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21 Stardust Breaker

No way this can be at 22...It's by far the coolest attack I've seen in Dragon Ball. Only Big Bang Kamehameha can beat it in power but Stardust Breaker looks more awesome.

If ssj4 gogeta did star dust breaker what do you think would happen

Magic attack and new to dbz attack moves

Could tear your soul apart - favouredlist314

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22 Death Beam

Death beam is the best technique of frieza after super nova and death ball. It can destroy any super powerful man easy enough.

Death beam is a slick and flashy attack used by raising one finger and just firing away. Awesome!

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23 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Best move by gotenks, the best kid character - favouredlist314

Awesomeness infinity, love Gotenks.

Super cool attack of pure awesomeness this should be in the top tens. Most creative attack too, not another boring beam of ki out of your hands...

24 Spirit Sword

This was used by vegito

Has the most sickest animation and it's a sword but its not my favorite move final kamehama if I was to be a character his name will be Chaoxss and those will be my two ultimates. I'm sorry if this is long but if I was to create my own ultimate it would be named Contiegue Spirit which is like saiyan spirit but lighter blue and stronger and Chaoxss The Legendary Super Saiyan which I am A The Legendary Super Saiyan will prevale

25 Neo Tri-Beam

Held back semi perfect cell with a human using it

Compared to to the users powerlevel, this attack was ridiculous powerful. Semi-perfect Cell was multiple times stronger than Tien, and still he was pushing him down strike after another.

26 Dragon Fist

Um how could anyone leave one of the most awesome attacks of all time? It's super awesome in budokai 3 and budokai tenkaichi when ssj4 goku does it. Unleash the power of a dragon upon your enemies. In budokai 3 he absorbs the power of the spirit bomb and uses it as a dragon fist. Pure amazing

I don't know in my opinion it's the best should be at least in top 5

One of the best attacks

This is one of the most powerful moves he destoyed android super seventeen with it and to be honest this should be in the top 3

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27 Time Freeze
28 Fusion Dance

Really? When Janemba was beating up Goku and Vegeta, what technique did they use? The Fusion Dance! Then, they formed the mighty Gogeta, who easily defeated Janemba without a scratch! When Trunks and Goten wanted to be strong, what did they use? The Fusion Dance! They formed into the awesome Gotenks, who can go SSJ3 and actually gave Super Buu a challenge! Come on, Gogeta can easily deflect the Big Bang, he can easily take in a Kamehameha, he can LITERETLY eat the Hell's Flash, any True Dragonball Fan will instantly say the Fusion Dance is the best skill ever done.

My favorite character, Gotenks was formed by this technique! Why isn't this in the top ten!

Bad assume move

29 Paralyze Spell
30 Sadistic 18

Well sadistic 18 is very ruthless attack that killed future gohan. I'll rate it top7 for its ruthlessness

31 Wolf Fang Fist


32 Self Destruction
33 Bulma's Slap

This slap put the most notorious gangster in his ass.
Goku can't stand a chance against Bulma's slap.

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34 Dodon-Ray

Ahh, come on! It was pretty cool right, right...

35 Final Shine Attack

Yeah this move is the strongest move from Vegeta final flash isn't stronger than this it is much bigger and stronger

This attack is even more stronger than the final flash this is vegetas final move in ssj4

36 Super Galick Gun V 1 Comment
37 God of Destruction's Rampage
38 Dirty Fireworks V 1 Comment
39 Hellzone Grenade

That move was pretty damn cool but not the best. Piccolo is of my favourite characters

I can't believe this isn't higher. Most moves are just a generic energy blast with an ok name, but this was a clever (and unexpected the first time) attack with a badass name!

40 Gigantic Omega
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