Top Ten Worst Super Bowls

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1 Super Bowl LIII (New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams)

I'm not a big football guy, but I honestly would say this was even more boring and frustrating than Super Bowl 50. The game was boring, the halftime show was bland with only mediocre musicians like Maroon 5 and Travis Scott, and the most important one in my book, the NFL defiled the ashes of a great animator who brought us the sponge we all know and love by having Sicko Mode play over Sweet Victory. It's one thing to have the Patriots win again, but for me, what makes me even more mad than the Panthers having lost to the Broncos back in Super Bowl 50 was the NFL essentially disrespecting Stephen Hillenburg's legacy.

I'm still crying. Do you know how hard it is. To see those lion ass cheetahs win. I'm emotionally broken that I have watch for the 24 years of my life the Patriots are a disgrace to what football should be. An honorable entertaining sport where sportsmanship should be shown.

Where do I start? Boring game, halftime show that made my ears bleed, etc... Because the Super Bowl is American and this one was bad, I now feel ashamed of being from the US. Anybody need to find a new country to live in?

Let's see boring game, halftime show meh, and the best part at least was the ads thank goodness otherwise yeah top 10 I could see it, but in terms of entertainment I guess it depends on the person viewing it casually, or in hardcore manner.

2 Super Bowl XLVIII (Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos)
3 Super Bowl IV (Kansas City Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings)

Sports Illustrated headline: "Len Dawson engineers Superchief upset". A very edge of your seat game.

4 Super Bowl VIII (Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins)
5 Super Bowl IX (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings)

To be fair this Super Bowl was somewhat close so I think this is the only one out of the four Viking Super Bowls that doesn't belong in the top 10 - RawIsgore

6 Super Bowl LV (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

In my opinion, the only good thing about this Super Bowl was the halftime show. The game was pretty boring and it was basically just Tom Brady and the Bucs destroying the Chiefs for the entire time. This wasn't as bad as Super Bowl LIII, but it wasn't a very good Super Bowl.

This was the.most overhyped Super Bowl of all time. I thought it was going a high scoring offensive shootout. It wasn't as bad as Super Bowl 53 and this Super Bowl was the most dissapoinging since most of the Super Bowl the Nucs were just scoring. Most dissapointing Super Bowl ever

Chiefs lost 9-31. Pretty boring super bowl.

7 Super Bowl XI (Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings)
8 Super Bowl XXIX (San Diego Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers)
9 Super Bowl XVIII (Oakland Raiders Vs. Washington Redskins)
10 Super Bowl XXXVII (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders)
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11 Super Bowl XXVII (Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills)
12 Super Bowl XXII (Washington Redskins vs Denver Broncos)
13 Super Bowl XLI (Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears)
14 Super Bowl 50 (Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers)

This was a reasonable game, this was supposed to be Cam Newtons biggest year, but what happened, he confronted the no fly zone and R.I.P. Halftime show was good

Lol I don't know anything about American Football but I know Homer Simpson hated the Denver Broncos.

15 Super Bowl XXXV (Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants)

Lol wasn't this the one where the lights went out?

16 Super Bowl XXIV (San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos)

49ers won 55-10. Is there really more to explain?

17 Super Bowl LI (New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons)
18 Super Bowl LII (Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots)
19 Super Bowl LIV (San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs)
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