Juvia and Grey


These two were made for each other!

I'm sorry to read yo comments. But seriously? I know that Juvia and Gray will still end up to be together no matter what you say. If you don't like when they're shipped together then so be it. Once a fan, always a fan. You could never change someone's mind who they prefer to. Oh well, as they always say 'Haters gonna hate'. Gruvia is awesome just the way it is. At least Juvia never gave up on him (Gray) even though she knew that Gray doesn't like her at first. She is indeed passionate and showed that never give up on the person you love. Their Unison Raid was definitely awesome. Seeing them hold hands made me even more excited to watch Fairy Tail. I really hope they'll have an episode together just the two of them.

To the person who said that Juvia is a CREEP and a FREAK, *smirk* I'll see you in heaven.

Juvia and grey could be possible because grey hides his feelings for juvia. Juvia shows her feelings and she is very upsets with him. Gray in the other hand hides his feelings like when Juvia gave him the scarf and he put it on secretly. Even Erza wants Juvia and Gray to be together. When gray got in a fight with Lyon and Juvia Erza told him "you should try being nice to her, you know how she feels about you"

Hey, even Silver found that Juvia was the woman of Gray. They'll soon become canon!

I couldn't find a perfect description to describe this beautiful couple. I think Gray and Juvia has the most beautiful romantic development so far in Fairy Tail. It starts from Juvia one-sided love, moving to the acknowledgement of Juvia's feeling from Gray side, Gray falls in love with Juvia too (as we see in manga chapter 499, the most beautiful manga chapter that I have ever read). Juvia is one of the most devoted woman, who can do whatever to protect the one she loves. I think Juvia deserves Gray's love and I really hope that they would be cannon soon! I really like this couple. Fairy tail for me now is a story about the development of this couple. I love how tsundere Gray could be. I love the determination that Juvia obtain in order to pursuing her love. This is just beautiful...

I personally like Jellal/Erza more than this but I voted it up because I wanted to boost them a bit. Juvia is such a cute character, and Gray is hot. I used to dislike Juvia but then she started growing on me, and I would feel really bad for her if Gray broke her heart. I don't know why Natsu/Lucy is 1st, besides the fact that those two are the lead characters, since I know many people who dislike Lucy. I personally find her annoying, but also like a cute little kid who's also funny, smart, and kind (naive and superficial on the outside, a really good person on the inside)

They are the best couple ever. I like how they have an interesting love were it first is one sided love than slowly gray starts having feelings for her very slowly like a snail. Gray keeps denying it but we all know that he loves her. I love in the manga how he says that he is going to tell her his feeling after the war and his fight with END it is so amazing and is a very happy moment. Another good part is that when they both stab themselves in the manga to save the other person because they really cared about each other. Gray says" I couldn't hurt a comrade any longer no the thought of hurting you especially I just couldn't. They are the cutest most real like couple everrr.

Even though I don't like this ship, I'm not gonna deny that they might end up together. I just prefer other couples.

Really Gruvia is the best ship! It was proven that the ship may happen also that grey does like Juvia so ignore all those people who say that he thinks she is clingy and the people who think they truly know Gray. I think the magic they both have is perfect they could really sport each other. Its like someone who supplies materials for a building while the other one actually puts it together. Juvia gives water for Gray to freeze. It is perfect. Although you can have Gray without Juvia sometimes, you can't have Juvia without Gray. I also just love it when Gray cries on Juvia it's so cute.

I love these two so much! And their powers go so well with their characters. Juvia's emotions literally flow. When she's mad, she's furious, and when she's sad, it actually rains. Of course, she would fall in love so quickly and deeply. On the other hand, you have Gray, who's extremely cold but you know he's gotta melt one day. I think they're characters are just as compatible as their powers. Unfortunately, everyone in Gray's life who cared about him, usually sacrifice themselves to save him. And I honestly think that's why he keeps Juvia at arm's length because she too would go that far for him. Lately, he seems to be melting though... it's just a matter of time before GRUVIA IS CANON!

I'm sorry, but I just don't ship Juvia and Gray. Again... PEOPLE KEEP SPELLING GRAY'S NAME WRONG, TF? Anyway, Juvia really annoys me and makes me cringe. Not to mention her daydreams give me nightmares... It's okay if she really likes Gray, but for her to be obsessive about him ALL the time and not think about anything else whatsoever really grates on my nerves. Seriously, she needs to chill. There are those 1% times though that I do like her character, and that's when she's not obsessing over Gray. Deep down, I feel she's a good character, but she just needs to tone down her obsession. But, I just feel that Gray honestly deserves way better. I do know this this couple is probably going to be canon anyway, so...

They're just made for each other! And by the way it's GRAY not GREY

Juvia and Gray are meant to be together, they are better with eachother and another thing, for those of you who think Juvia is creepy stop hating cause the fact is: Juvia isn't a creepy!, she's just madly in love with Gray; and when your madly in love with someone you tend to do crazy things for them. Plus Juvia is really funny around him and she's cool with out him too, and super strong and can handle herself, but it's just better that shes with Gray because it was obviously meant to be since they lived together and ended up getting closer to eachother as the manga and series progressed, they're obviously meant to be together whether people accept it or not, but majority of the fairytail fans, like myself, want to see this ship happen! And their relationship is true love! Plus two cool, strong, awesome people belong together it's just common sense!

Gruvia Forever :3

Gray and Juvia are meant to be. He doesn't save her as much as Natsu saved Lucy because Juvia can fight on her own, I love how this is. When they do unison raid they are so bad ass and when they fight together they always win. People say Juvia just likes Gray and Gray doesn't like Juvia, that was true... At first. Now gray shows a lot more affection towards Juvia. Also where I'm at in the manga Gray says he has a answer for Juvia after Zeref's War. Hiro Mashima also likes Protagonists together at the end and he's trying to end Fairy Tail with a more "happy romantic" ending. Gruvia is yet to sail!

Gruvia is by far my favorite ship! I understand Juvia is a little on the stalker side at the beginning but it's pretty obvious Gray too has feelings for her! Try placing him in all the "juvia/Gray/lyon" moments with erza or lucy, it just wouldn't happen!

Seriously in my top 5 most favorite ships ever.

Juvia is the best looking girl in the anime, she's so thoughtful and cute! She would happily lay her life down for Gray... Gray definitely loves her, they are adorable! Water and Ice are meant to be!

Although from the start I knew this couple will have it's ups and downs (because we all know how Grey-Sama feels about Juvia and how Juvia acts around him) but even though Grey might not feel the same way I always feel a strong connection when they're together I'm not sure why, but all I know is that Gruvia rules!

These two look so cute together!

According to Avatar arc, Gray has spent a lot of time with Juvia he's been sleeping with her too! So they count canon, don't they?

I love gray and juvia because they bring out the best in each other

My favorite couple in fairytail. Even gray's father silver asked juvia whether she was gray's woman. Isn't that enough proof that they're nearly official couples

Gruvia is the one one that is completely possible minus 'Gajeel - Levy' made canon recently with Alvarez. No matter how much Lucy loves Natsu, doesn't mean he feels the same way back. Since Lisanna to Lucy, it's still not clear if he understands what 'romantic love' is. Which isn't exactly unheard of. Erza's mother, another dragon slayer doesn't get love. Sting, Rouge, Laxus, all don't get romantic love. Not to sterotype but it seems every Dragon Slayer doesn't get romantic love. Only Gajeel seems to understand it enough but the rest seem to not have much understanding of it. Maybe it's the dragon in them, maybe Gajeel being so much the rouge of the dragon slayers, he is different? Or maybe I'm over thinking it. I think Gruvia, Levy - Gajeel and Elfman- Evergreen are the only ones that can/ are canon unless the creator decides to approve of other shippings.

It would be so cool to see them become cannon! Juvia teaches us that stalking a guy that doesn't even know you exist for years actually works!

Juvia's determination towards Gray really makes me love Gruvia. I always cheer her on when I see her going to make a move on Gray. Please notice her Gray! They're so cute and perfect together! I just wish that they would stop getting interrupted almost every time they're going to have "a moment".