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1 Naruto vs Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is powerful in 4th gear but on a scale it does not seem a match for Naruto overall considering the point Naruto uses chakra based attack Luffy tends to have to get close in this form and if he did he would play into the resenga Naruto can easily match speed with Luffy and take into consideration of one only ate a supernatural fruit to one having one if the most destructive demon entities that has a planetary destruction level inside his body ready to unleash the power of a demon at anytime with there fighting style Luffy has always seemed careless in fights which is a drawback he tends to try and win at base form first while Naruto tends to go for the kill as quick as possible one is trained in ninja arts while the other is a pirate that says a lot in a fight on technique so in my opinion Naruto would win this battle physical attack of Luffy vs demon energy of Naruto - Zboy1990

Naruto TOTALLY WRECKS LUFFY. He doesn't even need to go nine tails mode, Naruto can wreck the planet. Those who comment Luffy wins are just too drunk or haven't watched Naruto Shippuden, Hands down Naruto humiliates Luffy

Current Naruto beats Luffy BUT Naruto series is finished while One Piece is still ongoing so Luffy has still rooms to improve. - Tia-Harribel

I say naruto has this - Saint_D

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2 Goku and Vegeta vs Everyone

The stupidity of the DBZ fanboys or whichever idiot made this an option has reached an all time high. Okay I realise this is probably just a troll and you guys are joking (well I least I hope it is anyway) but seriously?! How in the holy hell can Goku and Vegeta beat Lucy from Elfen Lied? Or Itachi from Naruto? Bloody hell even Light Yagami could solo them with the Death Note. Jeez guys Goku and Vegeta are strong but not THAT strong!

One the death note only works on humans two if they fuse no matter what all of them would lose. - samanime

Let's not leave anything out Goku hit vageta with a attack that destroys planets and they where not even super sayian yet and he brushed it off and just got mad now they are in what is basically super sayian 5 or super sayian blue and have as listed power ranging on a multiverse threat level and also how many times in anime have we all seen the baddest of the bad capable of ending all creation and what not be defeated by the hero you have 2 sayian who are both at such a high threat level masters of many martial arts capable of fusing to gain even more power since it does not just put there power together it multiply it and as stated they defeated a enemy unlike most anime bad guys capable of making he'll it's play thing and they were only super sayian now u take that and go beyond what you can think of probably something similar to infinity since they are gods now let's get death note out the way since they are gods not humans why would you think a little book would kill a God and for ...more - Zboy1990

Guys guys guys, I'd love to see this, but Vegeta and Goku would easily win. Vegeta blew up a planet called Aralia with the tip of his fingers when he had a power level of 18'000. Golden Frieza, from the new movie, has a power level of at least a quintillion. Super saiyan God super saiyan Goku and Vegeta (the blue haired super saiyan level from the new movie) beat him. One quintillion divided by 18'000 I somewhere near fifty five trillion, five hundred and fifty five Billion, five hundred and fifty million, five hundred and fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty five. Since vegeta's power level was similar to that of Frieza's at the time, this number would be around the amount of planets Vegeta could destroy with a blast from the tip of his fingers at max power. Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Need I go on?

Come on... Do u know how many animes are out...every one will win... Obviously - Saint_D

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3 Naruto vs Goku

Goku absolutely murderers Naruto, it's a no brainer. There's not one anime character that could defeat Goku at full strength.

Goku would obvious win and all admit I hate Dragon ball z but that is also because dragon ball z just make s every character stupidly strong to me its obvious who would when but dragon ball z is a stupid anime in my opinion to - gummysniper

DBZ is a both powerful AND great verse. And Goku - san is strong yet handsome and an interesting character, at the same time! Who put this meaningless fight on here?!

Naruto is very strong,he can use a lot of jutsus in a fight with Goku! But Goku can beat Naruto, attacking with the Kamehameha,or using the Kaioken,turning in ssj.Sorry, Naruto fans, but Goku is stronger! ✌️

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4 Vegeta vs Roy Mustang

What do you have against Mustang?

Trying to pair up someone way overpowered (*cough* VEGETA *cough*) with an actually decent character? Don't see the fairness here.

Everyone knows that Mustang would win.

What is vegeta's power level? 50. what is mustangs power level? its over Nein Nein Nein Nien Nein Nien thousand

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5 Naruto vs Ichigo vs Luffy

Naruto wins look at how four tails looks it gives me the chills every time

Ichigo kills both in under 1 second with a simple slash. Faster than sound nerds. - AnimeSportsFan619

I say Naruto would win because he has truth seeking balls that use particle/dust style to disinigrate everything they touch including luffy and Ichigo.

Ichigo wins this.. All he needs is dangai form... He'll just lower his riatsu to the level they can feel and the pressure takes luffy out. Naruto will probably use Biju mode to reduce the effect which means he can't move at Max speed.. Then ichigo flash steps to him and takes his head off...END - Saint_D

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6 Itachi vs. Byakuya

A fight between these two would be so suspenseful; it would certainly put me on the edge of my seat. They both have the skills and the strength to make a battle that will entertain the audience, while increasing their popularity at the same time. Personally, I think that Uchiha Itachi will win. It's hard to tell, though. They're both incredibly strong, almost to the point that they live in a whole different world based on their skills.

This one honestly makes the most sense out of all the ones on here. They are both older brothers to some main characters, both are the strong, silent type, both started out being portrayed as bad guys and were shown to actually be go, and both are in the top of their own anime's in terms of popularity. Though, to be honest, Byakuya would definitely win this one.

'cause both of 'em are strong, intellectual, share a sorrowful past & are super sexy... I would love 'em challenging each other on a battlefield!

Hard to say but probably Itachi

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7 Kirito vs Eren Yeager

The outcome of this fight would depend on multiple factors. The most obvious one being if Kirito gets to use his in game skills (it's kind of like a "who would win in a fight: a tiger or a shark? " situation (at least that's what it sounds like to me)). Then there is the question of how much they are informed about their appointment, specifically if Kirito even knows how to kill a titan. If Kirito doesn't know that you have to cut the nape of the titans that would be a huge disadvantage. Even if Kirito knows how kill titans Eren would still have an advantage, because it would be hard for Kirito to get to the nape of his neck, though obviously not impossible. Furthermore, going back to the topic of how informed Kirito is, does he even know that Eren can turn into a titan? If he wasn't told anything about Eren, Kirito would probably be very surprised. Eren could use the time Kirito is shocked and confused to get a head start on an attack.

Oh my god I would love to see this happen! I could picture Eren going Titan-rage and Kirito being all stealthy! And for all you guys saying Kirito would only win in Sword Art Online, just remember the episode where he fought the fairy king in real life at Asuna's hospital. He actually had fighting skills!

Kirito would win because he has duel wielding if eren turn into a titan kirito has his reaction time and kirito will slash his neck or throw a small dagger like in episode 1


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8 Goku vs Ranma Satome

That would make for a interesting match up I would like to see how Ranma would fair in a match with a Saiyan Like Goku. - egnomac

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9 Ichigo Kurosaki Vs. Son Goku

Ichigo combined with the power of a soul reaper, a Quincy and a hollow can surely take down Goku. I mean have you seen his character development at the present manga, he is at the pinnacle of his form.

Goku base form would win against all other anime characters combined.

Ichigo can only win if he tires Goku out so much that Goku gets weaker and Ichigo can land some powerful attacks

Goku would win, no doubt. But I despise the DBZ universe and I absolutely love bleach so Goku would win in a fight, but Ichigo is a better character. Also Saitama vs Goku would be cool to see (I vote for Saitama)

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10 Natsu Vs. Ichigo

Naruto vs. Ichigo this is really gonna be a pure entertainment...

Ichigo wins clearly. Out of the five greatest anime protagonists nowadays ( Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Natsu and Luffy ( in order of greatness to idiot)), Ichigo is the second most powerful below Goku, while Natsu is only able to beat Luffy.

Is there even a small, no I mean a little chance for the boy who suffers from motion sickness to beat Ichigo. I mean let's just move on...

Who brought this up... Ichigo obviously wins this.. Vasto lorde is enough. This is just like saying Eren Yeager vs Naruto.. I see whooping everywhere - Saint_D

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11 Edward Elric vs Lena Inverse

I think Edward has this unless Lena tries to use something a girl would pull then Edward might get to embarrassed to do anything ha

That would be a great FIGHT though lena will be to op because she use magic and it is just to op

Lena is much more powerful, and don't worry about biasing because I don't care about both two characters.

Edward is to smart for any tricks.

12 Goku vs Seiya

Goku is nigh omnipotent. He'll win.

13 Naruto vs Ichigo

I think this one should be in the top 10

Man this is gonna be so intense

Would love to see them clash!

Naruto wins. Ichigo might be faster, but Naruto has more weapons, more techniques and is stronger than Ichigo.

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14 Soul Eater Evans vs Natsu Dragneel

Natsu would win only if Soul was by himself.

Natsu would burn soul to a crisp

Would like to see Soul pierce Natsu with those blades.

They both are personally some of my favorite anime characters, but I would have to say Natsu, because HE HAS LIGHTNING FIRE �"� but Soul is a tough cookie so it could go either way

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15 Eren Yeager vs Kirito

Actually, eventually kirito would find arena weak spot,also don't forget kirito can transform into gleam eyes...

Kirito wouldn't know to go for erens neck if he went titan mode. eren would win,and kirito would get wrecked

16 Madara vs Aizen

I would love to see Madara kick his ass

Aizen:is this the power of GOD?

I have no idea who would win but just because I would say Aizen

Guys this won't be a quick battle like u think...aizen sore has the power of complete hypnosis just like madara's eye but aizen will win cause he has high offensive capabilities and superb intellect - Saint_D

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17 Gene Starwind vs Spike Spiegel

I only voted because I saw Spike's name!

18 L vs Lelouch

Both are unbelievably smart but I reckon L is a little but more smarter than Lelouch. I know that I LOVE Lelouch but he's no match for L in a brain twisting challenge

OH twisting the brain

This kind of battle needs a lot more information, since it's a fight betwen smart people.

For example, if it was a chess match, or any kind of match where both of them where present, then Lelouch would win just because his Geass. If it were a fight of "Detective vs Terrorist" it would be neccesary to know if any of them have help, Lelouch is a strategist, so he needs soldiers to back him up, L is a detective, just getting someone to do the dirty work would suffice

Sorry, more of a Lelouch fan but L still wins. Pains me just typing that. - 010001110110111101100100

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19 Ezra Scarlet vs Lena Inverse

Erza is best! She's smart kind and very strong. She is better than Lena! Of course Erza will win because she had a powerful strength!

Erza would win because she has an armour for every attack you throw at her and will leave them in the dust

Erza scarlet is the best. She will win.

I think because erza she can requip to so many different armor types

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20 Piccolo vs Alex Lois Armstrong
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