Top 10 Greatest Football Jersey Numbers

The top ten best uniform numbers that are used on American football jerseys. The numbers may be great based on their own attributes, or they may be great because of their association with the football stars of the NFL or collegiate ranks.
The Top Ten
1 34

Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon, Earl Campbell, & Nolan Ryan since we're including non-football players. 34 is Houston's #1 number

Best out of west

Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell, and Walter Payton. Thurmon Thomas (college)

Payton, Thomas, Campbell, and H. Walker

2 16

Manning's college # at Tennessee

My number and the best number

Because my Jersey no. Is 16

Trevor Lawrence too!

3 80

Because rice is baller you all should know that

Really? Do I have to?

Chris and Jerry? duh it should be 1


4 5

Also Ladainian Tomlinson's college number

Donovan McNabb

Reggie Bush (college), Paul Hornug

Hornung, & McNabb

5 21

My no. 21 and just 21 is an awesome number to have

I think 21 is the best number

Just amazing, looks clean

There is nothing like 21

6 32

Magic Johnson of the past and Maurice Jones-Drew of the present

Brown, Allen, Jones-Drew,Simpson

7 10

I think ten is the best number in the world

10 is the most popular Jersey number. I think it's the best! 😉

Eli Manning's number.

8 39
9 44

44 is the bets number you could pick

LeBeau, Little, L. Kelly, Riggins!

10 7

Is the best! 'mm mmm

Elway, Roethlisberger, & Andersen

The Contenders
11 54

Randy White of the Cowboys

Brian Urlacher, Teddy Bruschi

12 12

I used to love the number 4 because of Favre.
But twelve has a richer history of quarterback greats that goes back to John Brodie, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Jim Kelly and the rest of the champions that wear 12 like men.

Easily the greatest number of all time no doubt!

Don't understand why this isn't in the top 5.

U are lucky that Tom Brady is to dad

13 69

Just special

14 51
15 2

Cam newton Auburn prime

Derrick Henry...

Manziel...enough said

16 4

Favre, Hanson, & Vinatieri

17 9

No.9 is the best

Bobby Boucher

Brees, Jurgensen, & Mcnair

18 00

Jim Otto was the last player to wear #00, before the NFL changed its rules to 1-99.

19 20

Barry!, Reed, Barney, Barber, Dawkins

20 19

Legendary number

21 1

2 words. Tavon Austin

Fredrick Peters

22 63

Upshaw & Shell of the Raiders!

23 18

It's possible not the greatest but many great QB's like Manning

Personally, to me,Payton manning is one of the best quarterbacks that I have ever seen play. And his number was 18

The one and only Peyton Manning

24 84

Randy moss, baby and Trevor. J

This is my Jersey number

Best number and AB

25 11

Josh Dobbs all the way!

Fitzgerald, Julio Jones, Martavis Bryant

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