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1 Erza and Jellal

To be honest, this pairing shall be the best one because just think about their sacrifices and the pain that they have to endure just for the sake of being together. This couple showed many elements that you can relate to real life. Forgiveness, pain, anger, guilt and the best of all is love.

I also like how creative this couple is. They always gave me the reflection of the Yin Yang symbol, darkness and light, red and blue. Just like what everybody says, "Opposite attracts." They are the epitome of love itself. What they experienced are not peaches and rainbows. They gone to many struggle and pain and they endured them all for the sake of making each other happy.

How is this couple this creative. It's what any canon shipper would do. Not to mention it's not even canon.

This couple has the most depth out of them all. Their story is really tragic, and I love both of them a lot. They're both kind, charismatic, talented and powerful mages that care deeply for their friends. They've loved each other for the longest time ( 16 years for now ), yet it's full of tragedy and betrayal, and they rarely meet each other since Jellal is a fugitive and isn't in Fairy Tail. When Erza disappeared for 7 years, Jellal waited for her to return, like she did 8 years when he was possessed. In the tower, they were always together through hardships of slavery, and if Jellal gave her hope and be the light guiding her towards freedom and encourage her to believe in tomorrow before, then now, when he wants to die to atone for his sins that he didn't commit, Erza be there for him to guide him towards the right path again, just like how he did her. Their story is so sad and makes me want to cry. I'm, honestly, not a shipper. Actually, Jellal x Erza is the only couple ( be it ...more

Must say that these two deserve to be on the highest spots on this list, they just belong with each other. I love how their relationship is kind of forbidden, and how both of them try to hide their love for each other.. I just hope to see more of them

They are the cutest together and have the best history even if some wasn't so good for jellal or erza.

2 Lucy and Natsu

Think about it, Lucy's the first girl introduced into the story. She quickly falls under the love spell of that one dude but then Natsu shows up. Why was she the only one who's spell wore off? Because she met her true love, that's why :D

They have such an amazing bond that's tangible more and more as the series wears on. And even when Lisanna darling is reintroduced back into the plot, the sparks we once saw between Natsu and her are barely even mentioned or acknowledged. Natsu and Lucy however, continue onwards. Through thick and thin, sadness and happiness they've been through it all. Lucy may not be the strongest or best person among the FT guild, but she matched Natsu perfectly. She makes Natsu the best version of him, and the most alive.


I don't usually ship things unless they are VERY implied/canon, so there you go. Here are just a few analyses of Nalu moments. Please note that as of Nov. 21, 2016, I have only seen to about the middle of season 6:

EP1: Lucy falls under Bora's charms spell as well as a ton of other girls. Natsu bursts into the crowd. Who is released? No one but Lucy. AND It's apparently been said later in the manga (I can't confirm, being an anime watcher) that seeing one's soulmate breaks the charm. So, yeah.

EPISODES IN BETWEEN: Natsu asks Lucy to be one his team, supposedly just for the need of the blond, but when she tries to leave after the Everlue endeavor, he doesn't let her, and says that he wanted her on the team also because she's "so nice". She still stays on the team.

EP7: Fairy Tail's Strongest Team is trapped behind Erigor's wind wall and desperate to get out and save the guild masters from Lullaby's power. They've tried everything they can think of, and ...more

I love the chemistry between them! Lucy and Natsu understand each other more than anyone else. Their relationship is above best friend. I mean, what kind of best friends who barged in your house any time? Sleep in your bed without your permission? Wear your clothes? Bathing in your bathroom? And.. gropes your boobs/ass? They absolutely see each other as more than just best friend.. Looking at their relationship make me remember one word.. FRIENDZONE! (<-- Another word for hell for boys outer there)

I absolutely adore Lucy and Natsu together they would be the best couple ever from the first day they met, they should've just got together.

3 Levy and Gajeel

This ship is so adorable! You see Levy as a cute innocent girl who enjoys book and Gajeel as a tough Dragon slayer who is always looking for a fight. Gajeel is always there to protect Levy in times of need. No matter where she is, he is always around the corner to help. It's so adorable that Levy tries to help Gajeel back too.

These two are not only adorable, but they are also one of the more interesting ships in FT. Considering their rocky start... Now days their almost always seen together, so it's a no brainier! They are complete opposites in just about every aspect, attitude, magic and even physically, but it's kinda what makes them work so well. They balance each other out nicely. I feel like Levy is the only girl who could have the patience and heart to love Gajeel in the FT universe.

Gajeel and Levy are the cutest couple ever!

A gorgeous and unique couple they always blush at each other why don't they just get together.

4 Juvia and Grey

Gruvia is honestly an a beautiful couple. Both of them had such sadness in their lives (Gray lost his parents, mentor and her daughter. Juvia was ignored and alone for most of her life) that they both deserve to have each other (and Fairy Tail) to remind each other to be happy and smile. At first, their relationship seemed very one-sided (Juvia favoring Gray), but after the fight with Silver in the Tartarus arc, Gray seems to like Juvia more. Gray relies on Juvia for comfort (and vise versa, as proved when Juvia is scared, Gray would hug her and remind her tat he's there) and during the time skip, they both decide to LIVE TOGETHER for 6 months to train and be together. When Gray suddenly left to go on a mission as a spy he probably did want to tell Juvia why he had to leave without saying goodbye, but Erza stopped him from saying anything to her. It's revealed that they both learned something from each other (Juvia picks up Gray's stripping habit and they fight together, Gray is more ...more

Even Silver found that Juvia is the girl for his son! I bet Gray & Juvia will be canon soon.

I love these two from their first scene together when they were meant to fight and she turned around and conceded immediately after seeing him, that made me laugh so hard I probably watched it like 5 times. It was just so cute .

I know she's a bit of a stalker but you gotta love that too, she does it in a hilarious way not a creepy way, so saying you don't like her because she's a stalker is pushing it a bit because she's actually not that bad and it's comedy intended.

She's my favorite character because she's consistently consistent in everything about her, always happy, always cheerful, always funny and actually really pretty especially now she let her hair down the only thing I don't like about her is her clothes, just thinking of wearing that makes me sweat Other than that she's pretty much perfect.

She loves Gray so much it's cute, funny and romantic at the same time the first time I saw her cry was the scarf episode where she was upset at HERSELF for making ...more

When they first fought it was kinda funny how Juvia kept turning down to love to grey. Then they got all serious it was meant to be.

5 Mavis and Zeref

Perfect for each other one is about love and life the other was born for destruction and death put them together and you have a beautiful harmony.

how can these two not be together because they both clearly love each other and were made for one and another

WARNING: SPOILERS. If you haven't read the manga or watched the anime then I recommend you don't read this. Thank you. If you watched the anime, you obviously see that they die together in the end, they were also in love when Mavis died but since they both have the Curse of Contradiction, Mavis had died. It was only LATER they both died together, wrapped around each other and hugging and excuse me for a second. *SCREAMS IN PILLOW FANGIRLING* Thank you. Both of them had kissed each other before Mavis died and so she didn't fully trust Zeref. It was only later that they died together in a swarm of light.

What needs to be said. Everyone knows opposites attract! She's his angel who brings sunshine and he's her bad boy!

6 Romeo and Wendy

I really don't get this ship at all. Just because they are relatively the same age doesn't make them shippable! There are so many couples that would be great in 8th place, but ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Romeo and Wendy, the couple that people ship because they are a similar age!

I feel like if these two were more like partners and talked more they would make a great couple.

Never really thought of them being together until now and omg they would b o cute.

I love this ship. I don't get how people hate this ship. I do not ship dorenbolt with wendy. I have respect for it but no thanks. also RoWen is my top OTP

7 Sting and Yukino

He called her weak once. It's obvious that they just have a friendly relationship, nothing romantic.

I personally don't have someone to ship Sting with, but I don't hate this couple. I just extremely dislike it.

Hey you guys they are really cute in all but I have seen better fairy tail couples.

I find this ship pretty cute. Both of them are really hot and I absolutely love their personalities!

8 Natsu and Lisanna

I love Lisanna, but I just can't see NaLi happening... And I'm sorry NaLi fans, but I have one thing to say (I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just making a point here. If I hurt your feelings, I apologize. But just remember that this is just my opinion. I don't care if I get a bunch of thumbs down on this comment): most NaLi fans only ship this because they were childhood friends! Well, like 90% of the whole guild were childhood friends! And on that episode where Natsu saw Lisanna in Edolas and him and Happy were crying, well when Lisanna went back to the guild, all the guild members reacted the exact same way as Natsu and Happy! And besides, if you saw a friend that you thought was dead and you haven't seen in 2 years, wouldn't you be crying too? I definitely would and I don't cry easily. And I should probably stop now. I think you get my point here.

Before all you Nalu people come along and talk about how disgusting it is to ship them and about how Lisanna "lied to Natsu", hear me out. (I ship Nali and Nalu, I'll explain if you read this.)

Lisanna did not lie to Natsu. She never TOLD Natsu she died. She got sent to Edolas, against her free will, and stayed for two reasons. The first is there was no obvious way out of Edolas (she didn't know how Anima worked). The second was out of the goodness of her heart. She knew Edolas Mirajane and Elfman had just lost Edolas Lisanna and (although this is proven useless later) she wants to save them the grief, unaware of how Earth Land Mirajane and Elfman are coping.

Nalu is an adorable thing happening here, guys, and I ship Nalu. A lot. Nalu is Natsu's future... but that doesn't make his past irrelevant.

They were more than just childhood friends. They were much closer than others were in the guild. They raised Happy together and built and slept in a nest ...more

I don't think that erza should be with gray because they don't make a good match and they don't love each other in that way

This ship remembers me my favorite episode in the grand magic games arc. LISANNA and NATSU wearing a bridal suit which make my heart fall when she talk to NATSU about their childhood memorize playing HUSBAND AND WIFE but LUCY RUIN THAT MOMENT HAHAHAHA

9 Bisca and Alzack

They really married, laugh out loud

They were one of the perfect couples from the beginning, I mean it was only a matter of time before they actually got married and I'm way happy they did! But I seem it coming since they were always there beside eachother... Oh and their child is so adorable!

In the beginning both were hiding their feelings from each other. Then they got married and had a child. They have a good family

They're married and they have a kid, WHY WAS I NOT INVITED TO THE WEDDING?! I really hope they have an episode where I at least get to see more about they're wedding, not just a picture, but a clip from their wedding, that would be nice.

Stop trying to be like Erza because it is her job to whine about it. - ErzaScarlet

10 Loki and Aries

Totally Aries need Loki bc she always wants attention and Loki would be right there!

He really cares for her and she is so grateful to him. And they are both spirits, it will better work than Loki and Lucy.

Leo almost died protecting her, and Aries would always be there for him, too. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is.

And when they finally met again, it was so heartbreaking for the both of them (and for us) that they have to fight on opposite sides.

I'm just glad that they were able to be together again, on the same side this time.

They are some sort of cliche couple but still cute. They remind me of a playboy falling for an innocent but sweet girl which is out of his league but still can't help his self to fall in love with her. In short, I also like this ship. :DD

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11 Freed and Mirajane

But isn't Freed gay?

Ok I don't really ship this but one question isn't he like gay though?

Freed acts gay so I don't know if he would be into Mira, but maybe he's bisexual.

They're both so strong, demonic and gentle. Why not?

12 Elfman and Evergreen

I don't get how people don't ship these two. Any time one or the other is hurt, the other comes into their room and makes sure to " take revenge" or even stay with one another till they feel better.

I really like these two together and I think they would make a great couple

The lovely couple they belong with each other evergreen always bickering on about how Elman says he s the manliest man and everyone should be a man like him.

This just like Alzack and Bisca relationship. They are shy to their relationship but they are care for each other. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

13 Cobra and Kinana

They are meant to be together, it's like destiny. And Cobra sacrifices himself, so that Kinana haven't to go in the jail. Isn't that sweet?

Hey, they are so sweet together. I know they haven't much scenes in the series but Fairy Tail is not finished yet! They so much people who need a reunion. Cobra & Kinana are from these!

Sad, tragic, forbidden Love... But they are so perfect together, they deserve some Happy Ending

I love Erik and Kinana together their story is definitely different then the rest of Fairy Tail ships they where both slaves at the tower of Heaven Kinana was turned into a snake that found Erik and they where inseparable ever since. Erik one prayer was to hear his best friend voice and he finally did. This couple is confirmed by the way Laki ask Kinana if she had a boyfriend and she says she does and his name is Erik. Erik is Corbra real name just in case no one knew that. Kinana tells Laki that she has a boyfriend as Lucy reward ceremony. Well they where inseparable but after Erza beats Erik at the infinity clock Kinana finds him feeling him calling out to her and she knows that's he is the one that was asking to hear her voice and Erik realizes that she is his snake friend so you got to love this ship but I find it interesting that even though she has no memories as her time as a snake she still remembers Erik promise to come find her even if that means he has to ride a shooting ...more

14 Gray and Juvia

Amazing couple water and ice best combo juvia would love grey till the end of the earth.

This is already one of the top 4.

They were meant to be together!

Juvia may be a stalker, but hey, Gruvia is so awesome! I love this couple and the two are meant to be together.

15 Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss

I like this ship because they are very powerful wizards, both in s class tier and also they have their good and bad side that is pretty awesome. But I hate the fact that they doesn't shop interest for each other. I begin to ship this couple in the first season of Fairy Tail that they have like dog and cat relationship

They have kinda reverse development if you think about it, but they tie together quite nicely. Mira started out rebellious and rambunctious, Laxus started out sweet and playful. Then after Lisanna's death, Mira became sweet and playful, and after the whole Ivan thing, Laxus became rebellious and rambunctious. And now they've both struck a good balance between the two attributes.

I think Mirajane is the best for Laxus because they are both powerful and there is a closer family like relationship between the Thunder Legion, the Strauss siblings, and Makarov. I think it's because there is a deeper connection between Laxus and Mirajane that binds them all together.

I love this ship, especially because they've known each other for such a long time and are both really strong S-class mages. Laxus changed for the better seeing as he became more caring and less of a bad boy while Mira also went from being a sort of rebel to being one of the kindest mage's from FT.

16 Lucy and Loki

Let me think about this- Um.. Lucy did save Loki from almost disappearing- but I don't know


But I do admit loke is gorgeous but he should be with aries and lucy should be with natsu

The only reason he told Lucy about his secret is because she's a celestial wizard

Too be honest, I actually really like Loki and Lucy. Even though yes I like natsu and Lucy better, I still think Loki and Lucy are a good couple.

17 Natsu and Erza

No! Never in a million years! Natsu should be with Lucy and Erza should be with Jellal!

no way erza knocked natsu out before and natsu is scared of her at one part

It should be Natsu with Lucy and Erza with Jellal.

They're like elder sister and little brother! No romance at all! Plus Jellal and Erza clearly love each other.

18 Lyon and Meredy

Most recent fairy tail chapter 474. Enjoy

Well Lyon said she was cute in the Alvarez Empire Arc so... why not?

I think Lyon should be with Sherry

I like this ship. Since the time they were together in Galuna Island. :) It's also better to get Lyon off Juvia's back since she has Gray already and I think Meredy is not really suited for Ren. :)) I'm already a fan of this love team if ever it will come true. :D

19 Rogue and Kagura

I don't know why people starting shipping these two in the first place. I don't even remember a time that they talked to each other!

?!?!? I'm so confused when did this become a ship?!?!

I love this couple, they have the same personality and both look badass. Kagura wanted to kill jellal and rouge wanted to defeat gajeel. They both look good in black

No not a good ship

20 Bacchus and Cana

Bacchus and Cana are just made for each other ! I mean they both love alcohol so yeah.

They were clearly meant for each other. Also Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and Cana loves wine... If you get my flow

Yas. Anyone who ships these two, you better preach! He fights and is most powerful when drunk and Cana drinks so much but doesn't get drunk. Perfect.

Because they're adorable and both like drinking

21 Happy and Charles

They are sooooo cute together, they are meant to be even his parents agree.

Yes, they are so adorable. Especially in opening 5 when you see Happy fall in love with hearts in his eyes, and tries to give Carla a fish.

They seem like a cute couple since their both exceeds and happy likes her and she likes him secretly

I like these two, I just just wish Carla was nicer to Happy, but that's what makes them cute, so I can't really complain about it.

22 Lucy and Grey

I think this a good ship I don't care nastu could go with lisanna and juvia can go with lyon

Ever since I started watching Fairy Tail I probably first started as a NaLu fan because they seem so perfect for each other. I started to realize that there were some problems with the couple. For example, wouldn't Happy kinda of get in the way. Also, Natsu is to childish and dense to really be shipped with anybody. I mean you could pair the two in a alternate universe because there you could make Natsu smarter and less innocent. After a few episodes of seeing the whole Team Natsu's relationship and interactions I saw you could pair really anyone of them with each other, besides the yuri and yaoi. Not many of you ship Erza and Natsu or Lucy and Gray because Lucy and Natsu are "meant" to be or Erza has Jellal and Gray has Juvia. I am so sorry but I have to disagree with this. If you guys really knew these characters this whole shipping wars wouldn't happen. I really can't complain about the shipping wars because I do it myself so complaining about it would be hypocrisy. I ...more

I mean, a lot of people would say 'I ship Juvia and Grey,' or 'I ship Natsu and Lucy! ', plus even though they don't have that much contact in the first season doesn't mean anything! I mean, it's kinda cute. I honestly would love to see them together, or Lucy at least give him a peck on the cheek. Come on, it's pretty adorable once you think about it.

Doesn't exist and I don't agree.

23 Gray and Lucy

I think this a good ship I don't care nastu could go with lisanna and juvia can go with lyon.

For me Gray is for Juvia and Lucy is for Natsu. Plus they're like siblings for me.


Love. It's a more realistic and mature couple. They are both sane.

24 Natsu and Gray

It is a fun - if not very sadistic - ship. Not something I'd support but certainly an amusing thought piece.

Every couple argues and they argue a lot!

I'm not saying it's real, I just find it funny!

Nope natsu is suppose to be with Lucy and gray is suppose to be with Juvia.

Well they care about each other but they don't love each other

25 Freed and Laxus

Remember the ball room thing when they were invited to the kings palace? The one Natsu stole the kings crown? Freed asked Laxus to dance and when Laxus didn't reply and walked away Freed went pale...Meant to be together

They are totally meant to be! Even my good friend (who ships Miraxus) can see that Freed is in love with Laxus. Freed has always been there for Laxus and helps him out, even when Laxus was kicked out of the guild, he had faith, and thought "I'll definitely see you again."

I just breathe Fraxus to be honest. It's perfect. They're meant to be. Think of all the canon interactions. I mean, Laxus did ask Freed to "give him a good rubdown" and "get every inch of my body" think about it.

It's just perfect.

Even if Laxus doesn't like him back, it's painfully obvious that Freed is head over heels for him.

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