teachers
34 Posers

There are so many wannabe goths at my school. - Popsicles

35 Nosy People
36 There are a lot of rude people
37 Mean Girls

I'm a mouse. Duh

38 We still have yard duties when we are old enough to protect ourselves
39 No Talking
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