Greatest Game Winning Plays in NFL History

We've seen the likes of "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" and "The Minneapolis Miracle", but which game winning play is the greatest in NFL history?
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1 The Immaculate Reception

Terry Bradshaw's pass was thought to have been incomplete, but little did the Raiders know, that Franco Harris would wind up with the ball, scoring the game winning touchdown.

There is a 1 in a trillion play that will most likely never happened again, it's just to crazy to redo.

Arguably the greatest play in history for how crazy it was for its time.

2 The Music City Miracle

Frank Wycheck to Kevin Dyson gave the Titans playoff hope... only to lose to the Rams in the Super Bowl. Still one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

Just think if this team drafted Randy Moss instead of Kevin Dyson they probably could of won that Super Bowl.

3 The Catch

Ok how is this play number 3? No offense to Dwight Clark but this play is so overrated it wasn't the last play of the game, it wasn't a one handed catch, it wasn't a dive and catch or a Bodley then caught like the immaculate reception no, he literally just jumped up and caught the ball.

Dwight Clark or Jerry Rice? This great catch out of the back of the end zone helped Clark's stock, even though Rice is still one of the greatest.

This ended up being the great 49ers dynasty in its highlights summed up.

4 The Original Hail Mary

Staubach coined the phrase "Hail Mary." And it became a hit, and is used everywhere now. And it's all because of one long pass to Drew Pearson.

Awe yes Drew Pearson the inventor of the most common plays in the NFL with a few seconds come on down to the wire.

5 The Miracle at the Meadowlands

For me, this play was more luck-based than actual skill. But it did take skill for Herman Edwards to take the fumble to the house.

Right the original play which not many remember that well since its sequel had also a electrifying end.

6 The Minneapolis Miracle

As I watched this play live on T.V., it disappointed me that Marcus Williams missed the tackle. But can't let my bias get in the way. Again, this play was more luck based, but impressive how Stefon Diggs stayed in bounds.

Good play when it was most needed, honestly I think Saints can rebound from this loss as it was a matter of luck by Keenum to a wide open Diggs.

7 The Miracle in Motown

You mean one of the ridiculously easy clutch wins in history that Thursday night Lions didn't know how to defend against a predictable Hail Mary thrown all the way to the ceiling of Ford Field.

Rodgers to Rodgers! The pass Aaron threw went 61 yards and nearly hit the rafters at Ford Field. What other quarterback could do that?

8 The Helmet Catch

How Eli Manning escaped that pile is beyond me. Not only that, how on earth did he make that pass after narrowly escaping a sack. Also, how did David Tyree catch that? This in my opinion is one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history.

Yeah that was a memorable super bowl play that stands out.

9 The Holy Roller

This play is why the NFL made a rule banning intentional fumbling to score. Otherwise, another kind of luck based play, but still really good.

The Holy rule changer is more like it with this one iconic, but it ended up changing afterwards.

10 Packers Beat Vikings 26-20 in Overtime

Didn't know how to name this one, but that was one heck of a catch by Antonio Freeman. Sure, it may have been a little bit of luck, but great pass by Favre, and smart of Freeman to catch the ball just a split second before it hit the ground.

One of Brett Favre's best moments of his career next to his amazing tribute game to his father.

The Contenders
11 Malcolm Butler Interception at the Goal Line
12 The Miracle at the New Meadowlands
13 James White Touchdown

His game winning moment came in Super Bowl LI, the game that's also best remembered for 28-3, a thing that still haunts the Atlanta Falcons to this day, but for Patriots fans, it's arguably the greatest comeback in post season history.
Its Joeysworld

14 Miracle in Miami
15 David Garrard to Mike Thomas
16 Odell Beckham Jr.'s One Handed Game Winning Catch
17 The Catch II, Steve Young to Terrell Owens
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