Top Ten Family Guy Episodes Where Brian Griffin Is at His Worst

The Top Ten Family Guy Episodes Where Brian Griffin Is at His Worst

1 Herpe the Love Sore

This has proven Brian is the worst character in the entire show and what he did, was unacceptable and wrong even for many fans. I wish Seth got his act together and just let Brian stay dead, or at least have him killed off permanently.

What Brian was more than inexcusable. He should have stayed dead.

This Episode Ruined My View On Brian And Stewie's Friendship

He ruins Stewie's life by giving him an std. - foundboy99

2 Be Careful What You Fish For

Brian is willing to let young children be tormented by an irresponsible teacher until and I quote " I have seen every inch of her naked." - foundboy99

This is one of the episodes where I wish I could literally reach through the T.V. and choke a character to death. Like, it wasn't even funny to me. Just wrong and irritating.

3 Brian the Closer

Its states that Brian is a selfish, ungrateful, manipulative, Malicious bastard and proud of it too. - foundboy99

I agree what Brian did was wrong, but I thought Peter was ten times worse. - Murvine_Taylor

4 Brian's Got a Brand New Bag

Well yeah, but he regretted it. - RalphBob

Cheated on his wife - foundboy99

5 Brian Writes a Bestseller

Becomes a ungrateful spoiled brat and fires Stewie through no fault of his own. And after his down fall he still continues to blame for his "faults" - foundboy99

I just watched this episode and he acted like a total bitch especially at the end where he couldn’t even apologize

6 Yug Ylimaf

He uses Stewie's time machine to get sex out of bar girls and ruins time in the process. - foundboy99

7 Killer Queen

Didn't Stewie beat him close to death once. I say payback - westofohio

This episode is basically Family Guy's version of One Coarse Meal.

Tortures Stewie up to the point of attempted suicide with a album cover - foundboy99

Really I thought this was hilarious! Haha. Still is 😂

8 Brian's a Bad Father

The titles says it all. - egnomac

He mooches off his sons success and steal food too. - foundboy99

9 Road to the North Pole

This is why I don't like that episode.

He acted like a jerk trying to deliver presents and steals food too. - foundboy99

Just because he's an Atheist, it doesn't mean you have to be such a douchebag.

10 American Gigg-olo

He acted like a total douche just because he had dead end job and killed a woman and her child just for the sake having sex with them.

He let a women and her infant child drown, just because he wanted to have sex with the mother.

This should be number one!

The Contenders

11 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

He is persecuted just for being an atheist. It's the Christians that should be ashamed of themselves in this episode. Burning books - westofohio

I can't believe that I had to add this one!

This Episode Ruined The Character Completely

Meg kind of deserved it. She tried to make him Christian. - RalphBob

12 420

He legalize pot and sells out by illegalizing pot again to publish his novel. - foundboy99

13 Once Bitten

Brian became a bully when fit bit Peter - foundboy99

14 Life Of Brian

Some of the fandom hate Brian though and think Vinny should've stayed.

It isn't his fault he died! - RalphBob

I had to add this? Brian is at his worst he dies! - RockStarr

15 Scammed Yankees
16 Play It Again, Brian
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