Most Embarrassing and Annoying Things That Can Happen to You in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

We can all agree that this is an awesome game, but these things that can happen to you are very annoying and humiliating, especially if your girlfriend/boyfriend is watching.

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1 You are about to get first place on the final track of the All-Cup Tour, but you get hit by a Blue Shell, a bunch of people pass you, and you get second place by one point

I really hate when this happens! It's probably happened to several other people!

And this is what I hate about Mario Kart - points!

I get hit by a red shell, but in actually propelled me into the finish line. And eyah, when this happens, it must suck hard. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well, then why give Mario Kart: Double Dash a perfect rating anyways, HeavyDonkeyKong? Don't get me wrong, Nintendo was energetic when making this game.

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2 Getting beaten by Peach

I hate Peach so much!

I Laughed So Hard When I Saw This On The List

I hate Princess PEach and her voice! All the Mario Kart game sthat are older than Double Dash are much better than this, and so is the Mario Kart Arcade GP series!

Lol - yunafreya648

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3 You dodge a Blue Shell, but it explodes early and you run into the explosion and get hit by it anyway

This happened to me once, I got so pissed off!

4 You are playing multiplayer, and your opponent unplugs your controller
5 Someone hits you with an item when you're already getting hit, and you end up in absolute last
6 You accidentally fall off the track, and seconds after you get back on, someone knocks you back off of the track
7 You're somewhere near last the end of the race and you get a chance of using a powerful item to get to first, but someone steals it
8 In mutiplayer, your opponent chooses your characters for you, and he chooses Peach and Waluigi

I hate Princess Peach & Waluigi.

And I hate Double Dash! This game sucks and Mario Kart 64 is 64 times better than Double Dash. So is Super Mario Kart, the canceled Mario Kart: Virtual Cup and the Mario Kart Arcade GP series.

I can't believe people prefer Mario Kart: Double Dash & newer Mario Kart titles over the older Mario Kart games.

And even if virtual cup comes out, it will get mostly negative reviews form critics and people like me. Just how bad is the new Mario Kart games? Give a bunch of examples so that Mario Kart 8 won't be my favorite anymore. - recaller

I hate Princess Peach but Waluigi is kinda cool. - recaller

And this is why all the Mario Kart games that are older than MK: DD are way better than this.

Well, recaller, at least you prefer MK8 over MKW for these reasons you said on the Top 10 Greatest Mario Games of All Time.

9 You accidentally hit the power button while you're saving

This happened to me before while playing Mario Kart Wii - DrayTopTens

10 You are about to cross the finish line during the final lap, but you get run over by several racers and end up in last

This must really suck.

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11 Princess Daisy talks

Is she allowed to? - ParkerFang

12 You get the "Now try for a trophy!" screen
13 Yoshi Drops His Soap On You
14 Princess Peach talks

Her voice is unnaturally high pitched in every Mario kart game that has voice acting, but she's not completely terrible! Rosalina's voice is much better though! - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 You throw a blue shell while you are in first place and you hit yourself with it
16 You dodge a blue shell but another one came at you
17 Bowser Jr. Crying whenever you get 4th or lower
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