Top 10 Reasons Not to Attend a Family Reunion

Whether it's a Thanksgiving, anniversary, or whatever it is, there's not a whole lot of fun in family reunions. I'm gonna skip a reunion on the 16th for these reasons.
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1 No one there is really interesting to talk to

My parents talk with the grown-ups. My sister talks with my cousins. I am left all alone, bored. Need I say more?

My current reunion is full of old people I just cannot have conversations with.

Everyone is at least five years out of my age range.

2 You will likely get picked on by relatives

This one and #4 are a lot alike, but this one is only slightly different because you will likely get picked on by the really egotistical members who think they are always better than you.

Every single time I attend a family gathering, there is a 99.9% chance that either my mom or my dad will reprimand me and get me in trouble for absolutely no reason at all.

3 Too many conversations with older people

My older relatives always talk about how "amazing" Donald Trump is, even though he is racist and homophobic. So annoying!

Blah blah blah, *insert embarrassing stuff here*.

They drone on about things no one cares about.

4 People continuously compare you to your other relatives

This is so unbearably annoying.

5 Too much bragging about others' successes

My relatives are Asian.

Aunts/Uncles: My kid is studying to be a doctor!

I cannot tell how many times I have heard that phrase over and over again!

One of the worst things about reunions is that those with "superior" qualities tend to be the worst braggarts there.

My parents always brag about my academic successes to my relatives.

6 It's not worth socializing with family members you rarely see

I went to a wedding in CA, and a lot of them that I haven't seen in years didn't really talk to me.

7 You have much more important things to do

One time, I had to skip a family gathering because I had too much homework.

8 You are actually concerned that you will be the party pooper

With the exception of Aunt Marne, my other relatives always reprimanded me for not attending weddings 💒, family deaths, and holiday family gatherings because they always expected the whole family to come to their family events, but I was always uninvited.

My relatives are the true party poopers. My cousins sometimes annoy me, and my parents reprimand me for nothing or embarrass me.

9 You don't like the location of the reunion
10 You don't like the food offered

My family always eats German and Polish food, and some of it is gross.

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11 Little kids are annoying you on purpose

My younger cousins were very annoying when they were little, but they always asked when my older sister, Annie, was coming for a holiday. They liked her more than me because my relatives always called Annie their golden niece, with the exception of Aunt Marne.

I wish. Everyone at family reunions is almost always years older than me.

12 No one pays attention to you

During my cousin's wedding, everyone said hi to each other and not to me because they have others their age to talk to, and I don't seem to fit in with everyone else. They were also too busy talking to others and failed to acknowledge my existence. I had trouble trying to talk to them (I'm autistic).

I nearly shed a few tears and wept in silence because of the hurt that I felt. I thought no one cared about me!

I have nothing in common with my relatives, so I just sit in the corner and eat food.

13 It is boring

After I eat, I just listen to music and play on my phone for the remainder of the party.

14 It is too loud

My relatives are Asian, and every time they have a family gathering, they talk like they're screaming across the room. It's so loud that I could even hear them when I'm in the bathroom with the door closed!

Even worse is that all the men drink, and after a few bottles of beer or cups of wine, they will yell like they're having a heated argument.

15 People party or talk until after midnight

We thankfully have a rule where we don't ever drink any alcohol, nor do we ever actually party until midnight. We leave after our main event finishes, usually because traffic and other things become a problem in many cases.

Once, I was at a party at my cousin's house until 1 AM.

16 Everything that happens gets photographed or videoed

My family is Asian.
We eat? They take pictures.
A kid gets their diaper changed or bathed? It gets videoed.
We watch TV? It gets videoed.
They set the table? The food gets photographed.

Then they put everything up on Facebook.

I hate candid photos. They look so weird.

17 You get roasted by the grown-ups

Every time we attend a family gathering, all the grown-ups constantly roast us kids and laugh about it.

It is so awkward!

18 People are doing weird stuff

We're Asian. Whether an adult is changing a kid's diaper in front of everyone else or my dad is singing horrible karaoke, there is never a dull moment at an Asian family gathering.

19 Sometimes there's not enough food
20 Irresponsible grown-ups

Every time I go to a family party, there's ALWAYS a 99.9% chance that I'll get in trouble for nothing. Why? It's simple. All the grown-ups are talking really loud (my family's Asian) and they drink so much that they never seem to keep an eye on my cousins, whoever they're wreaking havoc. They get distracted by their conversations and then they automatically blame me because they think that since I'm the oldest, I have to be responsible at all times. Hey, I may be a grown-up (I'm 26), but I don't know much about group babysitting. I'm still a kid (to them), and even though it's understandable that it's tough to keep track of 6 kids at a party, they should be responsible enough to keep an eye out for the younger kids (age 10 and under) at least part of the time, and not blame me for irresponsibility.

21 Everyone hogs the TV

During my family gatherings, either the grown-ups or my cousins are watching TV. It's either sports (the men), Asian dramas (my cousins and the women), or cartoons (the kids). I do get to watch TV for a brief time (usually YouTube), but it usually lasts no more than 20 minutes or half an hour.

My relatives like to watch Fox News and game shows, and it makes me cringe.

22 People are being disgusting
23 Public diaper changing
24 People fight over the song playlist

I was at a Chinese restaurant, and there was a karaoke machine that you can control. I wanted to play Andy Lau songs, but my dad forced me to agree to play his annoying songs.

This is why I bring my own music to restaurants.

25 Men are constantly drinking
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