Top Ten Reasons Why Quagmire from Family Guy Is Awesome

The Top Ten
1 He's funny.

If my great-grandmother was around he would be her favourite character.

Especially the look & size of his creepy face!

2 He's cool.
3 He's voiced by Seth MacFarlene

He's a very talented voice artist!

4 He looks cool.
5 He hates Brian.

This is a terrible reason. - Gehenna

His reasons are all either hypocritical, not true, or just stupid

6 He's a good friend to Peter.

He's always a good friend for someone who commits crimes against women!

7 He makes Family Guy worth watching.
8 His catchphrase is awesome.
9 He's creepy.

How does that make him awesome?

10 He's a good singer.
The Contenders
11 Giggity
12 He practically summed up everything wrong with Family Guy in under two minutes.
13 He’s a pilot

A very skilled, fully experienced pilot!

14 He gets many women
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