Top 10 Fantasy Football Season Tips

I’ve made lists talking about the Do’s and Don’ts of the Fantasy Football Draft, but now what? The draft is only half the battle. There’s still an entire season to navigate. Knowing how to draft is one thing but knowing how to manage your team can be all the difference between winning and losing. For any newcomers follow these tips to help you out along the way
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1 Stay Up to Date on NFL News

It is crucial to stay up to date on what's happening around the league. Keep an eye out for any new injuries, COVID-19 cases (especially in 2020), holdouts, or trades. Anything that could affect your fantasy team, you should pay attention to.

2 Actively Manage Your Lineup

The worst thing you can do is nothing at all. Whatever you do, actually manage your lineup. Nobody likes the guy who abandons his team and doesn't take proper care of it. It takes 10 minutes at minimum per week to set a lineup. You really don't have time for that?

3 Know How to Use the Waiver Wire

The Waiver Wire is a useful tool that can assist you as long as you know how to use it. You can find hidden gems, guys to add depth to your bench, or potential starters to fill in for players with injuries. Or you can pick players up to flip in a trade.

4 Make Trade Negotiations

Don't be afraid to negotiate a trade. Your team likely isn't perfect so you can trade to fill a weakness. Now, sure, it's easier said than done because everyone values players differently. Just come to an agreement that benefits both parties. Don't be afraid to take an offer, but don't take every offer either. These can be a game changer as we have seen firsthand in 2019. Bill O'Brien made the unfortunate decision to trade DeAndre Hopkins for Antonio Brown... that will forever go down in history as such a baffling trade.

5 Don’t Freak Out If a Guy is Listed as “Questionable”

I get it. Sometimes it's alarming, but if it's early in the week, give it a few days before jumping to the waiver wire or your bench. Sometimes it's not as serious. This is why staying up with the latest NFL news is important.

6 Don’t Immediately Pick Up Someone Off Waivers After a Big Game

I know that it's tempting and it's an attractive thing to go after that guy who put up 65 points unexpectedly, but before you go after him, beware of his situation. Maybe it was an easy matchup.

There are hidden gems out there, but don't just go all in blindly. Look before you leap is all I'm saying.

7 Pay Attention to Matchups

Pay attention to who has easy or hard matches. A lot of sites will tell you projections as an educated guess. You can use these as a guide to help you figure out who has an ideal or a less ideal game this week.

Maybe play guys with easy matchups who have the potential to break out that week.

8 Take Notice of Bye Weeks Earlier in the Week

Bye weeks happen. Beware of them - they can sneak up on you. The last thing you want to do is wake up on Sunday in panic mode because you have three guys on bye this week. The sites should tell you if a player is on a bye.

Now, you don't need to worry about Week 8 byes in Week 4. But say when it gets to Tuesday or Wednesday of that week, take care of any bye-week players then so you're covered.

9 Make Sure You Know Why You’re Dropping a Player

Everyone has a down week sometimes. Fair enough, right? Well, say Russell Wilson, for example, has a bad game. You don't want to just drop him on the spot because that's just feeding the sharks. Someone else will immediately take him.

But that backup running back who barely sees the field? That's someone you can drop and find a better replacement. Think before you drop. Can I replace this guy and improve my team?

10 Know Your Trade-Able Assets

You might want to know who you do and don't want to trade. So, you have Christian McCaffrey. You're pretty lucky. You don't want to trade him away, understandably, but nobody likely wants your fifth wide receiver (WR5) who hasn't gotten any playing time.

Know who you might be able to trade and know in general what their value is so you can make a fair trade with someone else.

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