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21 Old Spongebob > The Loud House
22 USA > Canada

Of course, some intelligent foreigner probably told the idiotic American who made this list the sad truths of their awful nation. But of course, being the butthurt person he or she was, that American probably made this list to take his anger out on Canada after his daily trip to McDonalds. He is probably in denial; he cannot comprehend that maybe, just maybe, that his country isn't so great after all.

See, this is why countless people hate the USA. It's because of lists like these, their constant and pointless wars with other countries. Their horrible government and people for sheep. If the USA was really better than Canada, then it'd be richer, have free healthcare, a less corrupt government, and maybe better, less idiotic, people. But alas, those Americans will never change their backwards and nationalists ways. They are too damn stubborn to admit that they are NOT the greatest country in the world. If they open their eyes and see their trillions upon trillions of dollars in ...more

Stop listening to the media and actually try understanding America; we are mot stubborn. Some (like me) rarely eat McDonald's. I DO understand that we are high in debt. It is not our fault; we can't control our government. It's our government and media making it this way. - CatCode

The funny thing is, "Top Ten Reasons Canada Is Better Than the United States" is a much better list and has more items. Think we've settled that debate. - PetSounds

But Canada has free health care. - ethanmeinster

I like Canada though but USA is good too. Canada got Drake, The Weeknd... - AlphaQ

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23 Rock Music > K-Pop

Rock music is better than K-Pop, and it does highlight that rock is a culture in its own right, but it denies the fact that K-Pop even has a culture. - PositronWildhawk

I saw K-pop and I thought " what the heck is wrong with these people? " Rick music is much better than k-pop more like k- poo! Haha! - funnyuser

This is the only one that actually makes any sense whatsoever - gemcloben

This should not be here. Obviously rock music is million times better than k-poop. - palashgupta

Again I'm not all for Korean, nor Japanese music, but the comparison is pretty weak. - htoutlaws2012

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24 Using The Bathroom At Home > Using The Bathroom At School

Really? Its not dumb who ever made that list was right, bathrooms at school are gross, whoever put this on the list is a homeless rat who actually enjoys being dirty and catching viruses from sitting on someone else's pee or poop - TotalDramaSucks

You're certainly a charming character. And of course, a "homeless rat" has unconditional access to school bathrooms, as well as the time and money to get a laptop and make a list on TheTopTens every day. Your compliment makes perfect sense. - PositronWildhawk

My school bathroom is so stinky. The 1-4 graders never flush the toilet. At least it's clean at home. - AnonymousChick

The user Meagansayshi made this list. It was so nice! I added about ten comments on it. - Animefan12

This is true… the home bathroom is always best! - Miauzer

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25 5 > 4

We all know that the opposing list of reasons why four is better is irrefutable! - PositronWildhawk

Five Actually Isn't Better Than Four It's Just Greater Than Four. There's A Difference You Know.

Seriously? Is This Even A Real List? Or Is It Just Math?

5 Is Only Greater Than 4. Potato. - AlphaQ

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26 South Park > Dora The Explorer

The idea makes perfect sense, but items like "Cartman is nicer to his mum" aren't valid reasons. - PositronWildhawk

Honestly, the age groups targeted couldn't be more different... - Garythesnail

South Lark is always a zillion times better than stupid Dora. - AlphaQ

Dora is better. - Miauzer

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27 GoAnimate > Harry Potter

Whoever made that list must be a ten-year-old boy

28 Miley > Selena

Selena is easily better - RockStarr

You selena fans felling salty

Miley is better. Has a real voice. This isn't a bad comparison actually, it's comparing two pop singers. - DCfnaf

Odd to say her face is like Miley, maybe that I can see, but music ugh... take your pick. - htoutlaws2012

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29 Toy Story > Adolf Hitler

Who compares a beloved kids' film to one of history's worst human beings? - Aragorn98

It's true. - AlphaQ

30 Family Guy > Sanjay and Craig

One of the reasons on this biased list was that FG has no bad episodes. Sure... - Puga

To be honest, I dislike both of them, but since it's a kid show and an adult show, it's a bit of a silly comparison.

Still makes more sense than Family Guy > Simpsons, however. - Garythesnail

While Family Guy got progressively worse as the seasons went on. It is at least better than the god awful show being compared to S & C. - htoutlaws2012

31 Gravity Falls > Teen Titans Go!


32 The Amazing World Of Gumball > Total Drama

Gumball is the most overrated cartoon ever (truly not the worst) and Total Drama is the best cartoon ever, so I don't guess why someone would compare it. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I agree that Gumball is better although I like TD. - Garythesnail

I would go as far and so amazing, but maybe replace those words with cringe, Total Drama early on was much better, and a great parody to Survivor. - htoutlaws2012

Total Vagina Is Cringe. - AlphaQ

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33 Britgirl > SelfDestruct

This is offensive. I don't really like SelfDestruct, and I never talked to him, but this list offends fellow users who aren't that bad.

One of nice and pioneering users, then we have a dude with stirred controversy over a memorable feud, infamous tastes for Video Games, and or Anime. - htoutlaws2012

What is this comparison? Haha I love Britgirl - keyson

I mean, I REALLY like Birtgirl. She's a total angel. But it's not cool to compare her to other people like the other person doesn't have any feelings. - dipperpinesfangirl618

34 Gravity Falls > Suicide

Of Course Gravity Falls Is Better Than Suicide. Any Show Would Be.

Almost as absurd as number one. - htoutlaws2012

35 Teen Titans > Teen Titans Go!

The original 100 X better enough said. - htoutlaws2012

36 Call of Duty > Super Mario Bros.

It's a older list but it's comparing all of the Call of Duty games to the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros. The reasons are dumb and it's made by a troll. - Randomteenager

Super Mario Series has been very consistent in all of there quality games, while Call of Duty started off great too, overtime the games started to decline. Wait though what's the comparison? Right an FPS to a iconic Platformer who wins should not even need to answer that. - htoutlaws2012

37 Pokemon > Arthur

Why would you compare two completely different things? It's like comparing a dinosaur to a spoon.

Pokemon is way better than Arthur. - cosmo

Pokemon is better than Arthur! - RiverClanRocks

Arthur is a naked wolf. - AlphaQ

38 Britgirl > Justin Bieber

Oh come on! Now you people are being mean! I mean, this is coming from people who KNOW Britgirl. They don't know JB. Doesn't he get bashed ENOUGH online? Come on people. You guys are being jerks. Again, Britgirl's and angel but don't compare her to people you haven't even met! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Do you know JB personally? No. I know he can't possibly be as wonderful as Britgirl, but stop acting like he's Satan. Find something better to do than bashing this singer every 5 seconds, people. Grow up already... - Garythesnail

BritGirl is better. JB is a horrible singer. - cosmo

39 One Direction > The Beatles
40 Tom and Jerry > Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Screw you manchildren, I'd rather watch Tom & Jerry classics than Star. - NikBrusk

Star vs the forces of evil is the world's best show
Tom and jerry is inappropriate it has cat aduse classic cartoon is trash poop

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